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  1. Eid Mubarak Everyone!

    salaam EiD mUbArAk to everyone on gawaher :D Hope you all have a wonderful day :D ws salam
  2. B-day

    salaam :D :D ws salaam
  3. New Guy

    :D welcom to the IF, May your stay here be benificial for all! :D
  4. Football Skills

    :D :D wow.........thats cool :D im surprised he does'nt get tired :D :D
  5. Asalaamualaykum

    :D welcom to the IF, May your stay here be benificial for all! :D HaPpY pOsTiNg! :D
  6. Salam To All....

    :D welcom to the IF, May your stay here be benificial for all! :D
  7. Name That Sura

    :D :D surah an nahl/ al- mashriq? ws salaam
  8. Blonde Car Crash

    salaam :D :D ws salaam
  9. Scrabble

    :D :D :D these are hillarious...........one that i liked the most was of course the mother in-law one :D :D
  10. Hijab Can Save Your Life

    salaam :D :D :D ws salaam
  11. Kia Ora

    peace, welcome to the IF, may your stay here be benificial for all........ loq, when i saw kia ora i thought it was going to be abt the drink kia ora :D
  12. Hi

    :D welcomr to the IF! HaPpY pOsTiNg :D :D
  13. Chocplate Chip Cookies

    :D :D for the recipe....... :D ill try to make them some time :D :D
  14. Poor Husband

    :D :D :D :D .......that was hillarious :D :D
  15. Exorcism Of Emily Rose

    salaam yeah that bit aswel :D :D ma'salaamah
  16. School Countdown

    :D wow.....it seems like i just took my GCSE's yeaterday lolq (i took them in june 05), wel sis arwa u betta gt revising, the days are going by right fast! inshallah hope ur revision goes wel.........oh and GuD lUcK :D btw wat r u gonna do after u finished skool? go on to higher eduction? :D :D ma'salaamah
  17. Need Ya'llz Duas

    :D :D u'll gt a job u like and is benificial for u soon.....just have a lil patience sister, patience is a virtue :D may Allah swt gv u the job u want and gv u patience :D :D :D
  18. Spoilt!

    :D :D :D thats wicked......... ws salaam
  19. For The Sisters...

    salaam sis muja, i think this was talking abt how you would feel about going outside the home? Studying outside? Working outside? Going to the gym? :D (inshallah i hope u r not offended :D ) ws salaam
  20. Old Woman Crossing The Road

    salaam :D lol.........that was funny.......... jazakallah khair for sharing this! ws salaam
  21. Exorcism Of Emily Rose

    salaam yeah ive watched that, it was scary when she was slamming herself on the bed, going back n fourth :D ws salaam
  22. Exorcism Of Emily Rose

    salaam yeah i've seen the grudge.......it ok, not scary.............but id dint gt it all :D lolz.......yeah the grudge goes after every1 who enters the house but then the little kid n cat n that stupid wailing or meaawing noise or whatever it was? :D lolz wat was that all abt? n wat was the long hair abt on the Grudge?.loq it was weird thats all :D ws salaam
  23. Dua Request

    salaam ameen! btw mabrook sister :D ma'salaamah
  24. Burfee

    :D :D for the recipe........... :D those look great :D :D ill try to make them one day lolz :D
  25. Assalamualykum Wa Ra7mutuallah

    :D sister welcome to the If, may ur stay be benificial to all :D HaPpY PoStInG :D :D