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  1. My Great Uncle Loves Me

    :D Yeah thats what I meant, great uncle. And isn't it said, that when a Mahram man, (whomever he may be) crosses the line then he should be treated as Non-mahram anyways? :D Please correct me if I am wrong. :D What bro Panthera said is true. :D :D Eliza
  2. My Great Uncle Loves Me

    :D What I meant was, from a Muslim woman's point of view, we should treat all men, no matter what their age as NON MAHRAM MEN. That is, we should observe Purdah towards/in front of them ALL the time. Thats including unnecssary coomunication. My remark was meant as PROTECTION for women! We should treat all men with caution!!! I am sure all sisters' should agree. :D Eliza
  3. Medjool Dates

    :D Not had medjool dates! :D But Medinah dates are the best I have tried, EVER! :D :D :D Eliza
  4. Please Pray

    :D Insha'Allah you shall be in my duas sister, and your sister also! Please keep us updated about your sister's progress. :D :D Eliza
  5. Dua For Mom-in-law

    :D JazakAllah kair brother & sisters. :D I am still bit worried. Please remember her in your duas. :D I'm just accepting this accident as a sign that Allah (swt) has willed it in place of something bigger, Insha'Allah, and Allah (swt) will ensure she is able to perform Hajj. :D Just trying to be grateful that nothing worse happend, Al'hamdulilah. :D Eliza
  6. Please Advise

    :D Personally, I don't think its bad for a brother to expect his wife to help him, financially or otherwise!!! But of course, if she did not have a say in the matter and was being forced to hand over her hard earned cash then thats a different matter. Its communication between the brother and his wife that is important. If she happily agrees to help him in his time of need, then whats the problem? In the long run she'll be helping herself if she is helping her husband, i.e. more time together, less stress generally = better realtionship, Insha'Allah. :D If a brother has the intention of using his wife by making her work and hand over her earnings, then yeah, thats 100% wrong. :D Otherwise, is it really THAT bad? :D :D Eliza
  7. Very Bad Muslim Who Needs Help :(

    :D Subhan'Allah sis, your life must feel like hell. :D But only you can change it sister. Where abouts do you live? USA? UK? :D There are support groups for people in distress and its good as the people in these groups are going through stuff similar to you! Your self harming is really dangerous and you should consult a Doctor about it, ASAP! :D Allah (swt) has given us this body to take care of it, not to abuse it. :D Its good that you realise that you are doing bad things. By admitting you do these things you can Insha'Allah slowly change, even if you stop doing one bad thing a day, or in a week or even in a month, Insha'Allah all shall stop. Try at least to stop doing something bad per day/week. Keep seeking Allah (swt)'s forgiveness and ask for His guidance and support. You don't need any male love to achieve this, Insha'Allah. You start loving Allah (swt) sis, coz Allah (swt) loves all His servants. You're not hurting Allah (swt) Insha'Allah, as He is most likely waiting for you to call him (i.e. 5 x per day). By strengthening your imaan Insha'Allah you shall strengthen yourself in every way possible. You mentioned that you don't have any sister(s)? :D Then whom are we sister????? Always regard me (& other Muslim sisters) as your own sister, as thats what we are, bonded through our beautiful religion. If you have this sense of togetherness and place in Islam, then Insha'Allah you will not need unlawful love sister. We're all here for you, you'll Insha'Allah be in my duas. During the Month of Ramadhan try and concentrate on Allah (swt), worship sis, as thats the only way Allah (swt) will forgive our sins. What better time to start changing yourself for the better??? Once you feel better about yourself, Insha'Allah you will be able to enjoy & appreciate your family. :D They are always there for your through thick and thin sis. Family is one of many gifts from Allah (swt), please appreciate them and don't block them out. PM me if you like sister. PM every sis you get to know, you'll Insha'Allah find there is a strong sense of togetherness here on IF, and we're all here to help, Insha'Allah. :D We're your sisters and your friend. Insha'Allah you'll be in my duas sis. :D You take care now, and try and think of all the positive words you have received from us all. Insha'Allah it may help you. With duas, :D Eliza P.s. Stop putting yourself down all the time sis. We've all got some good and some evil in us, no one is 100% perfect!!!
  8. My Great Uncle Loves Me

    :D Sister, I agree with sister Kaneeza. The Silent Treatment :D. Otherwise you might be giving him mixed messages. i.e. still want to keep in touch with him thus willing to talk over phone etc. Quite shocking, but always remember, a man is a man, no matter what his age. :D :D Eliza
  9. Problem With Pm And Posting!

    :D I experienced something smilar. I received a PM from a sister, and when clicking to open it it would not open, just a blank page would come up. After asking Brother Dot, he said that I should delete such a PM and ask the sender to re-send it. :D :D Eliza
  10. :D Certainly a weight off one's mind, Insha'Allah. :D :D Eliza
  11. Islamic Forum With Firefox

    :D I'm installed now. :D Will let you know what I think when i've got used to it, Insha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url]! :D Eliza
  12. Islamic Forum With Firefox

    :D I didn't know that :D. JazakAllah kair bro Dot. :D Eliza
  13. :D I heard once from a Dr Zakir Naik lecture that one is allowed to salam non-(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_m002.html#Muslim"]muslims[/url]. :D Or if they salam you, you can reply with 'Walikum' too. :D But I think it would be good to see how many non-(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_m002.html#Muslim"]muslims[/url] are apart of IF and how many are actively posting in Islamic discussions etc! :D :D Eliza
  14. Does Anyone Know Please?

    :D JazakAllah kair sis! :D Its got to be THAT hot too. :D :D Eliza
  15. Does Anyone Know Please?

    :D I found the chicken you wanted, well I think so anyways. :D Its Tandoori chicken but can be done with a normal oven. Two chicken breasts with the bone. Marinate in Yoghurt, good teaspoon of cumin powder, one teaspoon of extra hot chilli powder, 1/4 teaspoon of tumeric powder, season as desired. Add some pink food colouring. Don't ask what its called but you can get it in bottles, liquid form. :D Just a coupld of drops and mix in until the mixture is light pink colour. Marinate the chicken overnight or you can cook it straight away. On a oven tray, non-stick, no need for oil or anything. At Gas Mark 7 (someone please convert to Degrees celcius if possible, I have no idea! :D) And leave for 20 mins or until dark red & charcoal colour. Insha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] that'll work out as you imagined. Let me know if you make it sis. Jazakallah kair. :D Eliza
  16. :D brother, JazakAllah kair brother. :D I'm just sorry cannot think of anything to help you in any way. :D Insha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] your resume should be fine then. Have you asked your employer for time off when you have an interview? My husband was in a similar situation, but after asking his employer he was able to go, Al'hamdulilah. But I totally understand what you mean when you said about feeling too exhausted after work on top of the lack of time to search for a job. It really does seem impossible. :D All I can offer brother is that you'll be in my duas, Insha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url]. And Insha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] another brother or sister will help you out with constructive advice. :D :D Eliza
  17. Birmingham Clashes

    :D Astagfirullah! Whats happening? I live in Birmingham and didn't know this way happening! :D I received 3 phone calls from people asking us if we're okay!!! Didn't know things were THAT bad. :D (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] knows Best. :D Eliza
  18. Answering Non-muslims...

    :D Yeah it leaves a good impression! ^ :D Masha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] good answers sis Mujahada! :D Eliza
  19. Bride Kidnapping!

    :D So let me get this right; The boyfriends get their girlfriends kidnapped, by say their friend, and then get married??? :D I've heard something similar going about in other countries too, i.e. Bangladesh. Not as much, but its not absent. :D Eliza
  20. Islamic Forum With Firefox

    :D Okay.... :D still not 100% sure whether to start using FF or not. I haven't had any problems with IE so far, Al'hamdulilah. I think I shall just wait and see. :D JazakAllah kair for all your replies. :D Eliza
  21. :D Brothers and sisters. This question many seem weird, but I was thinking about it when I saw in the shops toilet seats with writing on, English writing. And I thought it was totally unacceptable. I have always been taught to treat any form of writing (etc) with respect, i.e. not place foot on writing. So would have thought this applied to the bottom too! Right? :D Just wanted to see what my brothers and sisters in Islam think. :D for participating! :D With duas, :D Eliza
  22. My Brother

    :D By not talking to your brother this problem won't go away. And it could also be that your brother not realise why you have stopped talking to him? Maybe you could sit down and talk to him about how you feel and what in your opinion is right and wrong, and see how he responds? :D Insha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] talking shall help. Don't ignore your brother, please talk to him, sort things out. :D :D Eliza
  23. Islamic Forum With Firefox

    :D So any bad reports about FF? :D I would like to know more before I start using it. :D I have pop-up blocker, and I can see all the animated GIFS fine using IE. :D Al'hamdulilah my computer has all security software, well main ones, Insha'(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] had no problems. :D JazakAllah kair for sharing all your experiences! :D Eliza
  24. Which Madhab Do You Follow?

    :D I agree with bro slave. I have same mentality when it comes to these Scholars. :D :D Eliza
  25. :D If after the co-worker leaves you are asked to train someone new then would it be at all possible to explain that you are finding the work load hectic without the trainging someone else on top of that? :D Have you stopped sending out resumes brother? And what do you think is the problem? Why are you not receiving any interview invites, or job offerers etc? :D Could it be your resume??? :D Have you got someone to check it over for you? (please don't mind bro, I am sure you're intelligent enough to make a resume yourself! Just looking for possibilities!). I have come across 2 people whom made resumes. And brother, you wouldn't believe how negative they were, not only that there wasn't much positive about them in it, appanrently these 2 people thought theire resume was perfect! :D It scared me to see how little they had written about themselves, and also the vibes I got from their resume! I'm no emplyer bro, but those to resumes scared even ME! :D. After some advice from me and another brother, they were able to get better jobs, Al'hamdulilah. Its such a small thing, but is overlooked sometimes. Have you spoken to any of your family members about your situation? If so, got any feedback from them? :D Eliza