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  1. Hiya!

    :D welcome to the IF, may your stay here be benificial for all HaPpY PoStInG :D :D
  2. Helllllloo :)

    :D welcome to the IF sister, congratulations on your reversion :D :D to the du'as! :D
  3. Ihwan Site

    :D brother, u cant post a link untill u have reached the 50 posts mark :D (like it says in the description of the title & its a forum rule) :D u can e-mail the link to a moderator maybe and they can put it up for you :D :D
  4. Duas For Studies!

    :D :D u'll pass with flying colours :D :D for the Du'as :D
  5. Salaam

    :D welcome to the IF brother, :D & congratulations on your reversion :D feel free to ask any questions, may your say here be beneficial for all :D HaPpY PoStInG :D :D
  6. My Feet Are Wet

    :D :D :D xcellent advice :D :D :D
  7. Husband And Wife Chat Conversation

    :D :D :D hillarious! :D :D
  8. Just A Suggestion...

    :D :D :D hehe :D ......... i dont think bro dot agrees with u sister......its a great suggestion, however i dont think it'll work... .Alllah Hu Allam? :D
  9. Asalamulaikum

    :D welcome to the IF, :D :D
  10. Who Are You ?

    :D :D , mee too. When i heard him for the 1st time he sounded totally like M.J, but later i found it was irfan makki :D :D he does have sm decent traks on :D :D
  11. My First Words

    :D welcome to the IF, May your stay here be benificial for all :D HaPpY PoStInG :D :D
  12. What More Can We Expect!

    :D hmmm...interesting :D although they were funny i only agree with sm :D :D :D
  13. :D :D yet another interesting chapter akhie :D :D looking forward to reading the next chapter! :D :D
  14. Me

    :D welcome to the IF, May your stay here be benificial for all :D :D
  15. We're All Going To Die!

    peace... welcome to the IF....... huh? thats good :D
  16. A Duaa For An Old Member

    :D :D :D :D akhie, its good to hear your ok.......ameen to the Dua :D :D
  17. Have You Ever Stop And Wonder...

    :D :D ... .hillarious soooo true.. :D :D :D sister zabrina :D :D
  18. A Week Today I Turn 30.....

    :D :D 30 mashallah.........i hope everything works out for you brother :D :D u'll be in my du'as btw- my sisters' birthday is also on the 11th of march :D :D
  19. Salam From Italy

    :D welcome to the IF :D :D
  20. New Forums In Several Languages

    :D :D anyone need an urdu forum?? may be i can help :D :D
  21. 4 Seconds

    :D :D sis for the xcellent reminder :D :D
  22. A Husband's Store

    :D :D :D :D
  23. I Dont Need Subtitles!

    :D :D :D :D :D
  24. Salaam!

    :D welcome to the IF sister :D :D
  25. Go To School...

    :D nice one! :D :D :D :D