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  1. Zonkey Or Deebra?

    :D wow....... :D :D :D khumara
  2. Fraud

    :D lolz sister.......... :D hey, dont 4gt to take me with u (although i dont kno any japaneze :D, but i can learn it :D ) ws salaam
  3. So Just Some Random Good News

    :D :D :D :D ......... :D MuBrOoK SiStEr Dd :D im sooooooooooo HaPpY fOr YoU uKhTi :D :D :D :D
  4. New Born..

    :D aw sooo cute :D although im not too keen on babies :D lolz :D ...........may Allah :D protect him ma'salaamah khumara
  5. Duaa For My Father

    :D :D :D to all the du'a inshallah he'll b ok :D
  6. Salam I Just Joined

    :D welcome to the IF may ur saty here be benificail for all :D btw congradulations on ur conversion may Allah swt make everything easy for u :D ws salaam
  7. They Wont Except Any Other Coulture

    salaam mashallah thats soo good sister, may Allah swt make it easy for u :D ws salaam
  8. Child Custody

    :D lol........i totally agree :D
  9. Beautiful Woman.... O_o

    :D :D lol.....akhi yeah u must be popular....... :D ma'salaamah
  10. Whats The Craziest Place You've Prayed?

    :D :D lols....... :D, :D ppl pray salah in soo many different (**crazy** :D ) places.!! :D ma'salaamah
  11. Whats The Craziest Place You've Prayed?

    :D ummmmm, well i did pray a few monts ago in the pleasure island theme park..( :D on a huge hill)...oh yeah and a few years ago, i prayed under a huge bridge in blackpool (the beach???!!) with my sisters and aunty.............dont know if these count as "the craziest place/s" lolz......... :D ma'salaamah khumara
  12. Impressing Pics... Of Muslims

    :D :D xcellent pictures..... :D for sharing them :D ma'salaamah
  13. Is This Real? 'jinn Talking'? (video)

    :D :D yeah true...but it is kinda freaky... :D ma'salaamah khumara
  14. Want To Be Beautiful?

    :D :D so true........ :D :D for sharing it with us sister :D :D khumara
  15. My Intention

    :D :D that was an excellent poem......... :D .inshallah looking forward to read more of your poems! keep up the great work akhi :D ma'salaamah khumara
  16. Wedding Gift List

    :D :D :D lols.ur not wanting much are u akhi? :D :D ma'salaamah khumara
  17. Facts About Men

    :D lols brother :D u must be :D :D khumara
  18. Is This Real? 'jinn Talking'? (video)

    :D :D its soo scary.....:D it loooks very real...may Allah :D protect us all :D :D khumara
  19. Things About Women

    :D lolz yeah i agree with sister hope :D :D :D khumara
  20. Wasim

    :D :D welcome to the IF, i hope ur stay will be benificial to all.....feel free to ask any questions :D :D khumara
  21. Agnostic Maybe A Muslim

    :D welcome to the IF, i hope ur stay will be benificial for all :D :D khumara
  22. Hmmmmm....shalom.ok

    hi, welcome to the IF, i hope your stay will be benificial and fruitful to all :D peace... khumara
  23. Salam My Intro

    :D welcom to the IF sister may your stay here be benificial for all :D :D ma'salaamah khumara
  24. I Pray For Death...

    salaam Ameen to all the du'as, may Allah give u sabr :D ........inshallah u'll be in my du'as ma'salaamah khumara
  25. Eid Ul Fitr 2005 Pictures..

    :D yeah i agree aswel :D.......... anyhow :D for sharing these pictures with us bro hasib :D :D