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  1. The Girl Who Said Yes

    :sl: Ayou are not allowed to post links yet You guys are great. I hope all is well, insha'Allah. :sl:
  2. Funny Pictures

    :D Is that Cheney's mailbox? :D [at] Nemo sushi. That car is hot! B)
  3. The Chocolate Test!

    :D Cool!!
  4. The Halo

    :D I looked up in the sky on a cloudy day, and found something quite interesting. Circling the sun was a rainbow. Within the circle, it appeared more gray than the remainder of the sky.
  5. The Girl Who Said Yes

    :D Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes. :D Some people in real life and non-Muslim forums can be such jerks, but it's nice to know who my true friends are. :D I've finally found the girl who said yes She chose me above all the rest Even though I am far from the best I thank Allah, for I feel blessed :D
  6. The Girl Who Said Yes

    :D I hope this finds you in the best of health and iman. And may Allah bless the Prophet and his family. :D I'm about to enter a new chapter in my life. I'm excited, but also nervous. Throughout my life, people have told me in one form or another that I wasn't good enough. But to someone, apparently I was good enough. If this is really happening and if everything goes as planned :D , I'm about to get married soon, :D . :D :D
  7. Re-birth

    :D You're so nice, masha'Allah. :D
  8. ~more Jokes!~

    :D :D
  9. Beef Jerky?

    :D Have you ever seen beef jerky at a store? It looks like a fun snack, so I wanted to learn how to make beef jerky using halal/zabiha meat. I guess the main thing is that the meat is being dried, but not so dry that it loses its chewiness. Since the meat would shrink during the drying process, I guess we could cut long pieces of the beef so it's like a stick, but not too skinny. Then it would have to be marinated for flavor. Does anyone know what Worcestershire sauce is? I hope it's halal. Then it would have to be cooked in the oven at very low heat for several hours. If anyone has an easy method for making this, please share. :D :D
  10. :D I hope this finds you in the best of health and imaan. And may peace & blessings be upon the Prophet and his family. With everything else going on in the world, I realize this is a selfish dua request, but I hate my job. I'm also exhausted because of work and other things. Please make dua that I can quit my job soon and find a new job that: - doesn't leave me feeling so miserable. - is fulfilling and raises my self-esteem. - gives me some sense of accomplishment. - is a little closer to home. :D
  11. Re-birth

  12. Re-birth

    “Allah brings the living forth from the dead, and brings the dead forth from the living; and enlivens the earth after its death. And this is how you will be resurrected.†(Qur’an 30:19)
  13. Re-birth

  14. Re-birth

  15. Citizen X's Final Breath

    :D An injustice committed, he would never forgive In a world of problems, another reason not to live His honor was tarnished, his self-worth was drained Now to the point that his faith had nearly waned The roller coaster of life had taken its toll Alone and weak, what a wretched soul He tried and tried, but couldn’t break the chains Shamefully succumbed to his sorrows and pains No longer able to bear the burden, he wished for death Perhaps soon would come the moment of his very last breath Love, Citizen X