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  1. :D That Insha'Allah shall count. :D Eliza
  2. How Is Your Fasting Going?

    :D I can't believe how quick Ramadhan is going. its just unbelievable. :D Does anyone else feel the same? :D :D Eliza
  3. Conditions For Not Fasting

    :D According to the books I have read, hunger is only a valid reason to break ones fast when it becomes unbearable and when it becomes dangerous to you. i.e. Unconciousness etc. Otherwise, a little hunger we should be able to handle and not break our fast. :D Eliza
  4. :D Its disliked to use toothpaste during fasting, and is best avoided. Try and use Miswak. But if you have to use toothpaste, then use the smallest amount and rinse your mouth out a few times more than usual to ensure there is no taste left in your mouth. Insha'Allah your Roza should be okay. :D :D Eliza
  5. Is Watching The Message Allowed?

    :D Sister Alot2learn asked about 'Muslims' and Bro Mu'maneen answered her question. He didn't mention anything about it benefitting (or otherwise) non muslims bro. Yes, it might be useful for the non-muslims to understand through their own way of understanding, i.e. Movies. But as Muslims, its not necessary to turn to movies to gain any knowledge when there are other ways, Insha'Allah. :D Eliza
  6. Prayers That Have Been Missed

    :D If making Taubah is 'easy' then would that not mean that its not sincerely done? :D As sincere Taubah isn't really 'easy' is it? I for one don't ask for forgiveness once and then think 'Whipeee Allah (swt) has forgiven me!' Even though He May have, doesn't mean I have the right to think like that. :D Sincere Taubah shouldn't and isn't easy, in my opinion anyway. :D :D Eliza
  7. :D Sis JazakAllah kair for sharing that really nice recipe. Insha'Allah will try it soon. Would just like to ask you something. :D Do you not have trouble ensuring the egg coats the chicken evenly? :D As in turn the breadcrumbs will not stick nice and evenly either, right? :D I will try it though Insha'Allah! Sounds delicious. :D JazakAllah kair sister. :D With duas, :D Eliza
  8. Prayers That Have Been Missed

    :D I would agree with what Brother Mu'maneen is saying. It makes perfect sense Insha'Allah. This is why all Muslims are asked to ask for forgiveness (make sincere Taubah) from Allah (swt) as Allah is the Only One whom can forgive us of our sins, no matter how many or how big they are. :D :D Eliza
  9. Prayers That Have Been Missed

    :D A person who has recently come to Islam is under NO obligation to fulfil anything from the past. The Hanabali school asks the followers who did not pray in the past to make Tawbah, to Ask Allah for forgiveness. Being considered non-Muslims before, there is no obligation on them to catch up on missed prayers. They should begin to pray regularly freom the day they 'entered Islam'. Detailed Islamic obligation like prayer are incumbent only on belivers, as illustrated bu this Hadith. 'Amr Ibn Al 'Aas, ready to accept Islam at the hand of the Prophet (SAAS) withdrew at the last minute. The Prophet (SAAS) asked him if he had changed his mind, to which 'Amr replied that he wanted to make sure that Allah had forgiven him for the past sins which he had committed against Islam. "Amr.' said the Prophet (SAAS), 'Didn't you know that Islam erases your previous mistakes with Tawbah. Islam is a new, clean page in your life. Your test begins from the day you become a Muslim.' Extracted from Question & Answers About Islam by DR.S.M.Darsh :D Eliza
  10. Evolution ?

