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  1. 786 What Is Your View On Their Nasheeds

    salam where can i find the lyrics of their nasheeds? plz tell me if u know
  2. Last Breath

    Salam Can you please upload it to (www.)"http://rapidshare.de"]rapidshare[/url]? thanks
  3. Islam in Turkey

    Resource for my statement; ve Üstad Bediüzzaman'ın Ankara ziyareti sonrası sözleri; 1338'de Ankara'ya gittim. İslâm ordusunun Yunan'a galebesinden neş'e alan ehl-i îmanın kuvvetli efkârı içinde, gâyet müdhiş bir zındıka fikri, içine girmek ve bozmak ve zehirlendirmek için dessasane çalıştığını gördüm. Eyvah dedim, bu ejderha îmanın erkânına ilişecek! O vakit, şu âyet-i kerime bedahet derecesinde vücud ve vahdaniyeti ifham ettiği cihetle ondan istimdad edip, o zındıkanın başını dağıtacak derecede Kur'an-ı Hakîm'den alınan kuvvetli bir bürhanı, Arabî Risalesinde yazdım. Ankara'da, Yeni Gün Matbaası'nda tab'ettirmiştim. Fakat maatteessüf Arabî bilen az ve ehemmiyetle bakanlar da nadir olmakla beraber, gâyet muhtasar ve mücmel bir surette o kuvvetli bürhan tesirini göstermedi. Maatteessüf, o dinsizlik fikri hem inkişaf etti, hem kuvvet buldu.
  4. Istanbul

    yea it is so beautiful :D
  5. Look After Your Rocks

    salam thanks 786 btw, u know 786 boys (the song group)? can u give the link? thanks
  6. Islam in Turkey

    plz read a few articles (www.)"http://oneummah/encyclopedia/"]here[/url] tnx ma salama
  7. Iraq Signs Military Pact With Iran

    wooow so nice tnx bro
  8. Hayat

    woow nice poem thank u brother.. keep it up plz
  9. God And The Barber

    i've read it's Turkish thanks ma salama
  10. Islam in IRAN!!!

    i believe that it is all lie. before making such statements u must give reference look at the Islamic unity in Islamic Republic of Iran ma salama
  11. Islam in Turkey

    a site for my Turkish bros "http://nurtanesi"]nurtanesi[/url] it also has a translation side. i'll be pleased if u translate some good works for that site... and bro greek; it is 'janissaries' i'll find an article about that inshaAllah now am busy ma salama
  12. Hadrat Ali (r.a) & Mathematics

    A person was about to die, and before dying he wrote his Will which went as follows ... > "I have 17 Camels, and I have three sons. Divide my Camels in >such a way, that My eldest son gets half of them, the second >one gets 1/3rd of the total and my youngest son gets 1/9th of >the total number of Camels" After his death when the relatives read his will they got extremely perplexed and said to each other that how can we divide 17 camels like this. So after a long hard thought they decided that there was only one man in Arabia who could help them: "Ali Ibne Abi Taalib(A.S.)." So they all came to the door of Ali ((A.S.) and put forward their problem. Ali ((A.S.) said, "Ok. I will divide the camels as per the man's will." Ali (A.S.) said, "I will lend one of my camels to the total which makes it >18 (17+1=18), now lets divide as per his will" >The Eldest gets 1/2 of 18 = 9 >The second one gets 1/3 of 18 = 6 >and The Youngest gets 1/9 of 18 = 2 >Now the total number of camels = 17 >.....Then Ali (A.S.) said, "Now I will take my Camel back ".......
  13. Hazrat Ali (A.S.) & Mathematics Here are some Mathematical problems that Hazrat Ali (A.S.) solved,while he was Khalifa. He was known for his mathematical genius. Enjoy reading them: > One Day a person came to Ali (A.S.), thinking that since Ali (A.S.) thinks he is too smart, I'll ask him such a tough question that he won't be able to answer it and I'll have the chance to embarrass him in front of all the Arabs. He asked "Ali, tell me a number, that if we divide it by any number from 1-10 the answer will always come in the form of a whole number and not as a fraction." Ali Looked back at him and said, "Take the number of days in a year and multiply it with the number of days in a week and you will have your answer." The person got astonished but as he was a Mushrik he still didn't believe Ali (A.S.). He calculated the answer Ali (AS) gave him. To his amazement he came across the following results: >The number of Days in a Year = 360 (in Arabic Calendar) >The Number of Days in a Week = 7 >The product of the two numbers = 2520 >Now ... 2520 ?= 2520 >2520 ?= 1260 >2520 ?= 840 >2520 ?= 630 >2520 ?= 504 >2520 ?= 420 >2520 ?= 360 >2520 ?= 315 >2520 ?= 280 >2520 ?= 252 .
  14. Exams

    :D i've exams this week :D plz pray 4 me ma salama