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  1. I'm New Here!

    :D welcome to the IF brother..... :D inshallah we'll help eachother to learn more abt Islam....may ur stay here be benificial for u aswel as the other IF members... :D :D :D
  2. How Can We Spread The Messege?

    :D yeah mashallah sister i agree :D ...its an xcellent way of reaching out to the non-muslims who live around us :D :D :D muslimah88
  3. Tube Bombers Widow

    i dont think that any of the men carrried out the bombs...i mean think of it, if smone was going to carryout such a big crime as this...would they take their identification with them?? i dont think so.....this is my opinion on it...they are not here to defend themselves....so many ppl believe the accusations put on them..its so sad... may Allah guide us all on the siratt-al-mustaqeem :D
  4. Tara'weeh

    :D :D sister for sharing this valuble piece of information.. :D :D muslimah88
  5. Time Going Too Fast!

    :D yeah i've noticed that too....ramadaan is cumming soo quickly :D ..... :D although i do luv ramadan :D but the days are going past soo fast... :D very well said brother Allah's slave and sister eliza**...i totally agree :D :D muslimah88
  6. How Many Of You Have Seen A Dream About Dajjal

    salaam yeah brother i kno....im well scared when i gt up :D ...lol ws salaam
  7. A Beer For Kids!?!

    lol, yeah thats tru abt the candy sticks.....sm children do treat them as ciggies....bet u learnt a lesson though brother zee?? may Allah guide us all on the siraat-al-mustaqeem...ameen ws salaam
  8. Masjids In West Yorkshire

    :D :D so beautiful.......nice pictures :D :D for sharing them... :D :D
  9. Oh My God !

    :D lol, mashallah well done brother :D maybe next week u can cook smthing different! inshallah :D :D
  10. How Many Of You Have Seen A Dream About Dajjal

    :D no, i havnt seen one....the only weird dream i've ever had :D is about jinns in my kitchen......or :D abt my sister having a jinn in her..... and thats abt it! i wonder if anyone has ever had a dream about dajaal :D :D
  11. Libya In Pictures

    :D beautiful pics sista.... they're lovely :D for sharing them with us :D
  12. 14 Year Old Boy Died

    :D innalillah hi wa inna ilayhe rajioon may all forgive all his sins and grant him jaanat-ul-firdaus.......inshallah i'll remember him in my du'as...may Allah swt give his famill sabr and help them get through this difficult time ... :D :D
  13. To The Sisters Out There....

    salaam lol so funny...... :D ma'salaamah
  14. Ramzan Checklist

    salaam jazakallah sister for this information ma'salaamah :D
  15. :D yeah sister thats what i read aswel ..... :D :D
  16. Sister....dont Laugh At My Beard..lol

    :D :D sis....it was beautiful.............:D for sharing it ........ :D :D
  17. Assalam O Alaikum

    salaam, welcome to the (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/search?q=Islamic+forum&sourceid=mozilla-search&start=0&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official"]Islamic Forum[/url]! :D ma'salaamah
  18. Plase Make Du'a For My Sister

    salaam ammen :D ma'salaamah
  19. How do you rate IF?

    :D :D this forum is the best 1 on the internet!! keep up the xcellent wrk!! :D :D
  20. In Love...

    :D sister, why dont u perform istikharah salaah(prayer for guidence)? maybe then u'll be sure what to do? :D :D [ QUOTE]no matter what you do, just take your time, rushing isn't good specially in situations like this.I don't know about the whole internet chatting thing....it's merrige you know... how well do you know him, do you know his family...does he practice Islam? or was he just born a muslim...you mentioned he lives in another country, do you live in the west and he needs your help to bring him over? I think you need to have answers to these questions and more before you take any steps.... well said! take the brothers advice aswell....... :D :D
  21. My Husband Says "hi"

    :D well said :D i totally agree :D :D
  22. My Birdies

    :D :D sis they're beautiful.... :D :D
  23. 3rd Ramadan

    :D inshallah you will, may your stay in the IF be benificial to you aswel as others...welcome sister :D :D
  24. Family Member's

    :D thummu ameen and may Allah give patience to all of her family members :D :D
  25. Dreams

    :D aww, i've never had a dream abt this forum :D :D :D