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  1. Help With Medicine Personal Statement

    :D Jazakum Allah khair for all your help.. :D :D
  2. Help With Medicine Personal Statement

    :D Thanks for the help bro. I will PM it to you inshallah. I'm applying to Imperial, UCL, King's and Birmingham... :D
  3. Lonliness...

    :D bro I'm the same age as you and trust me, going through the same things... where I live there are not very many Muslims. And I understand the feeling you have when you want to look up to someone, but you feel dissapointed in them. Best way to deal with this is to look at yourself... we are all human and far from perfect, so we should strive hard to make ourselves better. Why not work on being a good role model for other younger muslims? Also, maybe you could exchange email addresses with some of the brothers here.. inshallah you'll find everyone is very friendly and helpful... Dont forget to take Ramadan as an opprtunity to ask Allah to strengthen you and bring you closer to Him. Inshallah everything goes well for you :D :D
  4. :D Are there any medical students in the UK who are willing to help me with my personal statement? It's due in soon.... and I just need to make sure its ok. Jazakum Allah khair :D :D
  5. Allhmdulillah I Have Made Hijrah

    :D Alf mabrouk sis!! Inshallah eerything goes well for you! :D
  6. Sharia Law~!

    :D Since your friend does not live in a country where Sharia is applied.. he's got nothing to worry about lol... even he was, Sharia does not apply to non muslims as far as I know. Now if he was brought up as a Muslim or reverted whatever, he would have a different outlook on the whole issue anyway.. i.e. he would think a hundred times before getting involved with a girl in the first place. Sharia can only come into place if the majority desire it anyway. I'm sure you're aware that no country in the world at the moment actually applies true Sharia.. those that claim to do so simply create their own rules under the guise of 'Sharia'. :D
  7. Wanted: A Level Biology & Chemistry Bks!

    :D bro, It's best to get textbooks which are specific to the exam board you are studying with as others will miss out topics or cover ones which you won't be examined on. Maybe you could check the exam board websites to see if they recommend anything in particular.... Best of luck with your studies inshallah! :D Edit: Woah just noticed the original post was made last year! So dunno if you still need those books...
  8. Maths Personal Statement

    :D You're welcome bro.. don't forget to post it when it's done! :D
  9. Maths Personal Statement

    :D bro, I'm doing my personal statement now too.. i know how hard it can be to get it just right.. here's my two pence.... You need to check the wording of the last paragraph, e.g. 'main interest laying sport' and 'this condemned in receiving...', and 'wide range of cultures and diversities' Also, personally I don't think you should mention anything about religion in there.. 'as a practicing muslim this helps take my mind away from studying...' I think it's best to be neutral and avoid anyone prejudicing your application.. Also, i don't think you should write so much about the mathematical topics themselves, i dont think it really shows or adds anything to ur application... I hope this makes sense and helps you!! :D
  10. Refutations Of False Accusations

    :D Just wondering.. did you even bother to look those verses up?? Did you not notice how those verses are right after each other??? Look at the translation: 41:9 Say: Is it that ye deny Him Who created the earth in two Days? And do ye join equals with Him? He is the Lord of (all) the Worlds 41:10 He set on the (earth), mountains standing firm, high above it, and bestowed blessings on the earth, and measure therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, in four Days, in accordance with (the needs of) those who seek (Sustenance). :D
  11. Exams

    :D Inshallah you will succeed and achieve the best grades bro :D Make dua for me too I have exams this week!! :D
  12. Farshy Alturab-meshary Alrada

    :) Mashallah that is an amazing nasheed :D :D
  13. Favourite Qira

    :D Jazaki Allah khair sister! The Sheikh has a beautiful voice.. which country is he from? :D
  14. Sometimes I Hate Getting Up In The Morning...

    :D May Allah ease your distress and grant for you what's best in this life and the Hereafter... Hang in there bro... :D
  15. Gcse Revision!

    :D I did my GCSEs just last year, so I know what you're going through! Firslty, make sure you ar studying in a place with no distractions, e.g. computer, radio, phone, etc. You need to keep focussed! Study in 20 minute or half hour blocks, then have a small break. Myabe have a snack or drink of water. Always make time to relax! Best way to absorb information I find is to make summaries of each topic, e.g. bullent points, spider diagram, whichever suits you best! Use lots of colours, etc. to help you remember! Revision guides are sometimes useful, but dont bother spending too much money on them. Practice papers are MUCH much more helpful! Try doing them in test conditions. Finally, don't neglect your salaat and remember to ask Allah for help at all times! Before the exam say 'bismillah, tawakaltu 'ala Allah' I hope this helped! :D