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  1. Friends

    Asalam walikum sister, It does get easier getting over a friend you have lost. It happens to all of us in life. I have lost many of my close friends from school, and I think about them from time to time, after all they were all apart of my childhood, those precious first years. My best friend has also started to drift away, its hurting, but I try not to dwell on it. Everybody has to get on with life as best they can. Insha'Allah all will be made easier for you. Try and concentrate on something constructive and positive. Insha'Allah you'll make more friends. Thats the way friends are I suppose, in each stage of life, you make some you lose some, and you make some more. Like leaves on a tree really. Cherish them while you have them. Do not dispair. Keep smiling, and praying for better friends. With all my Duas' Asalam walikum, Your Muslim Sis.
  2. My Father

    Asalam walikum, Dear sister, I was also in the same situation with my father. After marriage I have been able to strengthen my mind and to talk to him on matters involving family etc. He still does not like it, as he prefers to be always right, as he is the elder and my father etc. But I just get my point across and he listens, he doesn't usually like it, and we go through a period where he won't call me or anything, but then I just call him up and you know, ask him how he is etc, and we're back on track. It is difficult for parents to understand that they are only Human and can be wrong too!!! I understand that. Best way to do it is approach nice and easy, pleasantly and slowly, with respect. Start off with something like, "Dad, Can I comment on that please, if you wouldn't mind?" or "Can I say something please?" you know, you're still respecting him and his views, just you want to get yours through too. Sometimes it works if you can jokingly put your views across, and sometimes it works well when you reservedly put your views across, by looking at the floor when you talking to him etc. Just make your point first that you're bot disrespecting him, and ask his opinion at the end of your speech. Hope I have been able to help. With duas' Asalam walikum, Your Muslim Sis.
  3. Leaving

    Asalam walikum, Tell your friend over the phone or email. We write words better than we can speak, and we don't get interupted. If s/he does not have access to email then over the phone, explain as best as possible WhY you are unable to stay in contact with her/him. With all my Duas' Asalam walikum, Your Muslim Sis.
  4. Can't Stop Backbiting!

    Asalam walikum, I have also read a book which has something on backbiting. Apparently, if you backbite/bad mouth. The person you badmouth will receive all the good you have done. So for every bad thing you say about her, she will gain every good deed you have done to date. Think about it. With heartful Duas' for your success. Asalam walikum, Your Muslim Sis.
  5. Can't Stop Backbiting!

    asalam walikum, sister, the best way to stop this is when you are thinking to bad-mouth this person bite your tongue, and recite 'Innalilahi Wa inna Ilayhi Rajioon' it works for me every time. You really have to keep repeating it until the feeling of bad-mouthing someone has passed. We all fall prey to this kind of problem at times, its not a big deal if we deal it with it as soon as we recognise it. you have recognised this so this is really good. Once you have stopped this you should find no problem in praying, Insha'Allah. Remember Allah is watching always, and you should strive to please Him. Think if you are bad-mouthing someone then surely Allah will become displased with you and punish you accordingly. May Allah protect you from all evils of the world. With duas' Your Muslim Sis. P.s. Try asking your, mom, friend, sister etc to stop you from bad-mouthing/backbiting. Ask them to help you in this difficult time.
  6. Asalam walikum, Masha'Allah! This I am sure means something, as it doesn't happen to everybody! There are a lot of miracles happening even today, but because we live in such an environment where everything has to have an either scientific or evident explanation, these miracles that Allah grant us are discredited. This is one of the major reasons why people find it harder to believe in Allah, as everything has to have proof of existence or an rational explanation. What gets me is, if these people do not believe in Allah, then who do they propose made the Universe, Earth and all within in such detail? The Big bang???!!! Hmm... With Duas' Asalam walikum, Your Muslim Sis.
  7. Asalam walikum, I have been taught that if there are children who disrupt your prayer by climbing on you or standing in front of you etc, then you should wait paitently for them to move. Children get bored of doing something when they do not attract attention, this is their nature. And obviously during prayer you cannot give them the attention they want, so they should tire quickly of thier mischief. If they are of an understanding age then try making them understand how important it is for them not to disturb you whilst you're praying. Tell them they can watch, or sit next to you. Also try giving them a reward after your prayer so they know that they have done good and will be rewarded again accordingly. This usually works well with me. For example, a shiny sticker of star, or sweet, or just special game which they would love! It doesn't have to take long, but they will learn this way that disturbing you isn't the way to get your attention. If you are not totally disrupted from prayer, then I do not think you will have to re-do your prayer. Stay focussed and Insha'Allah your prayer will be accepted. For this sis/bro, Children are Allah's blessings and shouldn't really looked upon as irritating. They will not learn what is right or wrong if they do not test their boundaries whilst young. I hope I have been able to help. With Duas' Asalam walikum, Your Muslim Sis. :D
  8. Root Beer

    Asalam walikum, I would agree with Shez bro, if in doubt do not drink or eat anything. There is no point in drinking or eating something one minute (which we could avoid) and then regretting it the next. Always think of your actions, and Allah will see your intentions. With Duas' Asalam walikum, your Muslim Sis.
  9. Alcohol Used In Perfumes...

