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  1. Pivotal Lesson Of Life.............

    :j: SubhaanAllah! very true bro :sl: :) for sharing.. keep them coming :) :sl:
  2. 25 Duas From The Holy Quran

    :j: wow! SubhaanAllah :sl: :) for sharing :sl:
  3. Affliction

    :sl: :j: for sharing :sl:
  4. Married Alhamdulliah

    :j: aww :) thats excellent! MaBrOoK To u and Your Wife :) :sl: to all the du'as :sl:
  5. Islam...what Is It?

    :sl: mashallah! written so elegantly... :j: for sharing may Allah swt reward you for all your hard efforts & for sharing these great poems with us :) :sl:
  6. Trying To Be Impressive

    :) :sl: :sl: nice one! :) :j:
  7. What Is The Purpose Of This Life?

    :sl: :j: excellent poem! :s :) for sharing :sl:
  8. Hi!

    :sl: welcome to the Forums :sl:
  9. Assalaimualaikum, A Newbie Here!

    :sl: welcome to IF sis, May your stay here be benificial for all :) looking forward to your posts :j: :sl:
  10. Asalamu Alaykum

    :sl: welcome back to IF :sl:
  11. Random Incoherence

    :sl: :) bro for the reminder... Random: 2 more examz to go :j: :sl:
  12. The Power Of Dua

    :sl: :j: :) :sl:
  13. Du’aa’ Being Suspended

    :sl: subhaanAllah! :j: for this excellent post ukhts :sl:
  14. Achieving High Aims

    :j: :) great post! :) for sharing sis :sl: :sl:
  15. Random Incoherence

    :sl: Random: nice glitter sig sis ^^ :) :j: :sl:
  16. Muslim Name Game

    :sl: R- Ramla :sl:
  17. Muslim Name Game

    :sl: Y- Yusra :sl:
  18. Muslim Name Game

    :sl: A- amira :sl:
  19. Muslim Name Game

    :sl: ^^ yep noor is a name? bro M: i was on abt the post before yours
  20. Muslim Name Game

    :sl: ^^ thats an unusual name bro N N-Noor :sl:
  21. Local Pics..

    :sl: :j: nice pis :) for sharing :sl:
  22. Muslim Name Game

    :sl: Abu Bakr ra :sl:
  23. Muslim Name Game

    :j: Nahla *sorry that was my fault :sl: :sl: