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  1. Salam Fellow Muslims Just Joined

    :D welcome to the IF, may your stay here be benificial to all :D :D
  2. Which Nasheed Is This?

    :D sister, This nasheed is by ahmed bukhatir, the audio is from his new album da'ani :D .......mashallah its so beautiful :D :D Khumara
  3. 50 Cent

    :D yeah that was kinda funny...............sis roohiyah "gee you nit" i think :D meant G-Unit?? :D :D khumara
  4. Facts About Men

    :D :D :D at PT.......:D .............. :D for sharing sis :D :D khumara
  5. Nasheeds

    :D brother, u need to have 50+ posts for u to post a link............wat u can do is that PM a moderator or sm1 with the link n :D it will wrk :D ma'salaamah khumara
  6. Salam2all

    :D welcom to the IF sister, hope ur stay will be benificial to all :D HaPpY pOsTiNg!! :D :D khumara
  7. Salam

    :D welcom to the IF brother, hope ur stay will be benificial to all :D HaPpY pOsTiNg!! :D :D
  8. Careers

    :D :D for the advice...........but nursing :D isnt really my "thing" :D lolz, :D im hoping to go into orthoptics :D **not made my mind up yet** :D :D Khumara
  9. Careers

    :D :D im a student..........studying; as-level: *Biology *R.E (islamic studies & philosophy combined) *English Language and..... *Urdu :D lol :D Khumara :D
  10. Your New Sister =)

    :D welcom to the IF sister, hope ur say will be benificial to all :D HaPpY pOsTiNg :D ma'salaamah
  11. Salam

    :D :D and welcom to the IF :D :D
  12. Hello & Salaam!

    salaam welcom to the IF.............happy posting :D ma'salaamah khumara
  13. What On Earth Is This ?

    :D :D yeah i agree...but what is it meant to be? a human dog??!! :D :D
  14. The Thing

    :D :D :D funny.........as wel as clever lol. :D :D for sharing :D
  15. 'prescription'

    :D :D :D :D :D
  16. Salam Peeeeeeeeeeeeps!

    :D welcome to the IF brother :D .....i hope ur stay will be benifical to all of us..... :D looking forward to ur posts! :D khumara
  17. Sum Wan

    :D :D :D :D
  18. Brit Accent

    :D :D gotta agreee wiv u on that one akhi :D ws salaam
  19. My Health State

    :D Ameen to all the du'as :D
  20. Jokes

    salaam lol........yeah that WAS funny :D .......:D for sharing it...keep them cumming akhi :D ws salaam
  21. Need Ur Duas

    salaam Ameen :D ma'salaamah
  22. Where Do You Do Your Food Shopping?

    salaam......... B) yeah we shop here, kwik save, tesco n morrisons :D ma'salaamah
  23. Finding Someone Decent?

    :D :D yeah akhi hasib i agree......... :D :D
  24. I'm New

    :D sister. welcome to the IF.......yeah im sure alot of ppl are willing to help u.......sister tell us wat u need help with n :D we'll do our best to help u out :D :D khumara
  25. The House/flat You Live In Is....

    :D B) :D living with my parents :D :D