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  1. The First And The Last

    :D Could it mean in the sense that, Allah has made us, no one made Him, and He will finish us, yet No one will finish Him? :D Thus He is the First & The Last? :D Insha'Allah I made sense. :D Eliza
  2. Any Birmingham

    :D I believe the brother is just curious, right? :D Bro Islamic_Muslim knows I am from Birmingham. How can I help you brother???? :D Eliza
  3. Writing A Letter

    :D Sis umm-Eesa its funny you should mention something like that! ^ :D I recently experienced a family member flip over the very same issue. :D Whats the point? :D We all make mistakes!!! Good advice given Masha'Allah! :D The major mistake people make is with the signing off with 'Yours Sincerely' or 'Yours Faithfully' many people don't realise which one to use when!!! :D But its included in link Bro Panthera provided. :D Eliza
  4. Pomegranates!

    :D JazakAllah kair for sharing bro! :D They certainly are delicious Subhan'Allah. :D A little off topic, has anyone ever tried Custard Apple? :D ITS TOTALLY GORGEOUS!!!! :D Eliza
  5. Your Advice Is Much Needed

    :D More reason to change ASAP rather than gradually. :D :D Eliza
  6. My Female Friend

    :D Don't mind me asking, but how old is this sis??? :D Her talking like THAT it doesn't sound like 'love'. Tell her she's seriously infatuated, you know the saying 'love is blind'? Well its infatuation!!!! :D Eliza
  7. Your Advice Is Much Needed

    :D Masha'Allah. JazakAllah kair. Yeah IF is really good for support, Masha'Allah. Not just me, you'll see loads of people will be willing to help and support Insha'Allah. We all fall into the trap of wanting worldly things brother, you're only human, and Shaytan is going to do this to us. But think why as Muslims we have 5 pillars of Islam? Its to help us appreciate everything in life, Subhan'Allah, thats how complete our religion is. Its not only your bro whom craves the worldly goods, we all have weaknesses, but when you realise the weaknesses thats the turning point for yourself. Thats when you can at least TRY and reduce the extravagance and craving, learn to control yourself. Just remind yourself, having EVERYTHING in this world is fine, but what will you have in the hereafter if you aren't willing to prepare??? You can't take anything with you when you die. Instead, build your paradise in the hereafter whilst you're still here on earth. Save yourself from the hellfire and Allah's wrath of punishment. One extravanagce here on earth will cost you a lot of suffering in the hereafter, is it really worth it???? Personally I don't think so. :D Eliza Edit: The 5 pillars of Islam aren't just for making us appreciate this life and what we have, but also to prepare us for the hereafter, just thought I would add. :D
  8. My Female Friend

    :D Good advice from Bro Panthera. Tell her she shouldn't play games with her family. She's going for a fall which she will regret later in life. Unless she is really serious about this brother, and is seriously thinking of marriage, then tell her she should get out. She'll get hurt if she isn't careful. Tell her he's not worth her losing all her family, friends and self-respect over. And that as Muslim we shouldn't be lying and deceiving. :D Eliza
  9. Your Advice Is Much Needed

    :D bro, Praying isn't the be all and end all of it, but I would say only the start. Alongside the prayer you have to change yourself. Its mainly through prayer that this comes, thus most people would probably advise you to start praying. They're not wrong of course, but its not that simple. i.e. if you pray and then do not even try to avoid doing bad things, then its just a vicious circle which you won't be able to get out of. Remember, Islam has 5 pillars! Not just the one, i.e. Praying. Learn to adjust and accomodate one at a time, permanently and all should follow with due course. You just have to make a heartful, sincere intention and Insha'Allah things will slowly but surely happen by the Will of Almighty Allah. About you and women. If you can't seem to stop doing what you are doing presently, then I would advise marriage. Al'hamdulilah you say you own two companies, so money shouldn't be an issue, nor should living accomodation. Make your relationship halal if possible or stop it immediately. You will have to go 'cold turkey' on this one. There is no room for compromise as you may already know. Its really good however that you are accepting help and trying your utmost to stop drinking for example, and Insha'Allah taking drugs too. At the same time strengthen your imaan, Insha'Allah you shall feel so much closer to Allah swt, and you will fear sinning and Insha'Allah stay away from it, as Allah swt will no doubt help you, not just then even today. You realising what you have done in your past is an excellent place to start to change your future, to ensure you don't repeat these same things. We all learn from experience, and we all learn from mistakes, Insha'Allah, once we realise. So, pelase take note, you realise now, so try and stop/avoid repeating these things. Insha'Allah, I hope you don't mind my posting in reply to your topic, I just thought you could do with some encouragement at least. You're on the right track to making yourself by Allah's Will a better Muslim, Insha'Allah. Please continue, and you will carry on seeing more and more signs and encouragement. With duas for your every success, :D Eliza
  10. Smoking

