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  1. Islam And The Writings Of Enoch (idris)

    Asalaam Aleikum, If you would like to know about the 'book of enoch' as mentioned in Surah Maryam ayat 56, then please use this link to his writings. He prophesised the coming of Isa and Mohammed (Peace and Love of Allah be upon them) before the Flood of Noah. Fisrt read (www.)"http://reluctant-messenger/enoch.htm"]this[/url] and then (www.)"http://reluctant-messenger/book_of_enoch.htm"]this[/url] May you find it as inspiring as i did Wasalaam
  2. Mods Checking Posts

    :D As i'm sure you all know, i never intend to offend, if any is taken then please forgive me. All i'd like to ask, is if a reply needs to be checked by a mod before being posted, would it be possible for the mod to inform us if the reply ISN'T going to posted. On more than one occasion i've spent a lot of my time writing a reply ,only to have the message that a moderator will check my reply before posting, and it doesn't get posted. If checked the rules and cannot find a reason that this should be happening. I personally find it rude and quite disrespectful to have my time and reply wasted without any explaination. Hopefully it may just be an oversite of one or two mods and no offense is intended. Wasalaam
  3. Naming Children

    Salaam, As a revert, i was advised to change my first name. Since doing this, tracing my genealoy has lead to the discovery of my surname meaning. McNally is the anglisised form of Irish gaelic Mac Con Uladh - son of a Ulster hound, or the Scottish gaelic Mac an Fhailghigh - son of a poor man. Both terms hold offence, would it be allowed Islamically to change my surname in such circumstance ? Wasalaam
  4. Swimming

    :D As a revert, i'd like to ask do muslims go swimming, and if so do they go to Islamic spa/baths? i enjoy swimming, but all pools by me are mixed so i'd be around women and children in a n undressed manner Wasalaam
  5. Where Are You From?

    :D Bangor is in NW Wales and the water is just as beautiful as anywhere else in Wales lol. Seriously though, the West Coast of Wales has some of the most spectacular coastline in the World. Wasalaam
  6. Islam In Wales

    Assalaam Aliekum, I've just found out there's a Masjid in Barry....that is one well kept secret as i've lived here for 28 yrs. :D Maybe things are looking up, and inshallah, in another 28 years we might get a halal food shop too, .! Wasalaam
  7. Converts And Tatoos

    Salaam brothers, If I could please make a point of advise, Removal of tattoos today does NOT cause ANY harn or pain if done with a laser. I have had a tattoo removed with a ruby laser and it actually breaks down the ink pigment under the skin. it does not burn the skin or cause and damage to tissue. If the tattoo was very deep then there will be a scar where the tattooist damaged the low levels of dermis. Basically, you will have a tattoo with no ink. In the past tattoos were removed via skin grafts (wholelly removing large pieces of skin and replasing with skin from another part of your body) which is said to be excruciating pain. Medicine advances everyday. Wassalam
  8. Where Are You From?

    Salaam Aliekum, I hail from S.Wales which is in the U.K. I live in a coastal town with the most beautiful views of the darkest brown water you could ever hope to sail on :D Wasalaam
  9. Uzbekistan Horror

    Salaam bro, I guess no one will be surprised by that. Just one more media whitewash to add to the list :D
  10. Professor Griffin Claims 9/11 Is Inside Job

    Just the populace other countries then. I guess THAT's acceptable?? Just remember that the President is NOT the puppet master, contrary to what you might like to believe. The C.I.A has it's fingers in too many pies to dismiss any credible theory.
  11. Muslims Are Better Christians Than Christians

    Salaam Livius, QUOTE The Bible says Jesus told his disciples, " When you greet one another let your greeting be Peace be with you." He set the example. Can you tell me where in the Bible it says this? I have never heard this. As to specific chapter or verse I cannot. I can tell you though that I was raised Catholic, and every sunday in Church the priest said " As Jesus has told us, let us now offer each other the sign of peace." We then turned to our neighbours and shook hands saying" Peace be with You" This was at every Mass mind you, not just once in a while. I'm sorry i cannot be more specific. :D but my knowledge of the bible has fallen by the wayside.
  12. As Salaamu Aleikum, Before anyone takes offence, please take a moment to understand my meaning. I'm a new revert, I've lost my family and friends through my choice, and as seems to be a common theme amongst revert stories, I've had my faith in Islam mocked and derided....by...Christians. The people who supposedly follow the teachings of Christ...well tell me what you think they said when told :- The Bible says Jesus told his disciples, " When you greet one another let your greeting be Peace be with you." He set the example. Who says that today? Christians? Once in a great while maybe. Muslims whether they speak Arabic or not, they say "As Salaam Aliekum" - Peace be with you. Jesus, when he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemini put his forehead on the ground. Who prays like that? Christians or Muslims? Jesus used to fast for more than a month at a time. Who fasts today? Christians or Muslims? Who, really is trying to follow in the steps Jesus? I was once told that Muslims insult Jesus. How? They lift him up, they wont tolerate anything bad said about him. They would just as quickly tell you ' Muhammad-ar-rasool ullaah '-means muhammad is the messenger of God and they would just as quickly tell you ' Issa-ar-rasool-ullaah 'which means Jesus is the messenger of God because it's true - they occupy the same place. If Allah himself wants to make distintions between his prophets thats HIS business not ours. Treat them ALL with the same amount of respect. Now I'm a Muslim, I think i'm a better christian than ANY of them. Praise to Allah(swb)for showing me HIS light.
  13. Uzbekistan Horror

    The devil takes many forms; we know who is pulling the strings of these people, each one a puppet of the devil and just as quick to spread the seeds of deceit as the next. Be strong and guard your heart from them, but don't forget them in your prayers. Have strength in the knowledge that on the day of reckoning, we will stand apart from these people, we will be raised above them infront of the Almighty.
  14. Uzbekistan Horror

    Salaam Aleikum Brothers and Sisters, If you have been unaware of certain activities i'd like to draw your attention to another Western sanctioned horror This report is from a newspaper today in the U.K. " A BLOODTHIRSTY dictator in a country whose name few can pronounce risks sparking a violent global Islamic backlash. Troops loyal to Uzbekistan’s President Islam Karimov opened fire on marchers this weekend, massacring 700 innocent men, women and children. If moderate Muslim opinion is inflamed across Europe by the murder and oppression of fellow believers in the Central Asian state, there could be a disturbing backlash. Britain and America have already condemned the brutal regime." They have blamed Islamic militant rebels for starting this attrocity, but they fail to inform that George.W Bush was given sanction to build an airbase and military complex on the Uzbekistan / Afganistan border and has no plans to jepordise such a tactical postion by calling a holt the situation. Basically, he risks sparking a violent global Islamic backlash by not acting.....which leads me to think that maybe this is just what he wants. How many more innocent lives must be lost before the world sits up and takes notice....The begining of the end maybe??? It certainly looks like it!! Peace, Health and Happiness.
  15. Name Translation For My Daughter

    Salaam brother, Many thanks to you for your help with this.