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  1. Feel Down

    :D Its good you thought to listen to Qur'an recitation when you felt down brother. :D :D Masha'Allah. :D May Allah (swt) lessen the suffering in our hearts, and bestow happiness and peace upon us all, Ameen. :D :D Eliza
  2. Tempted To Cut

    :D Sister, Insha'Allah we have been nice to you to try and make you understand with the love in our heart. But, please don't mind what Bro Lateral has said. He's just trying to get through to you from a different way, we've all tried, but to be quite honest (please don't mind my saying so) I for one haven't noticed any change in your posts. :D Could you please let us know if there is ANYTHING you feel which is different from what you feel now? Through someone's words maybe? Not different as in worse, but as in BETTER? :D When I rad your posts my heart bleeds, I am not telling you this to feel bad, but telling you this to understand that I care and I want to care, but you need to let me and other people that care in. I don't mean open your arms up for us, and hug us until we melt, but you know, just try and understand why we're trying to help you? :D Its because WE CARE. If we didn't then we wouldn't have bothered posting or replying to your thread. Honestly, even Bro Lateral wants to make you feel better, thus he is trying as best he can to make you realise. HE CARES thats why he takes the time and effort to reply to your posts. :D He's got a funny way of showing it I know, but its true. Please let his words have some positive affect on you by making you think. Thats his aim at the end of the day. :D I want you to know, the trust you were looking to build through the people on this Forum is respected, we all realise how important trust is to you and that you don't easily trust because of your past experiences. But sister, the most genuine of people are those whom use harsh words, as well as nice words too. You know they're not fake, they can't be if they're speaking their mind, and try and appreciate this sis. :D You wouldn't want to be lied to would you? :D JazakAllah kair for reading my post. With duas, :D Eliza, Thats my real name. :D
  3. Dealing With A Hypocrite

    :D brother :D It hurts me so much when I hear sisters suffering in their marriage. And even MORESO when they have children. These sisters' have to understand that the abuse from their husband maybe directed towards them most of the time, but it leaves a really bad affect on the little ones too. :D They'll be scared for a very long time, and they'll view their home as really negative and in themselves they'll be feeling unhappy. :D Sometimes people don't realise, that even a 6month old baby picks up on the negative vibes. It really affects children quite bad. They'll find school is the only place where they can escape and HATE going back home at the end of the day. Brother, try telling your sister, that she has to REALLY think about the welfare of her children, put them before herself. She has to do something for their sound mind and positive upbringing, Insha'Allah. Insha'Allah your sis will be in my duas brother. :D Eliza
  4. Have You Got Any Photo's?

    :D I have photos on PC, Phone, ID and in photo albums> :D Eliza
  5. Grandad And Cousin

    :D Inna Lilahi Wa Inna Ilahi Rajioon, may Allah (swt) grant your cousin with paradise, and have mercy on your grand dad, Ameen. :D Eliza
  6. Dua For Newborn Baby

    :D May Allah (swt) protect your niece from all calamity, grant her with good health and guide her to strong Imaan, Ameen. :D Eliza
  7. Lassi...

    Assalamu walikum brothers and sisters... I love to drink Lassi. Its my favourite drink... But has anybody got any different ideas on how I could make it? I basically put loads of ice in, low fat natural yoghurt, little sugar and whatever fruit I fancy.. i.e. mango, banana or peach. But thats all the fruits I've tried. Can anybody suggest anything different? I recently made some for my brothers and they absolutely loved it! I just wish I could make it bit different every time they came over! Thank in advance! Assalamu walikum, Your Muslim sis. :D
  8. Lassi...

    :D JazakAllah kair sis Tamarbutah and brother slave for your suggestions! :D Eliza
  9. 4 Kuls

    :D ^ Thats right brother, but they can be recited as Duas too. :D I thought you were supposed to recite in order of Qur'an in Salah too, but thats not what I meant, I meant in general, just to avoid confusion. :D Eliza
  10. Tempted To Cut

    :D I'm sure the sis said that she had told her GP about her self harming :D. Insha'Allah the sister will confirm soon. :D Eliza
  11. Eid Mubarak To Everyone In If