    :D Yeah bro, the something deep within us that wants us to continue killing ourselves by smoking is the Shaytaan! Coz his aim is to make us displease and disobery Allah SWT!!! Its not impossible to stop smoking, it depends how strong you are within, how well you can say NO. Its as simple. :D Eliza
  11. :D JazakAllah kair for sharing your Eid experience with us brother, and Al'hamdulilah that you appreciate all that you have, especially on the special day Allah has prescribed for us. :D I understand how you feel sad about Ramadhan zooming by in the blink of an eye, because I felt the same. I was feeling quite depressed 2 days before Eid because Ramadhan was coming to an End. :D :D But with the help of some really nice sisters here on IF I was able to get rid of my doom and gloom mood and enjoy Eid, Al'hamdulilah. :D I realised that I shouldn't spoil it for my hubby, nor for my daughter, especially since it was her first Eid too, Al'hamdulilah. :D Its such a nice feeling when you realise what you have and become moreso appreciative for them, makes you take a good look around doesn't it? :D Oh yeah, and don't you jsut cut the pomegrante in half and then eat the seeds inside? :D Insha'Allah someone maybe able to help coz I thought that was the only way to eat one!!! With duas, :D Eliza
  12. Tempted To Cut

    :D Does the sister even come to check these posts now? :D I hope she does. I want you to know sis, that we're still here for you. Even if you did reject us all. :D We haven't rejected you. Please let us know how you are from time to time, would be nice to hear from you. With heartful duas, :D Eliza
  13. The Man That Shed 8kg

    :D JazakAllah kair brother for the reminder. Very true indeed. :D :D Eliza
  14. Ramadhan Withdrawal....

    :D I know exactly how you feel. On eid day I had to remind myself numerous times that I had to eat!!! :D It felt so wrong though... :D I really miss Ramadhan. Life just feels more scary now, and a little empty too. :D :D Eliza
  15. Mobile Phones

    :D Excellent question! I would like to know the same thing also! :D :D :D Eliza
  16. Dealing With A Hypocrite

    :D If you think your other sister (older? Younger than sis in situation? :D) will be able to convince her then its worth a go. To be honest, personally I would probably listen to my sister more, even though my younger bro is wise and mature, Masha'Allah, but still, coming from another woman it might be different. Whatever the outcome or result its still worth a try right? Anything is better than nothing really. :D Eliza
  17. Dua For Mom-in-law

    :D Brothers and sisters' in (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_i001.html#Islam"]Islam[/url]. Insha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] you're all in the best of health and imaan and your fasting is going well. :D I would like to request dua from all bros and sisters' here as my Mom-in-law is Insha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] going to perform Hajj this year. Unfortunately she had an accident yesterday and hurt her leg, quite badly from what I hear. :D Please make dua that (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] (swt) grants her best of health and strength for her to be able to perform Hajj to the best of her ability, Insha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url]. And for her to return home safely and in good health, (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Amin"]Ameen[/url]. :D JazakAllah kair brothers and sisters'. With duas, :D Eliza
  18. A Wife

    :D JazakAllah kair bro. Masha'Allah that is truly heart warming. :D Its so beautiful and meaningful. :D JazakAllah kair brother for sharing it with us. :D with duas, :D Eliza
  19. Whose Got It Easy?

    :D This is a tough question in my opinion. Its not black and white as it seems. I think each day is different really depending on your threshold of patience, if you've got a lot of it then you're fine for the day and you think your life is easy, otherwise it can be hard and you start thinking the men have it easy! :D So, it depends, on your day to day life I reckon. I didn't vote sis, coz I couldn't make my mind up, and thought it more complex than a straight answer. :D :D Eliza
  20. Crazy People

    :D :D :D :D Eliza
  21. Funny Pic

    :D JazakAllah kair for sharing, there was some funny ones! :D :D Eliza
  22. 35 Ways U Can Tell That U R Asian!

    :D Don't forget the Indians and bangladeshis people! :D They're Asian too. :D Some of them are sooooo funny but soooo very very true!!! I wish some of the same people whom did some of these things could read this now, they're faces would be a PICTURE! :D :D Eliza
  23. Funny Things To Do In An Elevator

    :D :D sis Emel!!! Don't blame you at all there! :D I would do exactly the same. :D Quite funny. :D :D Eliza
  24. Probab Heard This One Already

    :D bro lateral :D !!! :D It was funny but sad too! :D :D Eliza
  25. Something Fishy...

    :D Excellent! :D Clever sharp woman, I think we could learn a thing or two from her! :D JazakAllah kair for sharing! :D Eliza