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  1. Just Amazing!

    Assalamu alaikum my dear brothers and sisters!! I purchased a DVD lecture from our Islamic Bookshop the other day and i just wanted to share something from it with u inshallah... The DVD was 4 brothers telling their reversion stories.....after that brother Bilal Assad (from melb) gave a talk. So one brother was telling his story...He mentioned how one particular year he had a hard time...so he started asking himself "Why am i here, whats the purpose of life?".. ssssso he started looking in2 different religions but wasnt really satisfied with them. When he came across Islam he was really starting to think that he had found the right way...So he was almost convinced that Islam was the way but he just needed a bit of a push... So one night he sat by himself at home one summer night with the wondow open and a candle lit......(he was trying to set the mood!!!)LOL...anyway he sat there with a translation of the Quran and then said to Allah "O Allah this is it, I'm almost there but i just need a little sign....just one little sign, maybe the side of the house could fall down or something" that way he would really be convinced. So he said to Allah "OK....GO!"..and he waited 4 something to happen....but he got NOTHING! So he was a bit dissapointed so he said "Allah, this is ur chance (keep in mind he's saying this in ignorance) I'm not going anywhere...ok, maybe the sign can be smaller.....maybe a bird could fart outside" (LOLOL).....then he said "OK.....GO!"..and he waited and still got NOTHING!!! LOL So he was feeling a little shattered. Then he decided to pick up his Quran and continue to read. Subhanallah the very first verse that he read was "For those of you who ask for signs, havent We given you enough already, look around you, look at the stars look at the sun look at the water, theses are the signs of the people of knowledge!!!" After he read that he became so scared that he threw the blanket over his head and pretended he was asleep!!!LOL ALLAHU AKBAR! WELL NEEDLESS TO SAY THAT MAN REVERTED THE NEXT DAY ALHAMDULILLAH! Just wanted to share that with u sisters as it touched my heart and made me cry sooo much...surely Allah is the Most Merciful!!!
  2. Zina!

    Assalamu alaikum all I just would request that dua be made for a brother. Unfortunatley he has committed ZINA with a non Muslim woman and now she is PREGNANT! I was told by the woman herself....This is a very very serious and MAJOR sin...I would ask everyone who reads this post to pllllleeeeeezzzz make dua 4 this brother to be guided to the straight path and that Allah may 4give him.......they also plan to marry B4 the baby is born which is also not allowed....a pregnant woman must wait until she has delivered until she can marry....... So please dont 4get this brother in ur prayers inshallah jazakallah khair!
  3. Who Was "siddiqa"

    ]Assalamu alaikum ppl ok.this is a trick question.....pay CAREFUL attention to it b4 u anser inshalah "Who does Allah refer to as SIDDIQA in the Quran and in which ayah was this mentioned??"
  4. Kitab Un-Musasddaqun

    Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.... ME AGAIN! UR PROBABLY ALL SICK OF MY QUESTIONS ALREADY! SORRY...BUT ITS FUN! SO ANY WAY "The Quran is also known as KITAB UN-MUSADDAQUN. What is it's meaning??"
  5. Qard Hasan

  6. Who Was He?

  7. Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.... Sooooooo lets see how much u really know.. :D The question is "WHO WAS KANAN??" AND IN WHICH PART OF THE QURAN WAS HE MENTIONED??
  8. Maybe More Manners

    Assalamu alaikum I am really not posting this to create fitnah or offend anyone ok.... :D BUT...i feel like some of the moderators in here are a bit pushy and rude//// For example i accidentally posted something in the wrong area once and i had my posting rights taken away and i got a PM informing me about this...the PM was really a lil offensive.....it was almost like i did a major bad thing.. i mean its just a mistake right! Then in another area of the forum there is a post warning us not to post anything there that doesnt belong in that section.....and again i felt like the post was so rude....it wasnt like the post said "please try to post on relevant things here inshallah so we can have better organisation" it was more direct and harsh... So a bit of advice inshallah...try and be a lil bit softer and friendly...keep in mind that there are a lot of non muslims that come here and they need to feel like us Muslims are friendly..not bossy..... inshallah hope this hasnt made anyone offended.if so please 4give me....ameen
  9. Who Made Them?

    Assalamu alaikum ppl So another question "Which ppl were mentioned in the Quran that used to make great buildings to live in?" and what part of the Quran were they mentioned?
  10. Allah

    Walaikum salam brother and wayaikum! Well maybe u should have reversed the question...isnt Allah always close to us? Arent we the ones who go away from Him?? I dont know really...any way.....getting back to the subject! I have to say that i felt closest to Allah when i first reverted! He was on my mind 24-7 and i just couldnt stop thinking about Him and wanting to know everything about Islam...coz i just reverted and allll my sins were 4given i found it sooo easy not to sin....subhanallah i didnt even wanna talk...i just felt to at peace and content that i didnt even wanna open my mouth! Well that feeling went QUICK! As soon as i started sinning again then all that nice feeling went away :D I beg Allah that one day I can have that feeling back! aaaaammeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn
  11. Kitab Un-Musasddaqun

