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  1. Urgent! I Badly Need To Get Marry!

    selam aleykum Which of the follwing two options give you the highest probability of finding someone. 1. The whole world is lokoing for a partner for you, but Allah (s.w.t)decides it's not time yet. 2. Nobody is looking, but Allah (swt) wants to reward you with a pious husband. Never underestimate the power of Dua. It is a gift we muslims have recieved, Use it. And the more you strive for Allah, the more Allah will strive for you. May Allah help you on the right path Inshallah, and find you a good and pious husband inshallah.
  2. What Should I Do?

    Selam aleykum Good point about not revealing each others secrets, but on the other hand don't we also have a responsability to help each other with our flaws, give guidance and advice where needed?
  3. What Should I Do?

    I agree, this is a perfect opportunity for you to reward him for all the beautiful things he's thought/given you. Make dua like you never gave before. Make it count. Inshallah Allah will help him realise hiw mistake. I don't know wheter or not you think this is discusable with him. I guess that would depend on the relation you have with him. And it's extremely dificult for an outsider to tell wheter or not it would be beneficial to bring this up with him. You know him best, is he going to freak out, get angry, ... when you bring this up. Does he listen or is he very authorotive. Very hard to say. If you do decide to talk about it with him, here's a thought. Bring it up in a way that it's obvious what you're talking about, yet that he has the room to avoid the conversation. By doing this, you can wait and see his reaction. If he starts denying, or if he seems frustrated angry, just drop it there, don't go in to it. Excuse yourself. Chances are he won't go into it either if this is the case. May Allah guide you inshallah.
  4. I Can't Bare It Anylonger........

    Selam aleykum Brother, take control over your life. Stop listening to shaytan. You have the power, all you need to do now is realise it. ALhamdoelillah you already fear Allah, that puts you halfway, now take it home. Surrender to Islam forget your earthly desires. You know the truth, now accept it! People often don't realise this. We have freedom of choice! Shaytan makes us think that we do not, that we simply follow cause and effect. this is wrong. You can change any second. All it takes is willpower. From the moment you realise that. Decide that you won't give in. In fact, don't even give in into the thought of fighting it. Don't even give in into the thought of failing in fighting it. Remember brother, it's never to late, no matter what lies in your past, no point in crying over spilled milk, focus on the future. Make this very second that you're reading this your turning point. May you be guided on the right path and kept safe from the whispers of Shaytan inshallah.
  5. I'm Too Sensitive For This World.

    Selam aleykum Brother don't be sad. Allah has gifted you with a very pure heart. You should be happy. Yes I know, it hurts, its difficult and at some times its easy to get despair. But after you cry during prayer, don't you feel a lot better (besides perhaps headaches)? Be patient my brother. Remember Allah loves you dearly. He has gifted you with a heart full of compasion to keep you on the straight path. Inshallah you shall recieve beautifull compensation in the afterlife. Remember, By Allah, this world in comparison to the hereafter is nothing but as though one of you dipped his finger in the sea. So ponder how much, the finger returns with.
  6. As a revert myself, I know exactly what youmean sister. Especially my father, he died before I reverted, so I didn't even had a chance of introducing the message to him. And everything I try to do seems to work against me. the onlything that works: make dua and set a good example. Really this will help you a lot more then anything else. Make dua, ask for Allah to make your family's heart weak to Islam. Remember, if someone is guided by Allah no person can lead him/her astray, but when someone is misguided, no person can set him straight. So make dua, make their heart weak, don't focus to much on details and theorys and convincing. that's the best advice I can give you. I'm also learning it as I go along. Sad, because I feel I don't have the luxery of slipping once in a while.
  7. Suicide...

