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  1. Salam

    :D brother welcome to the If, may ur stay be benificial to all :D HaPpY PoStInG! :D
  2. Assalamu Alaikum

    :D welcome to the If, may ur stay be benificial to all :D congratulations on ur reversion :D HaPpY PoStInG :D :D
  3. Assalamu Alaikum

    :D welcome to the If, may ur stay be benificial to all :D HaPpY PoStInG :D :D
  4. Howdy

    peace! welcom to the IF, may ur stay here be benificial for all! HaPpY pOsTiNg
  5. $60,000 @[email protected]

    :D woah thats a lot of money..... :D :D
  6. 24 Fun Things To Do In An Elevator...

    :D lol thses are hillarious :D !! :D for sharing it with us sister :D :D
  7. Hi

    :D welcome to the IF sister, :D this forum is great :D u'll learn loadz from it :D :D HaPpY pOsTiNg! :D :D
  8. British Woman ‘marries’ Dolphin

    :D :D :D omg thats soo sick n stupid not forgetting crazy! lol yeah very tru! ma'salaamah
  9. In Or Out?

    salaam :D :D yeah i kinda gt confused as well.. :D i guess u do both fill it in and out :D ws salaam
  10. Your Dua

    salaam inshallah u will b in my du'a.may Allah swt help u throughout this difficult time in ur life! ws salaam
  11. Random Pm

    ws salaam :D :D , sm1 might have sent it to u by acident or may b they were messin around or..........they just may have wanted to inform u of what they did :D on this particular day lolz :D
  12. I Feel Fat T_t

    ws salaam :D like baree said thats unlikely to happen.........lolz
  13. Finger Test

    salaam........ mines shorter aswel :D lolz ma'salaamah
  14. Things You Would Never Know Without The Movies.

    :D lol, these are hillarious :D :D for sharing them! ws slm
  15. One Cool January Morning...

    :D :D , :D cool pics! my favourite are........the 1st, 2nd, 3rd n 4th :D :D for sharing them :D
  16. Major Update To My Website...

    :D yes :D its good........... :D to the du'a :D :D
  17. Sultan Of Medina

    :D :D i saw their madinah madinah video.........they're just like any other "normal" pop groups.......astaghfirullah may Allah swt protect us all from the evil of shaytaan ma'salaamah
  18. I Need A Smack

    :D lol....... :D :D :D :D
  19. Assalamu Alaikum,

    :D welcome to the IF! HaPpY PoStInG :D :D
  20. So....whos Staying Up Late Tonight?

    :D :D :D :D
  21. Why Do Some People Become Ugly?

    :D :D for sharing this valuble info with us :D :D
  22. Hello. Im Glad To Meet You All.

    hi lee, welcome to the IF, im glad you are able to join us all..... :D have a nice time learning abt Islaam :D HaPpY pOsTiNg! take care
  23. The Word "jazakallah"

    salaam yeas sis i agree...... :D it does replace the word thankyou subhaanallah! :D ws salaam
  24. I Am Abdul-karim

    salaam welcome to the IF.... :D Happy Posting! ws salaam
  25. So....whos Staying Up Late Tonight?

    salaam :D :D ..............there were loads of fireworks last night (or in the morning lols).....what a waste of money :D ws salaam