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  1. Rooter Or Rowter

    :D loll..hehe^^... :D ... i also say rooter... i think this is like one of those tomayto.. tomaato ...things...lol.. :D :D
  2. Don't Say You're Not Important

    :D jazakallah kher for sharing that brother.. really cheered me up... :D :D
  3. Random Incoherence

    :D random:...feeling alot better.... :D
  4. A Level/as Exam Results

    :D jazakallah kher for all your comments... :D ... you have all been very supportive and gave some wonderful advice... :D i know things happen for a reason and inshallah.. if god wills we will all benefit from this downfall and next time we will succeed.. ameen to all your duas and i truely admire all the brother and sisters who have posted for their strength.. may Allah (swt) shower you with his blessings... yes brother thanks for the advice.. i will be retaking 1 unit from each subject.. and inshallah that should improve my overall grade.. i have spoken to my personal tutor about it and she said she will try her best to persuade the senior teacher..so brothers and sisters please pray she is successful... jazakallah kher for you advice it is very useful...inshallah we will both succeed as well as all the other brothers and sisters on IF in college.. i think you have organised your goals very well and i think that it highly beneficial.. also ..just like you some other people have also recommended me to make my personal statement as strong as possible and try and do better in the entrance exams such as the BMAT and UKCAT instead.. Ameen to your duas aunty...jazakallah kher for your support and advice... sometimes we need someone to remind us of the more important things in life.. :D inshallah i will keep on working hard and please do keep on praying for us all... :D :D
  5. A Level/as Exam Results

    :D well brother here is the situation, if i wanted to apply for medicine i need all As but: I was expected: ICT: A CHEM:B MATHS:A BIO:A i got: ICT:B CHEM:C MATHS:B BIO:B so now the senior teacher (who checks and writes references for all applications for medicine) keeps on telling me to change my course and not apply for medicine... also he refuses to support applications which do not have atleast one 'A'... so now i'm abit stuffed... but i don't want to change my course...medicine is what i'm interested in... i don't have the potential for the other careers... :D ... and i really don't want to pick something that i won't enjoy... and at the same time my parents are really disappointed..even though they don't say nothing... i know i should've got the grades... but it really is a mystery... i don't know how i missed out the grade for maths because it is one of my strongest subjects... but i really can't believe i've let them down... :D but you are right there probably is a way round it... just have to pray and hope that i can find it... :D :D
  6. Random Incoherence

    :D random: parents very disappointed with me...breaks my heart to see them hurt... :D :D
  7. A Level/as Exam Results

    :D ...i have nothing to say apart from...... :D :D
  8. The Cookie Theif

    :D :D ....that's embarassing aswel as funny... :D :D
  9. A Level/as Exam Results

    :D thank you sister zabrina and brother Aaqib Ahmed... :D
  10. Our Daughter Insists On Marrying A New Convert!

    :D jazakallah kher for sharing such a informative post brother, indeed this is a very controversial topic... many guardians would refuse such proposals...maybe because of insecurity (overprotective) or they doubt the person's iman...even though they don't have a right to... but i do agree with the information in the post, if the person is financially stable and has moral integrity there should be no problem on marrying a new convert...it is a moment of joy that the person has even embraced Islam in the first place and now insists on fulfilling the other half of the religion.. :D
  11. A Level/as Exam Results

    :D :D ...i like the idea brother.. i hope i'm able to rejoice on that day aswell.. :D :D
  12. Maths Personal Statement

    :D brother i think that is a very good start but i think you should shorten it down abit as u will also need 2 include other things such as how your a-level subjects/ experiences influenced you and make you suited to that career... sure the people want to know that you are aware of how useful maths is but i think that should be 2 a certain extent as usually you have a word limit on a personal statement.. also another advice would be to actually get one of your maths teachers to look at it, because sometimes when you ask too many people you get such a variety of opinions and some clash with each other.. so i think a few professional opinions such as your math teacher and another senior teacher who is used 2 handling applications (e.g. a careers teacher) would be useful rather than a whole range of different opinions.. i hope this helps and may Allah (swt) make all our applications to universities successful..Ameen.. :D
  13. People, Please Do Dua That I/we Passed My Exams

    :D i do the same subjects plus biology... don't worry brother inshallah we will all pass with flying colours..Allah (swt) knows we'v worked hard and tried our best.. so inshallah like bro Aaqib Ahmed said every one will get the grades they want.. :D :D
  14. Do You Think George Bush Will Ever Convert To Islam?

    :D no not really... but then who are we to judge and make assumptions just from the way we see/hear him presenting himself in the media.. Allah (swt) guides whom he wills...so really anything is possible.. :D Ameen.. :D
  15. 786? Today?

    :D hmm... i've heard that quite alot... but i don't understand why and where have they originated from ..especially if there's no significance to any of these numbers... because it's not a minority of people who believe such numbers have a significance... :D .. :D