    Selam aleykum May Allah help you to overcome these hardships inshallah, be patient brother. In times of despair, try to remind yourself: when commiting suicide, one trades in the small hardships of this world for big hardships in the next. I'm not saying your hardships are futile, but should you commit suicide, then your hardships in the next could be a lot bigger. What's the point of living if you're gonna give in to major sin? My brother open your eyes, you have a choice! All you need to do is "want". That is more then enough to follow the right path. Obviously there will always be errors and mishabs, nobody 's perfect, but the idea is to strive. To keep at it. Wheter you fail or succeed, at least do as you believe is right. May Allah inshallah guide you.
  8. Help Me Prove This Evolution Theory Wrong

    The most important thing when discussing evolution: pick your battles well. There's a lot of stuff that is considered part of evolution but actually isn't. Some parts are proven right, some parts are very doubtfull. It's important to set out your goals (what do you try to disprove) from the beginning. Here's some explenations to avoid confusion. Mutation: When an ofspring, due to a malfunctioning has difrent DNA, which causes it to have difrent charesteristics then it's parents. (this is proven to have happened) Natural selection: The idea that such ofsprings, when their new charesteristic is an advantage, will eventually take over the population trough generations as weaker ones will die faster.(this is very logical) Evolution: The theory that Mutation + natural selection = variety in species. Note that this is not a purpose minded proces according to classical evolution. A mutation is always accedential. And the proces of natural selection only steps in afterwards, when the creature already evolved. The idea that creatures evolve out of adaptation is a misconception. Adaptation is a whoel difrent thing, it's a special part of natural selection, it does not influence the mutations that occur. Common descent: Some peopel claim that this isn't actually a part of the evolution theory, but it's usually asumed as being part of it. This is the theory that since some creatures evolve out of one another, it s likely that all evolved out of a single one. this one I fail to accept, there's a whole lot of holes in this theory that i 'd like to see filled up before accepting this. Abiogenesis: This is the first link. Evolution speculates how animels evolved once they existed. This theory tells us how they came in existence. Wel actually it's hardly a theory. Again, a lot of gaps here. So you should focus on abiogenesis and common descent, keep that in mind. When the discussion leads to mutation, natural selection, don't be afraid to say "you're right". there's no point in debating the bleeding obvious simply because it's correlated with shady theorys. In fact these parts of the theory are certain. So instead of waisting energy on them, stick to where the theory goes wrong.
  9. Hadith

    This one always makes my heart go weak :D Muslim Book 001, Number 0234: It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) observed: Allah, the Great and Glorious, said: Whenever my bondsman intends to do good, but does not do it, I write one good act for him, but if he puts it into practice I wrote from ten to seven hundred good deeds in favour of him. When he intends to commit an evil, but does not actually do it, do not record it. But if he does it, I write only one evil.
  10. What ze niet allemaal uitvinden om het lastig te maken, constant rechten afnemen zogezegd om vrijheid aan de onderdrukte vrouw te geven. Wie onderdrukt hier :D
  11. Is het nederland subforum enkel voor nederlanders of voor nederlandstaligen :D Hehe Misschien moet ik wel naar het noorden verhuizen, heb zo de indruk da ze daar iets verder/opener staan dan hier in Belgie. :D
  12. Selam aleykum Dit is idd een van de eerder controversieele topics in de Islam. Dus het is niet zo makkelijk om een eenduidig antwoord te geven, laat staan dat ik er genopeg van weet om te antwoorden :D Misschien dat een van deze links helpvol kunnen zijn? (www.)""][/url] (www.)""][/url] (www.)""][/url] (www.)"http://app.al-islaam/index.php/module/libary/action/book/book/226"]app.al-islaam/index.php/module/...n/book/book/226[/url]
  13. About The Apostates

    Selam aleykum Mashallah yusufar that makes a lot more sense :D
  14. Family And Reversion

    Here's a poem that expresses how I feel regarding the matter :D Prayer of Jihad Once I wanted to fly away to a far off land Where there are no pain and sorrows. I pretend it’s unreal, that it al happens not. Turn around and keep dreaming, cannot see any blood. Let there not be any stains on this most perfect cloth. But being once with the bleeding, I can still feel their pain. Offer help ‘cause they need it, let no life be in vain. Laugh and smile with such great easy yet inside they are rot. Once down that road, what I saw there, how I wish I had forgot. But I do remember this past life and I am thankful to God. So I reach out a hand in this boiling red pool. Let me be a brave hero, not this ordinary fool. Let me not fall over details, let me not choke on a rule Inshallah I shall be forgiven, for not always finding a way. At least I tried as I believe in, on the end of the day. By Steve.
  15. Family And Reversion

