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  1. May be very source which was used by Americans to start a war against Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The source may not be verified once visual things happen before you. An emmient scholar (Abul hasan Hindi) who predicted collapse of USSR (not through astrology, but through his experience and knowledge of history) has predicted collapse of US followed by civil war. The reason he had given was capitalism and unjust means for survival. Qalandar har cheh goyad deedah goyad. (Pious whatever say, they say with vision)
  2. Eid Mubarak

    Assalamu alaykum EID MUBARAK[using large font size is not allowed]
  3. Pre-requisites For Interpreting The Quran

  4. Pre-requisites For Interpreting The Quran

  5. Assalamu alaykum It is essential to observe the pre-requisites for interpreting the Quran. An unbecoming present day fashion is that even those who possess little or no knowledge of Arabic Vocabulary offer their personal opinion on the basis of vernacular translations of the Quran. Specialists have laid down that any one attempting a commentary of the Holy Quran should be well versed in fifteen subjects. These, as briefly given below, will show that it is not possible for everybody to understand the underlying significance and real meanings of the Holy Quran: Lughat, i.e. philology of language, which helps in understanding the appropriate meanings of words. Mujahid RA says, “one who believes in Allah and the day of judgement should not open his lips in respect of the Quran, unless he is thoroughly conversant with the philosophy of the Arabic language. Quite often an Arabic word has several meanings. A person may be knowing only one or two of them, though in a given context the actual meaning may be quite different.†“Nahwâ€, i.e. sytax, a branch of grammar, which helps in understanding the relation of sent4ence with another and also of I’raab (vowel sounds) of the letters of a word. A change in I’raab often means a change in the meaning. Sarf, i.e. etymology, a branch of grammar, which helps in knowing the root words and conjugations. Ibn Faris RA says, “One who loses the knowledge of etymology loses a great deal.†“Allamah Zamakhsari RA mentions that, when a certain person set to translate the ayath “On the day that we shall call each and every people after their leader†he ignorantly rendered it thus : “On the day that we shall call each people after their mothers.†He supposed that the singular Arabic word imam (leader) was the plural of the Arabic word ‘umm’. If he had been conversant with etymology, he would have known that the plural of ‘umm’ is not ‘imam’. Ishtiqaaq, i.e. derivatives. It is necessary to have the knowledge of derivatives and their root words, because if a word has been derived from two different root words, it will have two different meanings. E.g. the words ‘maseeh’ is derivable from ‘masah’ which means to touch or to move wet hands over, and also from ‘masaahah’ which means measurement. Ilmul Ma’aani i.e. knowledge of semantics, because phrase constructions are understood from their meanings. Ilmul Bayan, i.e. knowledge of figures of speech. Like similes and metaphors, due to which expressions or shades of meaning of similes and metaphors become known. Ilmul Badee’, i.e. knowledge of rhetoric, the knowledge which reveals the beauty of language and its implications. The last three are the branches of ilmul balaaghah (knowledge of oratory), and are considered very important subjects, which a commentator should master, because the Glorious Quran is a perfect miracle and its amazing constructions can only be understood after mastering these subjects. Ilmul Qiraa’ah i.e. knowledge of the art of pronunciation. Because different methods of recitation sometimes convey different meanings, and sometimes one meaning is to be preferred over the other. Ilmul Aqaa’id i.e. knowledge of the fundamentals of faith. This is necessary to explain certain analogies. The literal meaning of certain ayat referring to Almighty Allah is not the correct one. For example, the analogy in the ayah “The hand of Allah is over their hands†will have to explained because Allah has no physical hands. To be continued!!!!!!!!! From "fazail-e-Quran" by Shaykh Zakariyah Kandhalvi RA.
  6. Kafiroon Mischief During Taraweh

    Assalamu alaykum A small sacrifice for Quran.
  7. Breaking The Fast, Different Time Zones!

    Assalamu alaykum. Sister Um ahmad rightly said. When shariah is offering concession we should accept it.
  8. assalamu alaykum. The new moon was sighted today. We completed the first taraweeh today. The haafiz read part of Surah Baqrah from memory in taraweeh. Allah swt grant us health to complete the whole of quran in taraweeh in ramadhan.
  9. assalamu alaykum timings given for moonset is for the top tip of the moon to go below the horizon. The sunlight even after sunset makes it impossible to sight the crescent. And our practical experience shows that crescent is impossible and all the astronomers agree on that. So let us wait, if any one sights the moon let him post it here.
  10. Assalamu alaykum. I have the data of moon related to Makkatul Mukarramah for the following dates: 30th August 2008 sunset 18:38 moonset 18:22 moonset is before sunset, so no visibility. 31st August 2008 Sunset 18:37 moonset 18:57 Moonset is 20 minutes after sunset. Whatever may be best conditions, crescent will never be visible. 1st september 2008 sunset 18:36 moonset 19:32 Moonset is 56 minutes after sunset. If proper attempt is made, chances of crescent visibility is more. Normally the magrib adhaan, fardh and sunnah prayers take away the crescent visibility time and we may miss the crescent sighting. So my suggestion would be form two groups. One group(A) should be watching the crescent when the other group (B) is offering their maghrib prayers and when the other group (B) finishes its magrib prayers and takes over the group (A) should offer their prayers. Note: Moon can be located on one's city's horizon by getting the co-ordinates (azimuth and elevation) of moon for every minute after. sunset. For Makkatul Mukarramah: On 1st september the moon is visible at azimuth of 260 deg. Which means while we are facing west, moon will be 10 degrees towards left from WEST at 6:30 PM makkah time. OR sunset is at 278 deg, which means moon will be positioned at 18 degrees towards left of the place where sun sets. Wallahu A'alam
  11. Interpret This Dream If You Can?

    Assalamu alaykum May be you would have watched a similar TV play or a similar movie.
  12. New Muslim Pondering Leaving Islam.........

    Assalamu alaykum It hurts to hear a muslim leaving Islam.
  13. A Few Questions For Muslims

    Peace: Because what is written in present Bible is NOT what Jesus said.
  14. Non-muslims As Friends?

    Assalamu alaykum. I am not telling about your voice or picture. The person on the otherside may be a male and his voice can be faked as female voice. And fake video and fake pictures can reach you. So a friendly warning.
  15. Musharraf Resigns

    Assalamu alaykum. The US and the west will not digest that. More problems are exected from them.