    Sorry........Ur WRONG!!! have another try inshallah!
  12. Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.... aNOTHER QUESTION FOR U ALL "WHERE IS MINA?? AND WHAT SIGNIFICANCE DOES IT HAVE IM Islam??
  13. Bit Of A Prob

    Assalamu alaikum i joined here like a year agowith the user name i_want_jannah and later i couldnt remember my user name coa i didnt come here 4 so long so i signed up with a new user name ...i just remembered that old user name now...so can i have all my former posts under that name transferred to my current user name or not? the first user name still exisits jazakallah khair....
  14. Why Is Crescent And A Star A Symbol Of Islam?

    walaikum salam the star and cresent DONT represent Islam..its just an innovation... iread a fatwa on it...if i find it ill post it 2 u inshallah
  15. Prophet Muhammad

    Muslims love and believe in alllllll the prophets and messengers of Allah....so why do we go on about Muhammad (pbuh) so much??? You see, he is the ONLY prophet that was sent to ALLL of man kind for all times and places therefore the message he left behind is complete and free of error. Just like we have very good examples of great character in the other prophets like patience, strength, mercy, charity and so on, it is a little different with Muhammad (pbuh)...unlike any of the other prophets and messengers we have an example in Muhammads (pbuh) life in EVERY SINGLE aspect.....we know the way he sat, slept, showered, fought war, advised people, treated his wives and children, the way he spoke, the way he wore his clothes and so on.....there is not one aspect of life that we cannot see a great example of in the life of Muhammad (pbuh). Therefore he is the best example for us to follow. For example, we love Jesus but if we want to see the way in which he treated his wives and fought in war we will fail as he never had wives or fought in war. So Muhammad (saw) is the most complete and perfect example for us to follow. He is the most perfect of all human beings that ever walked the earth. Allah has more right to choose and exalt who He pleases. All the messengers are respected but there are 5 that stand out from all the others as the best, ABRAHAM, NOAH, MOSES, JESUS AND MUHAMMAD (pbht)......it is their unique and outstanding character and patience that makes them different from the rest....this doesnt mean that the others deserve any less respect. Hope this helped! Umm Assiyah :D
  16. Newbie Rules!

    assalamu alaikum coz us new members r restricted 2 which forums we can post in it gets confusing! i always have 2 go back 2 the list 2 check which ones r allowed.....so why not make the headings of all forums we can post in by underlining the headings or putting them in italics or something? maybe there is an easier way 2 recognise which places we can post and i just dont know yet!?! however if there isnt i would really urge this as i have seen other members post things commenting that they dont know if they r breaking the rules or not......this will help us in not getting our posting rights removed 4 a simple mistake..... inshallah this will help, jazakallah khair Umm Assiyah :D
  17. Please Help

    walaikum salam..... im not sre what u mean by this, can u pleez explain it better? do you mean how many rakat is there in Fajr? as for tayammum,,,,,it is when you perform wudu (ablution before prayer) with the eart (i.e. clean dust or soil) this is done whenwater canot be found... this can be found in the Quran Surah 5:6 and 4:43 hope this helps inshallah Umm Assiyah
  18. Jelousy, Haram Or Hallal?

    walaikum salam i would like 2 add something here inshallah......... jelousy can be 2 kinds.......wanting something another has without wishing that they didnt have it and wanting something another has but WITHOUT wishing that they didnt have it..... for example...u feel jelous that a person is rich and u arent....so u wish that u had that wealth instead of them, hatingthe fact that Allah has given them this blessing....this kind of jelousy is evil or in the 2nd case, u wish u had that wealth but do not wish that it was taken from the other person..u r pleased that they have this blessing and merely wish 2 also have the same....so in this sense u r not wishing that the blessing is takenfrom another and given 2 u, therefore u arent sinning inshallah Allah knows best
  19. Non Muslims

    assalamu alaikum me again! sorry i 4got 2 add this in the last post....it doesnt say anywhere in the rules if new members can post in the non-muslim area? i would really love 2 answer some of thier questions inshallah so can i post there? :D Umm Assiyah
  20. Order Of Sajdah

    i will quote from Al-Albanni's book "the Prophet's prayer described from beginning to end inshallah" it will clear up one thing! "He (saw) used to place his hands on the ground before his knees." 82Ibn Khuzaimah (1/76/1), Daaraqutni & Haakim, who declared it saheeh and Dhahabi agreed. All the ahaadeeth which contradict this are inauthentic. This way has been endorsed by Maalik, and similar is reported from Ahmad in Ibn al-Jawzi's al-Tahqeeq (108/2). Also, al-Marwazi quoted with a saheeh isnaad, Imam al-Awzaa`i in his Masaa'il (1/147/1) as saying, "I found the people placing their hands before their knees." "He (saw) used to instruct likewise, saying, When one of you performs sajdah, he should not kneel like a camel, but should place his hands before his knees." so i just wanted to point out that the hands are placed b4 the knees inshallah Umm Assiyah
  21. Halal And Haram....