    Asalam walikum, I thought it sounded a bit silly actually, but because of my lack of knowledge on this subject I didn't comment. But Thank You for rectifying this for me. And I suppose seeing as the structure of the alcohol is changed in perfumes (etc) and is not intoxicating and undrinkable then it would be acceptable to use? Thank You once again. Keep up your excellent work, Masha'Allah. Asalam walikum, your Muslim Sis. :D
  10. Islam in Bangladesh

    Asalam walikum, I am born in a Bangladeshi family. Have visited bangladesh 4-5 times. Every time I have been I have noticed that there are a lot of bengalis w hom are not regular with their prayer. This is something that I did not really understand at the tender age that I was there at. But there are many Muslim bangladeshis whom do not offer regular prayer, and when asked why, they dismiss with not very many excuses. They just tend to change the subject. The older generations are the only people I have personally witnessed that pray regularly. I don't know whats happening in this Muslim majority country. But Masha'Allah that is where I learnt to recite Qu'ran from, and also pray. So Alhamdulilah for the opportunity I got when I was young. Thats all I can think to say on this issue. Asalam walikum, your Muslim Sis.
  11. Alcohol Used In Perfumes...

    Asalam Walikum, I have heard that the alcohol content evaporates once it is out of the bottle/can into the air, therefore there is no alcohol left on clothes once sprayed. Thats what I have heard from another Muslim. But I would also suggest that if one is not sure not to use such products until they have satisfactory guidance on the issue, and use something else which has no alcohol present. I apologise if this information which I have heard is wrong, please feel free to correct me. Asalam walikum, your Muslim Sis.
  12. Waking Others For Fajr(summer Time)

    Asalam Walikum Wa rahmatullah, I wake my husband up for Fajr prayer, and sometimes he has similar reaction, but he doesn't mind. In actual fact he later Thanks me, as we really dislike missing Fajr prayer. Its just something else to be read on time!!! My husband also says that because I make the effort to wake him for Fajr that he is sure Allah will be happy with me for ensuring another Muslim is praying at the correct time. This just makes it all worthwhile for me. So, I think you should carry on awaking your mom for Fajr prayer, you are doing something really good for your mom (formostly) and moreso for you. Carry on with your excellent work! And let her scream, at least it will further awaken the both of you!!! :D May Allah always make you successful in your good deeds, masha'Allah Asalam walikum Wa Rahmatullah, Your Muslim sis.
  13. Alcohol

    Asalam walikum Wa Rahmatullah, I don't think if Alcohol is in the house that Dua would not be heard or answered. I am sure if we make Dua sincerely then Allah will not fail to hear, regardless of what is around us. Its in our heart and mind where He will see for intention and genuiness. Furthermore, if I am wrong then at least if you do not KNOW that there is Alcohol in the house for sure, then Insha'Allah your Dua should be heard and answered. Asalam Walikum Wa Rahmatullah, Your Muslim Sis.
  14. White Gold

    Asalam walikum, P.s. What about Platinum then? Would that be allowed for men? Asalam Walikum, your Muslim Sis.
  15. White Gold

    Asalam walikum Wa Rahmatullah, Insha'Allah you're all in the best of health. Well, as far as I know, I thought it was Haram for men to wear gold. Regardless of its colour, Gold is Gold, is it not? And about fake Gold, well that doesn't have any of the properties of Pure Gold, so would that not be acceptable? Allah knows Best. Asalam walikum Wa Rahmatullah Your Muslim Sis.
  16. Yellow Clothes

    Asalam Walikum Wa Rahmatullah, I thought the only restriction on wearing of clothes was of men wearing Silk? Thats all I know of. I have never come across anything about colour. :D Asalam Walikum Wa Rahmatullah, Your Muslim Sis.
  17. How Do U Know?

    Asalam walikum, I believe you feel the goodness you do, if and when you do it wholeheartedly, Sincerely and descretly. Thus, if you feel good by doing something good, then surely Allah swt will be happy with you? The rest only Allah Himself knows Best. Asalam walikum, Your Muslim Sis. :D
  18. Black magick (jaadu)

    Asalam walikum Sister, Firstly I pray you're hale and hearty. It is a shame that there are so many 'supposedly' Muslim people out there whom are practising this nonsense and whom also believe in it. Do they not realise what will happen to them one day? Its really disgusting. I have also come across many people mentioning similar situation that you are in, and to be totally honest I have no idea whether or not it is actually true. I guess it could be, I mean, I have not got any concrete evidence or findings... But who knows what can be done. I pray that this will not happen again to you, and Insha'Allah everything turns out well in your life with a good, honest, Muslim husband. Just keep your faith in Allah swt, and pray to Him to save you from all these evils of the world. He and only He can protect us from such things. Peace be with you always, Asalam walikum, Your Muslim sis.
  19. Asalam walikum Wa Rahmatuallah Brothers and sisters... I am sure Allah swt just wants us to be kind to all Mankind. After all, He created all of us, so whom are we to discriminate between different races, we're all His creations. This is something that just really is petty and I think would be best avoided. I guess, those whom are racist are small minded more than anything else, and to be able to accept and live by Islam we have to have a pure heart and mind, don't you think? Asalam walikum Wa Rahmatullah