    :D I got a leaflet about evolution and I found this section in particular which makes perfect sense and explains everything to me anyway. :D Is it rational?? In essence the theory (The Big Bang) is saying that everything came about from nothing without a cause. If we saw a car, even though we can't smell, touch, hear, or feel what made it we know the parts did NOT join together and make itself. Even if we waited a billion years we know the car could or would not evolve from nothing or even its basic parts! If someone, came to us saying the car could evolve from nothing we would think he was mad. Yet we are told that something millions of times more complex than a car could somehow come toegther without a cause or architect, purely by chance!? Life from dead chemicals? Evolutionists claim that the most basic life form, the cell, developed from the chemicals that were present after the Big Bang. Although, the cell is the most basic of living things, research including the recent "HUman genome project" has shown just how miraculously complex it is. Is it reasonable to believe, that in the primitive conditions experiments using the most sophisticated labs in the 20th and 21st century, evolutionists have still not been able to create a cell from dead chemicals, even in "Perfect laboratory conditions"!!! Extracted from; Think for yourself, Do you really believe evolution is true??? :D Eliza
  11. :D Brothers and Sisters'. Insha'Allah you're in the best of health and imaan and your fasting is going well. :D I was reading through the translated Qur'an the other day and came across this; The Feast [5:112] Recall that the disciples said, "O JESUS, son of Mary, can your Lord send down to us a feast from the sky?" He said, "You should reverence GOD, if you are believers." [5:113] They said, "We wish to eat from it, and to reassure our hearts, and to know for sure that you have told us the truth. We will serve as witnesses thereof." [5:114] Said JESUS, the son of Mary, "Our god, our Lord, send down to us a feast from the sky. Let it bring plenty for each and every one of us, and a sign from You. Provide for us; You are the best Provider." When I was in school during a religious education class I was given the bible to read for some work. And it was the part of the great feast. How Jesus (PBUH) had two fish and a loaf of bread and was able to feed 2000 people? :D (Something like that anyway, I am sure someone will know what bit I am on about. :D) My question is, is what is in the Qur'an (quoted above) what the bible is trying to describe? :D Is it the same feast? Or something totally different? Will be immensly appreciated if someone could shed some light, Insha'Allah. Jazakallah kair. :D With duas, :D Eliza
  12. Is This Described In The Bible?

    :D Could you please supply the info of which surah and verse please? JazakAllah kair bro. :D Eliza
  13. Prayers That Have Been Missed

    :D According to Scholars on Islam Channel, is it not needed for you to perform all your missed salahs from before you became practising, Insha'Allah. :D I am sure I don't need to say this, but just seek sincere forgiveness from Allah (swt) for your past mistakes and sins. :D :D Eliza
  14. :D Its not just about talking inappropriately is it? :D We're not supposed to converse with non-mahram men if its not essential, full stop. So how can talking over the phone or through msn be acceptable? :D I have read in numerous books that its not acceptable to do so even after engaged for marriage. Doesn't make any difference apparently, its still haram. Best bet is marry. I guess through your marriage Insha'Allah your intentions will be clear and you will be preventing any sins from happening and striving to please Allah (swt). So instead of thinking of financial situation or education, why not marry and then see what Allah (swt) has planned for you, as Allah (swt) is the Only Planner, you may not be able to change anything even after comepletion of education etc. :D Eliza
  15. Keeping Fresh Breath

    :D The only way I guess you could keep your breath fresh is by washing your mouth out many times throughout the day. I read somewhere that our beloved Prophet (SAAS) used to clean his teeth with a Miswak numerous times throughout the day whilst fasting. I believe it was reported by one of his wives. Other than that don't really know! :D :D Eliza
  16. Passive Smoking And Fast Breaking?!

    :D As with anything I guess if its done deliberately, as in intentionally then it will invalidate their fast, right? :D I say that because as such they are not abstaining from smoking really. :D Eliza
  17. :D sister There are some sins that, once committed, obligate a fast of a definite period, and deliberate sexual intercourse with one's wife during the daylight hours of the fast is one of them. Whoever does this will have to fast for two consecutive months if he is not able to free a slave. Insha'Allah that answers you question sis. :D Eliza
  18. Woman Reciting Quran?

    :D Isn't it because women's voice is also a part of their hijaab? :D Non-mahram men cannot hear a non-mahram woman's voice, but I am sure mahram men are allowed to hear mahram women recite Qur'an, Insha'Allah. :D :D Eliza
  19. Making A Blog In If...

    :D I think it would be best if avoided, but as bro Panthera said, we do need some fun, but even then I think they should be private for each gender. There's not really an immense need for bros and sisters' both to converse where not necessary. :D Yeah, please don't be offended anyone, just my opinion. :D :D Eliza
  20. What Do I Do?