    walaikum salam as was said in the previous post, Allah determines what is haram and halal...i would like 2 add something 2 this inshallah Because Allah is the All-Knowing and Most-Wise He is the One who is in the best position 2 make the rules. If no one is more knowledgable than Him then who could have more right to set the law? Plus, He knows us better then we know ourselves because He is the one who made us so therefore He knows whats best for us. Whatever He has made forbidden it is because He knows that there is harm in that thing and whatever is made halal is done so knowing that it is beneficial and good for us. Wouldnt u agree that there could be no better law than the one given by He Who has ALL the knowledge of the seen and unseen and knows EVERYTHING that will ever happen till the end of time? Hope this was of help...... :D Umm Assiyah
  22. Homosexuality "natural Or A Lie?"

    walaikum salam one very important thing must be said in reply 2 ur statement inshallah..... Its obvious by the previous reply that the Quran states that Homosexuality is haram. So now lets ask the question..... "Would the All-Just and All-Merciful Allah MAKE something natural in a human being and SAY its HARAM??? for example.....Allah gives us the urge to want to cry when we are sad..this is natural and we cant help it, so would it be fair if we had this natual urge and then we were forbiden to express it?!? Of course not......Allah would NEVER let the nature of some people prefer the same gender and then tell them its haram...that wouldnt be just and Allah is the most Just..He created us, and if being homosexual is haram then He would never put a natural feeling like that in our nature...this is simply Shaytans deception...plus if it was natural then why werent people like this from the beginning of time? This sickness started at the time of Lut (as)....so if it was a natural part of the human make-up it would have exsisted at the time of Adam (as) hope this helped inshallah Umm Assiyah :D
  23. Question

    She should speak only when necessary, and only about matters that are permissible and honourable, not evil. Between a woman and a non-mahram man there should be no intonation, gestures, chat, joking, flirting or playful talk, so that there will be no room for provocation of desires and doubts. Women are not prevented from talking to non-mahram men when it is necessary to do so, such as dealing directly with them when buying things or conducting any other financial transaction, because in such cases it is necessary for both parties to speak. A woman may also ask a scholar about some legal Islamic matter, or a man may ask a woman such questions, as is proven in various texts of the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Within the guidelines described above, there is nothing wrong with a woman speaking to a non-mahram man. It is also permissible for men to greet women with salaam and vice versa, according to the most correct opinion, but this greeting must be free of anything that may provoke desire in the person in whose heart is a disease, so as to be safe from fitnah and pay attention to the regulations outlined above. If there is fear of fitnah being provoked by this greeting, then the woman should refrain from either initiating or returning the greeting, because warding off fitnah by neglecting the greeting is warding off mischief, and warding off mischief takes precedence over doing something useful. (See al-Mufassal fi Ahkaam al-Mar’ah by ‘Abd al-Kareem Zaydaan, vol 3/276). And Allaah knows best. Islam Q&A Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid
  24. "we" In The Qur'an

    CONT..... [al-Hijr 15:9 – interpretation of the meaning] as proof of divine plurality, we may refute this claim by quoting such clear and unambiguous aayaat as (interpretation of the meanings): "And your god is One God, there is none who has the right to be worshipped but He, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful" [al-Baqarah 2:163] and "Say: He is Allaah, the One" [al-Ikhlaas 112:1] and other aayaat which can only be interpreted in one way. Thus confusion will be dispelled for the one who is seeking the truth. Every time Allaah uses the plural to refer to Himself, it is based on the respect and honour that He deserves, and on the great number of His names and attributes, and on the great number of His troops and angels. (Al-'Aqeedah al-Tadmuriyyah by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah, p. 109).
  25. "we" In The Qur'an

    walaikum salam It is a feature of literary style in Arabic that a person may refer to himself by the pronoun nahnu (we) for respect or glorification. He may also use the word ana (I), indicating one person, or the third person huwa (he). All three styles are used in the Qur'an, where Allaah addresses the Arabs in their own tongue. ( Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa'imah, 4/143). "Allaah, may He be glorified and exalted, sometimes refers to Himself in the singular, by name or by use of a pronoun, and sometimes by use of the plural, as in the phrase (interpretation of the meaning):'Verily, We have given you a manifest victory" [al-Fath 48:1], and other similar phrases. But Allaah never refers to Himself by use of the dual, because the plural refers to the respect that He deserves, and may refer to His names and attributes, whereas the dual refers to a specific number (and nothing else), and He is far above that." ( Al-'Aqeedah al-Tadmuriyyah by Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah, p. 75). These words, innaa ("Verily We") and nahnu ("We"), and other forms of the plural, may be used by one person speaking on behalf of a group, or they may be used by one person for purposes of respect or glorification, as is done by some monarchs when they issue statements or decrees in which they say " We have decided…" etc. [This is known in English as "The Royal We" – Translator]. In such cases, only one person is speaking but the plural is used for respect. The One Who is more deserving of respect than any other is Allaah, may He be glorified and exalted, so when He says in the Qur'an innaa ("Verily We") and nahnu ("We"), it is for respect and glorification, not to indicate plurality of numbers. If an aayah of this type is causing confusion, it is essential to refer to the clear, unambiguous aayaat for clarification, and if a Christian, for example, insists on taking ayaat such as "Verily, We: it is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e., the Qur'an)"