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  1. Do You Study Or Work...!?,

    :D im at college hoping to go to uni to study history. :D
  2. Open House At My Masjid Next Week

    Assalam u alaykum no i dont think they have. a question i had a while ago was why did the Prophet :D marry Aisha when she was only 9.a common question also they often ask bout womens rights.hope that helps brother.
  3. :D true life is a struggle, stick to it.alhamduliallah im lucky in that i live in a asian area where many people are muslims so in school we have the facilities to pray and it is not very hard at all. :D
  4. Young Adults?!

    :D just dont act like the teacher like figure and im sure theyl open up to you. :D
  5. Any Birmingham

    :D oh im from here too! :D
  6. Ramadhan Withdrawal....

    yep me!wish it werent over although eid is nice!
  7. Ishtikara Prayer

    Assalam u alaykum sorry if i have spelt 'ishtikaea' wrong but i would like to know if someone performs this prayer and sees what they would regard as a postive sign, is there any way that such an outcome may not happen. so for example you had a dream that something would happen, will that thing definitely happen or are there ways of going around it. i ask this because someone i know performed ishtikara prayer and although they felt the result was positive the person who the prayer was about did not agree and feels slightly upset by it. your help would be much appreciated :D Assalam u alaykum
  8. Aa

    AA i have already gained a lot from this site and i have only been using it for a while. AA
  9. Islam in England

    AA i am so sorry for posting 2 irrelevant and lets say similar posts on this thread. i am trying to post them onto another thread but they seem to be ending up here! i dont know what is going wrong.oh well i wont post nemore on here! and just so i do say something about the topic- i think i am going to suffer in the summer when its ramadhan- oh the thirst! oh well will have to practise self control! Sorry again AA
  10. Islam in England

    AA im from england- birmingham its all good although i cant compare it to anything really! AA
  11. Islam in England

    AA hey im from england- birmingham to be precise? nebody here from there. englands good, well cant really compare my experineces to nutin else i spose! AA :D
  12. Gender Mixing..

    AA i think (if i understand your question) it is due to the same reasons a woman can not cover her face whilst in the state of ihram.it is because on Hajj you trust in the purity of others thoughts and they should not be looking at u in that way so there is no need to seperate the two genders. hope this makes it clear AA
  13. Quick Bullet Points On Awra

    AA but dont different schools of thought differ on whether the feet of a woman are considered part of her awra? AA
  14. Mcdonalds

    AA well if they were using same oil i spose they wouldnt be halal, but then again im not sure either! i spose if u know they do this just stay away! AA
  15. Mcdonalds

    :D AA that is so true about halal places. its a shame but the truth is that they are often very dirty and i would be very careful when eating chicken! my sister in law got food poisoning from consuming chicken on a pizza! AA