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  1. Hello Again

    Am not new to this site or Islam but I am returning... Ramadan is about change so am fasting and trying to relearn what and why I was called to Islam nine years ago. God welling I will cause I feel that I have wasted too much time not doing right.
  2. Sister In Need Of Help

    I guess I start by saying that I love Islam and all that go with it but my life is upsetdown... I have stop going to prayer and stop wearing my veil.My family has not said anything about my behaviorat all I don't think they ever notice the different. I mean I don't think they care anymore. I stopped wearing my veil because of the looks and the people on the bus and at work just everyone. the sisters at prayer was no different. its just that i had no one to help me keep the faith in me anymore. but I never stop saying that I'm musilm Just stopped being Musilm I guess well i'm here today to seek help and maybe get some answers. to my Questions why is this so importion now because In a year I will be married and hopely starting a family. so this matters alot to me. Any help and words will help me alot
  3. I was trying to learn more about (NOI) and this popped up I hope that it ok to post it but I have never heard of it before and wanted to know more about it
  4. Culture V Religion

    both are to me bacause you have to know where you come from to know where you are going in life.
  5. What Motivates You To Do More Good Deeds

    I do it because I would want the same
  6. Schools!

    do anyone know one in baltimore MD
  7. Are You Brave?

    LOL never run from your fears they will come back to hunt you later
  8. Has Gawaher Had An Impact On Your Life

    no not really because when i frist join people was a lil mad
  9. Brushing Your Teeth

    I do it almost everyday But what kind can we use I use crest
  10. Do You Remember To Say "alhamdulillah" When You

    I do it all the time
  11. Truly Disgusting! Watch Out For These People.

    have you ever did something that you did't know that was wrong until you found out that is was.?
  12. Truly Disgusting! Watch Out For These People.

    some of us do not have the same well power as the one do have it. muslims sisters here face a world of No everyday this no that is no. if they was in a musilm world of that normal than it would not be that way. and most sisters here in the states they don't have a big group of people telling /help them to do the right thing people should not be so fast to call people names because we all have things that we can work on. :D
  13. I Feel Bad

    well today is a lil crazy because i went to a meeting to try to be a better person but i'm learning that I really don't like me. my life has been a big lie everything about me. its like everytime i try to stop but its like a sickness i just can't ,. my life is just pittful all i want is to be happy but there is not any happiness for me i'm in love and thats not whats wrong i thought by loving him with all my heart that it would help but it don't help all it does is hurt more. I wish that I can happiness the way I did when I discovered Islam and all its fruits but I can seen to. I have started wearing the Islamic way of dress and that helped a little but there still something missing do any one have any ideas that may help? :D :D :D
  14. I Wish That My Brothers And Sisters

    They try to tell me that alot of things that I do are wrong they tell me that my family should find somewere else to live because they are not Musilm and that I need to cover my head at all times and that my friends are all bad when they have never met them. I would Greeted them and they would never greet back so what kind of brother and sister are they???
  15. I Wish That My Brothers And Sisters

    Will they Do try to rule over your life here In Baltimore MD USA they think that you are not human I love not having Muslim friend because the ones here are just down right mean. they look down on people like me