    :D Sister So glad to hear things are getting a little easier. Al'hamdulilah. :D Insha'Allah it should only get easier for you and you shall receive much respect when your family understands why you turned to Islam. :D Sister, I was born into a Muslim family. :D Yet sometimes things my father says and does, isn't always acceptable in my opinion. There has been times in the past when he has told me to do somethings whereby I know its wrong and I shouldn't do it. And in those cases I usually just tried to avoid not doing such things. I mean they weren't major things but I still prefered not doing them. And it did usually mean my father would be 'having a go' at me, and shouting at me etc, but I just let him shout at me. Although it did upset me, I thought it better me not say anything as there was no way my father would understand the reasons why I did not do as he told. :D So sister, if you think whatever you're being told to do is wrong, and you strongly don't want to do it, then don't. Its not worth you feeling guilty over something and beating yourself up over it. If possible explain to your parents/family why you cannot do such things, (whatever it is) Insha'Allah they will try and understand. :D With duas, :D Eliza
  21. 2 Questions - 1. Jamaat

    :D And I've read somewhere that Hijaab is meant to cover hair, ears, neck & bosom? :D So a 'bobble' hijaab wouldn't cover anything but the hair and some of the ears, right? :D :D Eliza
  22. I Want To Wear An Hijab But...

    :D And I would like to add, if you give something up for the sake of Allah (swt) Insha'Allah He will help you and guide you. :D Its the intention in your heart which Allah (swt) records. Sister, I haven't personally experienced what you're going through but there was a Muslim Brother in my school in the year below me whom started wearing the Topi and Pyjama (Long shirt like garment with trousers) and my school was 100% english, non-muslim school. Al'hamdulilah he went through one whole year of wearing those clothes, and yes he did get the comments, the racism but by having a couple of really good english, non-muslim friends by his side it didn't seem THAT bad to him. He just ignored the comments and they soon got bored. I saw him roaming about the school without any problems, Al'hamdulilah. Think of the comments coming from these people as Shaytan trying to incite you not to wear Hijaab. Insha'Allah they should get used to it, and will get fed up of making these silly comments. You just have to be steadfast. :D Masha'Allah sis, at a young age you have good intentions, Insha'Allah Allah (swt) will note these intentions and help you achieve them. Although sister, be sure its not going to be an easy ride, but by suffering that little bit, you will Insha'Allah receive reward in abundance. :D :D This should be your main aim. With heartful duas, :D Eliza
  23. Fasting Without Hijab?

    :D So what did they say at RadioUmmah??? Would be good if you could share, Insha'Allah. :D :D Eliza
  24. :D I take the meaning as; Whats the point in staying hungry if you're not going to worship & ask forgiveness from Almighty??? :D :D As during Ramadhan Allah (swt) does not leave any dua unheard, Insha'Allah, but ONLY if you have a sincere heart in devotion to Him. Staying hungry for no specific reason does not suffice. :D And the 5 salahs are obligatory outside of Ramadhan not just within! Its the very basic, so if someone isn't fulfilling the basics, whats the point in jumping to the extreme? :D :D Eliza
  25. Habshi Halwa

    :D Again Found this which could be of some use??? :D Wheat Halwa Samba wheat - 3 cup, Ghee - 4 cups, Cardamom - 4, Sugar - 3 times of the milk extracted from the wheat, Cashew nuts - 20, Saffron - few strands Extracting milk from wheat: Soak wheat for 2 nights. Grind in grinder adding water occasionally. Place a piece of cloth inside a sieve and pour the gound wheat on it and collected the filetred milk in a vessel. You may grind the same wheat again once or twice until the entire milk is extracted.Leave the extracted milk for one hour. The thick milk will settle down and water liquid will stay on top. Remove the dilute portion by pouring it out. Measure the quantity of this milk. The amount of sugar should be three times that of this milk. Make sugar syrup by heating sugar and water in the ratio 1:1 until it becomes a think liquid. Pour the milk in the syrup and keep stirring. Boil 3 cups of water separately. When the mix becomes quite thick, add water in steps of 1 cup every time the mix becomes thick until the halwa is well cooked. Add ghee, saffron and keep stirring.When the ghee begins to separate, add cardamom powder and remove from flame. Pour this in a large plate. Roast a few cashewnuts in ghee and decorate. Sounds similar. :D From indiatastes(contact admin if its a beneficial link) :D Eliza