    Assalamu alikum thanks for your replies, some quick thoughts. Well everything is possible, blood is thicker then water, but in my opinion it would do a huge amount of damage to the relationship. I don't think so, 30 persons stopping to drink because of the believes of one person. They are pretty western-minded (in other words secular).
  16. A Very Special Piece Of Writing To Me

    Just checking if I got this wright, just as scratches in random directions on a circular object will make concenric lines, will character determine your intake on life no matter wich way it presents itself.
  17. Hello everybody, I thought i’d add my story here, just for the sake of sharing Where to begin... It’s a long story, but I hope others may find support/inspiration in it. Also, please excusse my many spellings and gramatic errors. Englisch is not my native tongue and on top of that, I‘m dyslectic. :D I was raised as a christian but lost my faith somewhere at the age of 6. Things just didn’t make sense for me. I geuss I ‘ve been quite critical. I even remember thinking my teacher was a morron when I was 7 because he had claimed that time travelling could be possible. “If time is the speed at wich things change how could these changes be undone for a traveler? was the first thing that popped into my mind� :D As I grew older I went trough some hard times and had to deal with serious matters at an early age. The worst of them all was a depression of my father in wich he tried to kill us in order to comit suicide afterwards. The fights, fleeing home, the divorce, i’m sure one can imagen... It seemed like everytime I trusted someone, loved someone they ‘d betray me. It didn’t take long for me not to trust anyone let alone believe in a higher being without any proof of such. I’d even say at one point I fitted all criteria from the defenition of a paranoia. Not that I seemed to have any problems, I functioned perfectly in todays sociaty, but inside I always felled like a big mess. I studied science and was quite good in it, I even became passionated about it, for they seemed the only certainties in life. Morality and ethicks were pointless words, leftovers from old wives tales and so called holy books. Until one day I was smoking pot for the first time of my live with a friend. I don’t know what really happened that day but it was the scariest expierence of my life. I was convinced of being dead and in hell. The friend sitting next to me was the devil. Every move I made was anticipated. Every sentence had an answer ready before I could even complete it. I felt like a playball being psychologicly tortured for fun. And the fear was worse than any imaganable pain. I was told by my docter later that most likely LSD was sprayed on to the wheed. I had my urine tested but since it happened in the weekend and visited the docter on Monday, It was possible for the test to come out negetive even though it did had lsd on it . The test resut turned out negative, and the incertainty was killing me. For a month I slept with the lights on. I started to better my ways out of fear. As time went by, the fear diminished but the morality and ethicks kinda grew on me. It took me about 3 years of self reflection and filosofising. But I was finally able to find answers to all me questions, basicly get things lined out once and for all so I wouldn’t have to bother myself with them anymore. I concluded to believe only in science as I have always done before. Basicly because I refused to believe science left any room for free will. An indispensable aspect of any religion containing words as hell and heaven, punishment and reward. So I defined my personality disorder and found out the source of it on my own. Well at least, i had some clues. Memories of meself in the corridor of the house I grew up in looking at the bathroomdoor. Sounds of my mother and father strugeling. My mother screaming to my older sister: pick up that knife and get rid of it. It’s funny how those memories came back. I can see myself standing in that corridor and know what is happening, but I can’t recal what I saw. I only see myself in 3th-person vieuw. I alweys knew I was diffrent from everybody else and figured that finding out the cause of my problems would help me deal with it, solve the problem. But somehow that didn’t helped. I had everything figured out, but I was back at sqaure one, everything seemed pointless. And nobody’s to be trusted. So I gave up the fight and continued life. Without realising it my morality diminished again. My life had no meaning. Trusted nobody nor anything exept for logics and science. But then help came from an unexpected corner.In retrospect I’d even say right before my point of vieuw would become problematic 23;62 On no soul do We place a burden greater than it can bear. I was trying to bend my mind over the difficult theory of time traveling and einstein-rozenberg-bridges but it all didn’t make any sense. ‘Till in very small amount of time a series of unrelated events, one after another seemed to point something out to me, It was as subtile touches pushing me towards a point of vieuw. At first I thought my paranoia was finaly getting to me, but then It finaly hit me, as if the puzzle came toghether: science doesn’t deny religion, no far from it, science needs religion to complete it. When I posted this on another forum I’m active on, I was told of the miracels of the qur’an. How certain things wich were unknown in the time the qu’ran was writen are in it. Being so fond of science this immediatly got my attention. So I started reading.... Seas of emotions went trough me as I was reading, I cried of sadness and laughed of joy, I felt safe and afraid at the same time. The words were so strong yet deliberating. So plaine yet ireplaceble in their sentences. At some times it even seemed as if the book interacted with my thoughts. No other then the creator of all things could have made sush a masterwork. I never knew religion could be this logical and rational. About a week and 15 soera’s later I converted. I felt alive. I believed. I no longer mistrust. And my heart found piece as promised. 13;28 Who have believed and whose hearts have rest in the remembrance of Allah. Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest! :D :D :D
  18. Please Help A Confused Person....

