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  1. Searching For A Lamb Recipe

    Assalamu 'alaikum, Does anyone here know haneez or haneed lamb recipe? I tasted it once in a restaurant and it really is delicious. I hope I would be able to cook this dish at home. I have searched for the recipe in the internet, but could not find it. Hopefully. someone here knows the recipe. Thank you.
  2. Islamic Banking

    Assalamu 'alaikum, I am not sure about in Australia. If you are interested to study in Malaysia May be you can try INCIEF, university in Islamic finance INCIEF stands for International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance. It offers CIFP, Master and Ph.D Programmes I can't give you the website address cause so far I post less than 50. Another option is the IIU Malaysia ie International Islamic University of Malaysia. Hope that helps.
  3. Listening

    Assalamu 'alaikum, Thank you for your reply. I agree with you that I need to go to arabic speaking countries in order to improve my listening capability. In fact, I do think of furthering my study of the arabic language in one of the arabic speaking countries like the KSA, Syria, Jordan etc. Although my first choice is KSA, I don't think I would be able to continue my study there since I don't have a mahram to go with me. I especially would like to go to the University of Qurra in Makkah, since the University of Madinah is for men only. As KSA is out due to no mahram to go with me, my lecturer suggested that I go to Syria instead of Jordan. My lecturer said Jordan a bit westernised so he it is better not to go to Jordan. He did not advice to go to Mesir due to their pronounciation which would make it difficult to learn proper arabic pronounciation. I am not sure about may be going to Qatar perhaps or Dubai, bahrain, yemen, maghribi, kuwait etc ...... I guess next time I go to KSA I would try to get may be some MP3 /MP4 in arabic, for me to practice to listening in arabic. Or I will check the internet for for MP3 / MP4 or go to yourtube. Jazak Allah Khairan
  4. Listening

    Assalamu 'alaikum, I love learning arabic language. As far as reading and writing is concerned Alhamdulillah, I have no problem. However, I have a problem with Oral lesson ie conversation What I mean is when my lecturer speaks in arabic I have a problem of catching the words he is saying This is as you all probably know that arabic letters are divided into two ie qamariah and shamsiah letters. Reading and writing no problem The problem is with shamsiah letters, Due to letters assimilation, when I first hear the words I don't understand it, but when it is written down I understand it. Do you get what I mean. I just wonder if there is a way of improving my listening? The same thing when I converse with say the arab people when I was in jeddah, taif, Madinah or Makkah - I can speak to them in arabic (my arabic not that good yet, but well at least I can speak a bit), but when they reply back ... that's where the problem comes, I dont understand them. I have quite a number of arabic teachers - teaching arabic So for only one arabic teacher I can say I am able to understand when he speaks arabic. Unfortunately, I no longer in his class. What I mean when I said I have quite a number of arabic teachers is that, at different level different teachers are teaching us. I really want to improve my listening capability, so that I can have a good conversation with people who speaks arabic .... Is there anyway I can do this? That's why also I prefer to read arabic in arabic letters rather than its what you call its transliteration? Cause I understand it better written in arabic letters while when written in transliteration, I dont understand it. Thank you to those who can help me in this.
  5. Tarbiyatul Awlad Fil Islam

    Assalamu 'alaikum, Has anyone read the book "Tarbiyatul Awlad Fil Islam" (Child Education in Islam) by Abdullah Nasih Ulwan? If so, can you please tell me what you think of the book. Thank you Wassalam
  6. Numbers Test

    Assalamu 'alaikum, asharah wa mi'a -----P 110
  7. How To Say.... In Arabic

    :slm: How to say nicely - Sabr (be patient), please line up. Don't cut the Queue? Jazak Allah Khairan
  8. The Ideal Muslimah and The Ideal Muslim

    :sl: both books - great books to read. I have both books I bought them when I went for haj in 2002 As I recall, I bought the "ideal muslimah" while in Madinah then after finished reading it, while I was in Makkah I bought the "ideal muslim" - funny things happened when I bought the "ideal muslim" - the person at the bookstore thought I bought the wrong book ie thought that I wanted to buy "the Ideal Muslimah", no I said I already bought that and finished reading it, Now I want to know what the ideal muslim is .... ...... wassalam
  9. Logic Riddle

    :sl: well sis, i am waiting for your respose if my answer is correct ... because I thought, as I mentioned in my answer above, that there are only two exit first door - there is the magnifying glass second door - the dragon so I have anwered previously (see my answer above) that the man just wait until the sun sets or until it is night and escape through the first door. no sun - so he would not get burnt :D wassalam
  10. Logic Riddle

    :sl: wait until the sun sets or until it is night, then escape through the first door :sl: wassalam
  11. Which Dictionary To Get

    Assalamu 'alaikum, Well I am not sure how useful is al-mawrid qareb, the pocket dic, however, I have al-mawrid dictionary - but it is not a pocket dictionary, rather it is a big book and quite heavy. In my view, al-mawrid dictionary (english-arabic; arabic-english) that I have, is useful if you do not know the root word of a particular arabic word that you are searching for in terms of its meaning. You can simply find the meaning of the arabic word even if you do not know the root word. I also have Hans Wehr arabic-english dictionary - I find this dictionary very useful in learning the arabic language. however, to find the meaning of a particular arabic word, you need to know the root word. Both al-mawrid and hans wehr dictionary are useful. but I still prefer a dictionary that gives arabic wazn, and so far I have not found such dictionary in terms of arabic-english dictionary. However, I found such dictionary in arabic-indonesia dictionary. If you are learning arabic, my view is that a good arabic dictionary should give arabic wazn for each arabic root words. I hope the above is useful info for you in looking for the best useful arabic dictionary wassalam