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  1. Civilized Israel

    :D No comment
  2. Family Of 12 Killed In Lebanon

    :D collateral damage is accidental, not civilians killed on purpose, as in this case
  3. :D does anyone have specs on the type of rockets that are being firing, or the name?
  4. What's Wrong With Democracy

    :D I'm glad :D Illogical, I'll answer your post in a day or two when I have more time. Liberte, he's criticizing democracy because that's the topic, leave Iran for another time :D
  5. What's Wrong With Democracy

    :D Yes. But people like you and I don't get into power easily, while corrupt ones do. And that is another failure of democracy and every other current political system. And that's why I wrote that a Caliphate would have to give opportunity for people to grow, based on merit, not based on how rich, or how corrupt they are. A caliphate needs to be a completelly new system, based on the tradition of the Prophet (saws), but designed to fit in with the modern times without violating that tradition. It should work in such a way, that the people would hardly be aware that the state is being run by somebody. This is because it's chief duty would be economic and scientific development of the state, and not ridiculous social and political issues (gay marriages) or personal religious habits of the citizents (does everyone have a beard?) or other petty matters that make people feel oppressed. :D
  6. What's Wrong With Democracy

    :D I don't know all the details of caliphate either, or if such detailed explanations exists. Removing someone from power. There would have to be some kind of recall voting system, where people can vote him out. Democracy breads criminals because the laws brought by it are lax. For example, you have pro-death penalty people, and some against it. Those who are against it seem to be winning in the West, and there is rarely death penalty anywhere now days. It's similar with things like child abuse etc, which is currently an issue in the US. Caliphate would bring Sharia which would stamp out most criminals (of course not all). I would argue that the US is the most advanced country democracy-wise, but even there, there are many things that are unjust, even with all the checks and balances. Look at the war in Iraq and other issues. One half of the country is satisfyed with what is going on and the other isn't . They faked the evidence for war, and where were the check and balances, where is the impeachment for misguiding the people? In my opinion, the people in US are nearly powerless, even though it seems like they have a lot of power. This becomes very apparent in other, less advanced democratic countires. The recent election in Ukraine where the votes were falsified. In the end, the only checks and balaces were the people themselves. The government mechanisms were ineffective. Bosnia is another country were democracy is just not working. Everybody is pulling their own way and nothing gets done. The people in the goverment get the highest pays, but do the least amount of work. And the corruption is all over the place. I don't think democracy is working in Russia either, although I'm not into their politics, so I dont' know for sure. All in all, I agree that the democracy is the best of the current systems. But I think that it could be easily modified and tranformed into a Caliphate which would have all the benefits of a democratic rule, but swiftness and effectivness of a dictatorship. The modifications would be abolishment of secularism and certain aspects of capitalism. Also, probably getting rid of parties, as there wouldn't be any key issues around which people would pull together. Forming a council which would advise the Caliph would be a good idea. Introduction of Sharia as the main constitution. Keeping freedom of press (political freedom, not freedom to draw cartoons of the Prophet (saws)), and freedom of speach, power of recall, providing people with a chance to grow withing the state. These are some of the things that are not part of a dictatorship, which is what makes it so oppressive. Withing this kind of system, there woulnd't be much of a chance for a lot of unjustice, as Sharia leaves very little room to manuever. The only bad scenario would be if some extremist came to power and introduced redicolous laws aka Taliban. But, in that case, the people would have the power to vote and kick him out. This is just an outline, there is many other quirks and glitches that would have to be worked out, but this system would be miles ahead of the democracy as it is today. It would give power to the people, while at the same time increasing the effectivness of the state as a single body. :D
  7. What's Wrong With Democracy

    :D Caliphate is democratic in a way. The ruler would be chosen for life, but could be removed if he's not following Sharia. The advantage of a Caliph would be that the running of the state would be much more effective. You don't have congress/parliament/opposition parties/bureaucracy to hinder you way. Not to mention that a current setup of a democracy is a breeding ground for criminals. Other things, like secularisation, are a problem as well. Basically, democray + sharia=Caliphate Today's democracies are stil not bad in the absence of a caliphate though
  8. Basayev Martyred

    they've been refuted in this thread as well as basayev's. stop spamming the place. i can't be bothered to answer your points again
  9. Basayev Martyred

    everyone of your points is wrong so I won't even bother replying to that stupidity
  10. Basayev Martyred

    :D There is no way he was planning on killing the hostages. If he wanted dead civilians he would have killed them outright. He wanted freedom for his people. It's the Russian's fault for their deaths, as most were probably killed by Russian troops. Some were no doubt killed by the hostage takers, but that was out of Basayev's hands. As I sayed, you can't compare him to a regular terrorist. Even though what he did was wrong, he did a lot more for Chechenia. It's due to pathetic Russian propaganda that everyone knows him because of Baslan. Most important thing is that he was a mujahedin who fought for the lives and freedom of his people who are murdered, butchered, raped, tortured.....
  11. Basayev Martyred

    :D Shamil Basayev is alegedlly dead. Even though the siege was wrong, he is blameless as Russians killed their own hostages. He was labeled a terrorist by the Russians hoping to get some sympathy from the west, however, he was only fighting for his country and for his fellow brothers and sisters. One of the great Muslim warriors. I hope it's not ture, but if it is, may Allah (swt) give him Jennah. :D
  12. Ibn Vs. Bin

    :D ^ according to that, it shoul be: Osama bin Laden or ibn Laden if you don't say "Osama"
  13. Early Acceptance

    :D That's how it is in the US. I don't know where you are. You should only use this option if you are certain you are going to go to that University. I didn't use it because I didn't want to be tied to one University in case they didn't offer me any financial aid. If you have good grades, you shouldn't take this option. Instead, just apply as early as possible without using "early acceptance" option, unless you're 100% sure you want to commit to one school.
  14. Early Acceptance

    :D You apply early and you get accepted earlier than others, but then you can't apply anywhere else. You have to stay with that University.
  15. :D There is nothing wrong with archery, but wouldn't today's equivalent of archery be shooting with guns and rifles? A good example of taking a hadith too literally.