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    I am of course interested in learning more and more about Islam.
  1. Japanese English...

    Assalmu Alakum, HAHA!! LOL!! So funny!! Peace!!
  2. Pictures Pictures Pictures!

    Assalmu Alakum, Ahh....all the picstures are soooo cute masha'Allah Expecially the baby...Masha'Allah Masha'Allah!! Peace!!
  3. *question Troubling Me*

    Assalmu Alakum, Jazaka'Allahu Kar for all the answers given to the question. I never really thought of this question, but I would like to add a questions that sort of ties in with the first question. If there is a mentally retarded person who passed puberity and is raised in a non-muslim family...will the person go to Jannah? Peace!!
  4. Assalmu Alakum, I am sorry, I do not know any fatwa, but what I understand from the Prophet's(PBUH) Sahaba's would fully understand what they are saying and do what the verses say, which means that if you really memorise and understand it and do what it states then you cannot possibly forget it because everytime you do a certain action or something of that sort you can remeber the verse from the Surah you have memorised. Does that make sense? I hope it does! Peace!
  5. Salam All :)

    Assalmu Alakum, Welcome! Welcome!!!! I like you, have just recently seen the high importance of Islam, and I know that you will learn and learn a lot of Islamic information that will help you strive to become a better muslim!!! Welcome Again!! Peace!
  6. Why I Shed Bikini For Niqab

    Assalmu Alakum, Yeah. If you go to school, work in a government office and you want to wear the hijab you cant. YOu will lose your job. Or be kicked out of school. I am not sure 100% if this is true but my cousin, who lives in Tunisia, said that this one girl who is in high school started to wear the hijab and probably will get kicked out. Also, my cousin's cousin wears the hijab and the police came to there house telling her that she needed to take off the hijab........ Like the Sister said......Tunis is the second Turkey....its funny because both coutries start with TU and their flags are almost identicle! I dont understand what it happening with the world!!!! Peace!
  7. Why Do They Keep Picking On Me?!

    Assalmu Alakum, Lighten Up just a bit, but if they really are saying things that you dislike I would give them the silent treatment...it actually works..I have done it before. This one muslim boy I know was annoying me and his locker is right next to mine so I just couldnt handle him annoying me so I just stopped talking to me..and on time I heard him say to his friend: "What did I do. I didnt do anything to her!" He actually sounded in sad......that way her would understand that you dont want him to annoy you! Insha'Allah it works!! Peace!!
  8. Sa Baby Survives Latrine Horror

    Assalmu Alakum, Ameen Ameen Ameen!!! Peace!!!!!
  9. Random Incoherence

    Assalmu Alakum, Random:- When will the summer come! I want to graudate from high school and go to my country TUNIS!! Patience....Patience....Patien e...... Peace!!
  10. Old Is Gold. . . . . .

    Assalmu Alakum, Masha'Allah that is a good poem and a good reminder of how we should treat the elderly! Peace!!
  11. Did I Really Say That?

    Assalmu Alakum, Of course! I think everyone has one of those moments!! Peace!!
  12. Assalmu Alakum, I just want to say one thing..... Islamic/Arab Countries were doing just fine until the west countries came in and really caused the main issues.... Take the issue with Isreal and Palestine.....why did this war start? First....Hilter went insane and wanted to kill off all the Jews so MANY MANY jews decided to move to Jerusalem..then they decided to make a new country to call there own, when the Palestinains opened their arms to them when they were in distress...now it seems as if there is a never ending war. Now take Iraq...what as the US proven...absolutly nothing....its turning into another Vietnman! Its ruining a beautiful country causing the Iraqis to turn are each other. Arabs/Muslims are not retarded or weak....who created Algebra? Who used to have the strongest empire in the world? What religion are more and more people converting to? Please do not offend us muslims/Arab by being ignorant.... Peace!
  13. Yo!

    Assalmu Alakum, Welcome Welcome Welcome!! I know you will enjoy the forum! Its so much fun and you learn so much about Islam!! Peace!
  14. Why Is Islam Against Abortion?

    Assalmu Alakum, Jazaka'Allahu Kar for sharing this! I just cant believe people can be so heartless. I mean its and innocent child. I mean if the mother really feels that having a baby is going to ruin her life then she should have thought of that before she decided to act unrashionally with the opposite sex...... I just cant believe people actually approve of it............ Peace!
  15. Summer '07!

    Assalmu Alakum, Jazaka'Allahu Kar for the reminder!!! Insha'Allah I will read more pages of Qur'an then I already do because I will have to time. I will memorise more Qur'an, and insha'Allah I have these Fiqah books that I want to start reading! Insha'Allah I will do what I say!! I think I will write it down somewhere so I am always reminded!! Peace!!