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  1. How To Be A Good Father

    :D :D :D :D :D
  2. Salaam!

    :D welcome to the IF :D HaPpY pOsTiNg :D :D
  3. Little Children And Babies

    :D :D :D :D these kiddies are sooooooooo cute :D :D :D every1 for sharing ur pics! :D
  4. My Eid Gift To You All

    :D :D thaTs one cute sheep :D :D :D :D
  5. Greetings

    :D welcome to the IF :D :D
  6. A Few Wallpapers

    :D :D they all look xcellent! my favourite one/ two is the allahu akbar2 and the shahaadah :D :D
  7. Get Some Attention

    :D yeah i agree with u aunty.......im kinda confused :D :D
  8. Getting Married

    :D :D to the du'as...................MABRO K to ur sister and family akhi :D :D
  9. Poster

    salaam wow.......mashallah that looks good :D ma'salaamah
  10. Tasks Completed So Far...

    peace........... :D has any1 realized that this grl is getting more welcm drinks than any1 else? lolz neway welcom yet again to the IF...btw y do u say "no bombings k"??" well take care :D
  11. Salaamz!

    :D welcom to the IF sister...........im so glad u were able to join us :D HaPpY pOsTiNg :D :D
  12. Smart Ways To Get The Message Across

    :D :D :D :D for sharing :D :D
  13. Salam People!

    :D welcome to the IF, :D looking forward to your posts! :D :D
  14. Al Salamu Alayikum

    :D welcome to the IF, :D looking forward to your posts! :D
  15. Off Road Push Chair

    :D :D :D ws salaam
  16. Offensive Commercial

    :D :D :D that was shocking!!! :D for sharing it with us leechingrabbit :D
  17. How Often Do U Listen To The Azaan?

    salaam yeah me too, mashallah we've gt one of them recievers/transmitters? :D whatever they're called lolz...........and mashallah everything that happens in the masjid we gt to hear it at home including the adaan, lectures etc.....even when im at collage, mashallah at salah time differnt boys say the adaan, so it gt to hear it 3 times over there (duhar,asr,maghrib) and twice (fajr,isha) at home :D ma'salaamah
  18. 786

    :D :D coz he was bigger :D :D
  19. A Chav Joke..

    salaam :D :D
  20. Islamic Smileys For Everyone

    :D :D thats so cool....... :D for sharing them :D :D
  21. Nasheeds:)

    :D :D brother :D :D
  22. A Compliment

    :D yeah, i agree :D :D
  23. Maca Arabic Ses Sumi Lato!

    yeah i agree ukhti, she is the same user.........anyway natalie welcom yet again to IF i hope ur posts will be benificial for all n hope that u too will benifit from this forum :D
  24. Doodle Rage

    :D wow :D thats so cool................wen im doodling i usually write ike bro TI and sm times draw stuff :D dont kno wat though..........lol :D
  25. When I'm An Old Lady!

    :D aww :D that was a nice poem to read :D :D aunty masooma for sharing it with us :D :D khumara