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  1. The Issue Of Copyright Laws

    Salam, If that book had a © sign on the inside cover then yes, one is breaking the law. TP
  2. Salam, This topic is interesting and contemporary. Everyday we are bombarded with information from the net. As a result, copyright laws have been introduced. As Muslims, how well do we follow these laws? Here are a few examples where we may be breaking these laws: Copy & Paste from resources into essays, forums, etc without acknowledgement Unauthorised CD copying (games, audio, video) Buying and wearing fake brand names Lending out DVDs The last point is unusual. If you read the back of any (genuine) DVD, it will say something along the lines of 'the lending of this DVD is strictly prohibited'. So my question: Do we care? Do we care that we wear adibas, guci and redbook, whilst playing a football game copied off your next door neighbour? Are these acts HARAAM? Your thoughts and comments much appreciated. TP
  3. Answering Back- (like A Muslim)

    Salam, Some Jehova's Witnesses came to my door. I opened it carefully, not knowing who was there. It ended up being two old ladies. They assumed I was a Christian or a Jew because of my pale face. They immediately said 'Jesus always loves you did you know that?'. I replied, 'Yes I do know that'. Then they ranted on about how polite I was for teenager, and I told them it was my religion that taught my good manners. Of course, they assume it was Christianity. So finally, they gave me a few leaflets about Science & Christianity and The Youth & Christianity, which I accepted to read, and they started to leave. Before they left, they asked me what my name was. When I told them my name was Mohammed their faces turned to shock horror and they walked away. Hardly a bad impression of Islam? TP
  4. Whats Ur Take On Bin Laden

    Salam, On the 25th of February 2006, about two thousand Muslims marched from Hyde Park, London, to Trafalgar Square, London. We were all condemning Bin Laden (either the person himself or the fallacy created surrounding him), Zarqawi, and all terrorist bombings. This was in response to the attack on the Samarra Shrine in Iraq. It was very peaceful and many well known Imams in the Iraqi community were there. I was there. The media wasn't. It got about 7 seconds of coverage on the London Evening News on TV, and got nothing nationally. I'll try and find a link, but it was overshadowed by the previous cartoon protests. TP
  5. Salam!

    How do you manage to post so much being from Mars? It must be one hell of a long wire you've got there, or maybe you've got a wireless connection? TP
  6. Salam!

    How nice of you! It's nice to know that there are people willing to make an effort to welcome people. Let's see how much editing you do to my posts when I start getting controversial...just kidding. TP
  7. Salam!

    Salam Ghareeba, thanks for the kind reply, Yes, in my culture too, when someone steps into your home it is very "rude" if you don't offer them something to eat or drink. It's like an unwritten rule of honour. For example, on the motorways of Spain and Morocco, there are sneaky "gendarmes" (like police for the road), who hide in the bushes with their speed guns. You will always know where they are because cars passing you in the opposite direction will beep you or flash their lights after they have seen them - as a warning for you. Then you slow down, pass the cameras, and beep or flash the oncoming cars to let them know they are there - again, an unwritten rule. And it is rude not to abide by this rule. But on the news everyday, when people talk about "having a drink", it's all about alcohol and clubbing. So I guess it's one of those links one's brain makes when they hear the word elsewhere. TP
  8. Islam In Iraq

    Salam, I'm surprised this country hasn't really been explored yet (I didn't scroll down past Jamaica so I don't know if someone HAS started it but with a dreadful spelling error). Anyway, I've been to Iraq a fair few times and understandably there were problems. My parents and their generation told me that praying in school was forbidden under Saddam's rule in the 70's and 80's. Also, even though the country was importing plenty of high tech computers (for those who could afford them), Islamic DVDs were not allowed to enter the country under Saddam's rule in the 90's and 00's. (thats 2000s, but I dont really know how to shorten it). The same went for new theological ideas presented in book form. They had the old stuff which wasn't getting through to many because of the sheer number of volumes that noone can be bothered to read. Now, yes, the situation is improving. However, the new kids are starting to lose their initially weak grip on religion what with the new influx of materialistic products (mainly Internet, TV and fashion). Most of the kids brought up in the UK (where I live) seem to have a better understanding of religion than in Iraq, even now when borders on Islamic books have been lifted. You would assume that with all the potential drawbacks of a child living in the West (what the child is exposed to in school, on the streets and on the TV), the Islamic country of Iraq would have a stronger affect on their new generation then in Britain. So, where is this country heading in terms of religion (forget sect for a minute) - Pro Evo 5 or Al-Quran Al-Karim? TP
  9. Salam!

    Salam, thanks for the reply, but I dont know if that was automated or not. I'm a bit...confused is too strong a word and so is surprised...at the 'Welcome Drinks' part of this forum. It just reminds me of alcohol, which can't be a good thing. TP
  10. Salam!

    Salam, I guess you guys are pretty board of the same kind of "I am new here" posts, so maybe I can make this interesting... I signed up ages ago, forgot my password and subsequently forgot this website existed. I forgot why I joined. Oh yeah, it was because I too am Muslim. Hope to discuss some interesting topics here. Was recommended here by a friend back in the twilight years. I chose this username because of the stack of photos next to my computer. TP
  11. Ice Cream, Which One Is Halal?

    Salam, If you are 100% sure which additives are haram then please say so. However, remember Islam is not Judaism. The Jews are very fussy about their foods - they have their own websites about which foods they can and cannot eat, updated weekly - Islam is a simple religion and it is not wajib for us to go into the details of food, unless you are buying meat. Or so I've heard.