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  1. :D Yeah I agree, just apologise in person, no need to write it in a card!!! Doesn't matter whom you do wrong to, its always best to apologise if you were in the wrong. :D Eliza
  2. The House/flat You Live In Is....

    :D rented, Al'hamdulilah. :D Eliza
  3. They Wont Except Any Other Coulture

    :D I'm a bengali bro. And its not just different skin colour that our parents have against us, its the whole different culture thing, especially with us bengalis, well before our generation anyways. So please don't feel offended that these people are acting so small minded. I was in a similar situation when I married an Indian, he's the same skin colour, same mother tongue, same religion yet my dad was totally against our marriage. He kinda did the same to me as you mentioned about the sister. It would be really good if you could speak to them and understand their reasons why they are so against you and marriage with this sister. You do have to tread carefully, these bengalis' do tend to jump to conclusions! Keep your calm and explain clearly you intentions. With us bengalis its sad but true, there is a lot of material stuff people look for when getting their daughters' married. I'm not saying ALL families are like this, but I have noticed generally this is true. See if there is ANY way you can contact this sister and see if she's alright. Try and see what she wants too. If you haven't converted already brother, then do so. But do it for the sake of Allah not the sister. But from the way you're speaking I think I can tell that you're sincerely interested in our religion. Sister_in_islam also gave good advice, Masha'Allah. :D Eliza
  4. Islam And Free Will

    :D Because everything isn't pre-determined Allah has given us tests and one of them being Shaytan. Its up to you what you do with your life, but we should try and remain on the right path, Insha'Allah. Allah helps & guides when we ask, Allah rewards when we do the right thing, so Insha'Allah no we're not robots. :D Eliza
  5. Family And Reversion

    :D It is possible. I had friends whom respected my religion and did not drink whilst I was around them, not only that, some of them so far as to not smoke in my presence! So its not impossible, being 'western-minded' doesn't mean you don't have respect!!! :D Eliza
  6. Were They Right Or Wrong?

    :D JazakAllah kair for your answers. I am glad and somewhat relieved that you all think the same as me, although I haven't said anything to my brothers yet! I didn't want to influence their decision without knowing right from wrong myself. I don't think they will apologise, especially my younger bro and sis, they're both good at standing firmly in what they believe is right, Insha'Allah. Dunno about the older bro though, he could still apologise, but thats upto him at the end of the day. If any of my siblings ask me whether they should apologise at least I have an answer now. :D Eliza
  7. Marriage & Changing The Name

    :D But would it be okay for a woman to add a name then? i.e. her husband's name? e.g. Sarah Yellow Green? After marriage she would take her Husband's surname, but keep her maiden name as her middle name for example? :D She's not strictly changing it then and the bloodline should still be clear right? :D :D Eliza
  8. :D That logic is to try and spread Islam, as far as I understand. We invite/welcome non-muslims to Masjids so they can experience/understand Islam and maybe even want to convert, Insha'Allah. Its where knowledge is avaliable for all. But what benefit, other than understanding of other religions would we get by visiting these places? Maybe we would like to look at the pretty buildings! Beware, sometimes you can be pushed into doing something you will later regret when you are in another religions worship place, especially if you don't understand how their religion works. So for knowledge and comparison maybe, to Islam, go ahead by all means. It could benefit you and me, whom knows!!! :D Eliza
  9. Can I Pray Sick?

    :D Could you not use warm water for Wudu? :D Insha'Allah you're feeling better sister. :D :D Eliza
  10. Were They Right Or Wrong?

    :D Thats why I thought its not allowed in Islam!!! ^ And Bro Panthera, what if people expect you to touch their feet out of respect? Would that be acceptable? But I was taught, that we should bow down to Allah swt alone and no other. And fair enough we could probably get away with touching feet out of respect (Although the Hindus do this so wouldn't we be immitating them? :D) but what if I demanded and expected it just because I was older than you? More status than you? I demand respect from you by expecting you to touch my feet? Would it be accpetable then? JazakAllah kair for your replies brothers. :D Eliza
  11. When Should We Say...

    :D So should we not say “Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa Billaah" when we yawn and also when there is lightening? :D Thats another two places where I was taught to recite “Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa Billaah"! JazakAllah for replying. :D Eliza
  12. Dua

    :D ^ Masha'Allah, what i was going to say sis Um-eeasa said it for me. When you cry ensure you cry out of love and fear for Allah, not just because you want your dua to be answered. Its sincerity which is the key, Insha'Allah. :D Don't cry for worldly things :D no point. Cry in fear and out of love for Allah swt. :D Eliza
  13. When Fardh Meets Haram

    :D I would do obligation, disregard haram if it is Fard upon us. But your question isn't as simple as that, as there are times when you simply cannot perform fard because of it being unacceptable, not sure if it is haram what I have in mind. :D But it depends on the reason why you think it could be haram! Generally however, e.g. for timings of salah, brother Mu'maneen has given explanation. Is there anything specific bro? :D :D Eliza
  14. Is This Good Enough?

    :D Masha'Allah sis its really good! :D I can't see anything wrong, maybe someone else could add something. But its a good summary Masha'Allah. good work sister! :D :D Eliza
  15. :D Brothers and Sisters. Insha'Allah you're in the best of health and imaan. As we all know we recently celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr Al'hamdulilah. And Insha'Allah we all enjoyed Eid and made dua for all our Muslim brothers and sisters. My brothers went to Masjid (as you do) on Eid morning, my dad took them. After performing Salah its traditional for the youngsters to salam the elders by touching their feet (I personally do not agree with this method of salam :D) and then sharing the hugs (sorry don't know proper name). But this year, my brothers did not salam my dad by touching his feet, however they did offer salam verbally. My dad was hurt by this and he made a comment which I will not repeat, intended for both of my brothers. My eldest brother did say he honestly forgot but my younger brother did not salam because he felt it wasn't Islamic, there is nothing in Islam saying one should (as far as I know too) and so he didn't. But he did offer salam verbally and also said Eid Mubarak. So my question is, were they right or wrong? And if they were wrong should they apologise to my father? :D My younger brother was contemplating for a long time whether he should or should not salam by touching feet, and then he didn't and felt guilty when my father made that comment. So both of them, in my opinion were totally innocent. My sister didn't offer salam by touching feet either, just verbally and did say Eid Mubarak. Now he's not talking to them properly and keeps chastising them, making them feel really bad. What should they do now? :D JazakAllah kair for taking the time to read this and also for any replies. With duas, :D Eliza