    :D Brothers, sisters' and Aunties! :D I would just like to wish you all Eid Mubarak!!! Insha'Allah you'll all have a great day and remember us all in your duas. :D May Allah (swt) reward you all with Paradise, Ameen. :D Eliza
  12. Cutting Nails

    :D Well it would be best not to cut them in the dining room or kitchen! :D I'm sure no one wants toe nails for example in their breakfast/dinner/tea/supper! :D Otherwise no, I guess it doesn't matter as long as you dispose of the correctly. But remember, nails can go flying about as you clip them, so keep an eye out for where they land if that is the case. :D Eliza
  13. Tempted To Cut

    :D Such good advice given by all brothers and sisters you know sis. Please try and absorb some and remember some of it. You sound really intelligent with all the subjects you're doing, and if you weren't intelligent I know you couldn't do half the things you're doing!!! So please, try at least for us all? :D Eliza
  14. :D Subhan'Allah!!! Masha'Allah!!! Al'hamdulilah!!! So amazing. JazakAllah kair for sharing the story Bro Dot. :D Eliza
  15. Work,school,college,uni

    :D According to my brother, even in non-muslims, non-asian areas the schools are granting the day off on Eid as its a religious festival. :D And the best thing is, you won't be marked as 'Absent', but as 'Religious festival'. Anyone here whom lives in the UK in a non-muslim, non-asian area ask your school! :D :D Eliza
  16. Tempted To Cut

    :D Bro Panthera this sister is from UK. :D Eliza
  17. Tempted To Cut

    :D :D :D :D What can I say? For the first time in a long time I seriously feel useless. I just want to hug you tight and make things feel a lot better. Sis, you're blocking out the people whom want to help you. I would love to get to know you. Please PM me if you would like to accept my offer. :D You can be horrible to me, i don't mind. I have had A LOT of practise, and have paitence, Insha'Allah. Sis, please don't mind me calling you that, but what can I do??? :D I really feel like calling you sis. Please forgive me. Don't push us away. We're here for you sis, 100%. No one is going to hurt you here, Insha'Allah. Maybe you found us because Allah knew you would find help and support here? Some love? :D With duas, :D Eliza
  18. My Great Uncle Loves Me

    :D I just came across this on another discussion going on, (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?s=&showtopic=21112&view=findpost&p=195152"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?s=&showto...ndpost&p=195152[/url] The following is exactly what I was thinking: "Any relationship between a male and female, who are not blood relatives, and are not married, is haram. There is a hadith that when a man and woman are together (alone) the third person with them is the devil. It is very easy for him to misguide one of them into doing something haram. And, in Islamic law, there is a principle, that anything that leads to haram is haram." Insha'Allah that better explains what I meant. :D Eliza
  19. Right Or Wrong

    :D And yes brother, please realise that you are disguising the truth with an excuse, which doesn't make it right, EVER. :D :D Eliza
  20. Our Situation Is Like......

    :D Subhan'Allah, a great story to make you realise! :D JazakAllah kair for sharing it with us brother. Maye Allah (swt) reward you immensly, Ameen. :D Eliza P.s. I hope you don't mind but I will be emailing it to a couple of people, Insha'Allah.
  21. Cutting Nails

    :D Yeah another superstition. :D I would advise you to maybe wash your hands after cutting your nails, but thats more for hygiene reasons than anything else! :D Good answers given, Masha'Allah. :D Eliza
  22. Sunnah Prayers... What Do You Recit?

    :D I was taught to recite surah Al Fatiha and then one other Surah before going to Ruku. :D Especially in Sunnah rakats. :D :D Eliza
  23. What Surah Shouldone Recite Before Sleeping

    :D I personally recite: 4 Quls, Ayatul Kursi, surah Al Fatiha and the sleeping dua. Also complete Tasbeeh of, 33 Al'hamdulilah, 33 Subhan'Allah and 34 Allahu Akbar. Hope that helps. :D Eliza
  24. Diversion From The Straight Path

    :D Wow! Brother Muhsin JazakAllah kair for sharing that with us. Very beneficial read, an excellent reminder. :D May Allah (swt) reward you immensly for the reminder, Ameen. :D :D Eliza
  25. 4 Kuls

    :D JazakAllah kair sis Strider, would just like to say, Surah Al-Kafiroon comes before the other three. :D I was taught wherever possible to recite in order of Qur'an. :D :D Eliza