    hello gerih102600 I must say that I'm quite confused with your inquirings. Allow me to share my point of vieuw: Although it's becoming a popular idea. nobody chooses his believes! You can't pick up a belief from the grocerystore around the corner as you pick up the news-paper. Well actually you can, but it wouldn't be sincere. To believe in something is to accept it as truth. My advise to you: Read the qur'an, try to be as honest and sincere to yourself as possible even when you read something you might not like to hear, and then make out for yourself wether this is something you accept as truth. Also, here's a link with some of the miracles of the qur'an, dunno why I'm adding this, but here it is anyway :D "http://miraclesofthequran####/scientific_index.html"]miraclesofthequran #####/scientific_index.html[/url] I hope that you may be guided on the wright path
  19. Death & The Pope

    selam aleikum I find this topic to be very confusing at least. And forgive me for possably bringing up even more more confusion, but I have a couple of questions and wanderings. First of all, what do the terms mushri, kafir, munafiq mean? It's the first time I hear of them :D I'm just talking of the top of my head here, but wouldn't the fact wether the person who denies this has read the qur'an; have an important doing on this? In other words wouldn't there be a big diffrence between somebody who denies this out of ignorance, and somebody who denies it out of dishonesty to himself, someone who doesn't accept the truth for whatever reason even though it's obvious? And there is only one person who knows what's in our harts/minds... This question leads me to think that "we" (well "I" atleast) indeed are in no possision to make any claims in this matter. But I do have to admit that I personnally know lil' about this to make such conclusions. Allah knows and we know not. May he forgive me if I said anything wrong...
  20. Where Does Canabis Stand In Islam

    Can you back that up with the article or is that hear-say? I've been told that's just an urban legends. And quite frankly I find that kind of hard to believe to.
  21. Where Does Canabis Stand In Islam

    Do not underestimate canabis. I've heard many users claim that it is not harmful, but it is a lie that seems to spread rather quick. First of all It does the same damage as smoking a cigeratte. But secondly and perhaps even more important it damages the nervesystem of the brain even more then alcohol does. Although the brain quickly recovers from most of the damage, and eventualy the "high" fades out, some of the damage will be permanent. I'm not saying one can get brain damage from a single joint, cause luckely our brain can function perfectly while missing some of these parts it damages simply because we have plenty of them. But this will eventualy become a problem for frequent users.
  22. Is It True?

    Come to think about it, i'm not sure it was mozes, but rather abraham. I'd have to check. But I am certain I read it in the bible once. My apolagies for the probabel misinforming.
  23. Actualy i'm from the northern part of Belgium, so I do speak French but Dutch is my native tongue. And yes we do have a lot of chocolate. :D Thank you all for all your kind words. I see many people empethise with my history. But I feel obliged to tell you not to feel sorry for me. I wouldn't trade my life for an easyer one. The things that happened; I'm sure they had a reason, and if they hadn't I wouldn't have been the person I am today. All I can do is praise Allah that he guided me when I needed him.
  24. Is It True?

    salamu 'alaikum If I'm not mistaken it was Mozes who was first told to circumsice all born boys. This is also writen in the bible. Do not forget that muhamed (peace be upon him) is not the only prophet of Allah. This of course does not mean that such things are copied from biblical sources. But simply that they were told more then once.
  25. yes indeed, I 've REverted ( :D ) only 2 months ago. what gave me away? :D I'm from Belgium (a small country to the north of France for those who don't know it :D ) I'm 22 years old. I was studying industrial engeneering, but it was a lil' bit to diffucult for me, so I quit. I don't know yet what I'm going to do next year; but I am planing on studying again...