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  1. A Challenge To All

    :D :D tried it...didnt work but my computer explained what bill gates could not :D "The file name 'CON.doc' is a reserved device name" :D
  2. My Father Had A Heart Attack

    :D :D Subhanallah!!! May Allah make it easy for him :D :) he'll be ok soon :D
  3. Farewell

    :D :D its good to know that you have reconsidered, and that you staying brother. :D :D
  4. The Kiswa

    :D :D that's amazing :D :) its good they have disabled people helping...darla I think they change it twice a year :D It costs so much though....some millions. :D for sharing sis Chaand :D
  5. Women In Your Family

    :D well said :D :D
  6. That Girl In Black

    :) :D baree its great :D u write really well :D :D :D while reading it I was imagining the girl in black as amani :D :D 4 sharing
  7. Surgeons Remove Two Fetuses From Infant

    :D Subhanallah!! someone told me this today morning :D :D to the duas :D
  8. Women In Your Family

    :D :D my parents try and treat us all equally :D :D Yeah amani said ^, sumtimes we girls have to do more household chores but my mom makes sure that my bros do sum too :D maybe they do less than us at home but they still have to run to the grocery store every time my mother wants sumthing :D so i guess its fair enough. :D my brother says that too :D sometimes i feel that my parents listen to me more...but i guess that comes with being the eldest B)
  9. Who Am I?

    :D :D that a lovely post :D :D 4 sharing :D
  10. The Boy That Tried To Escape Death! Chapter Seven...

    :D :D brother. I read all 7 parts just now :D :D :D waiting 4 the nxt part
  11. Why Do You Visit Gawaher?

    :D learn more about Islam and meet Muslims from around the world :D I jus love IF :D :D
  12. Asalamulaikum

    :D Welcome sis :D I'm sure u'll enjoy it here :D n mabrooook on ur marriage :D sis u can use the sister's section...cum on, u'll luv it :D
  13. What More Can We Expect!

    :D :D In general quite a few are true.... :D 4 sharing sis :D
  14. Husband And Wife Chat Conversation

    :D :D that soooo funny :D
  15. Caribbean Dialect

    :D Hmmmmm...wierd :D :D baree do u speak like that too :D