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  1. Moms Auntie

    salaam inna lillah hi wa inna ilay he raajioon.... may Allah swt grant her jannah ammen ma'salaamah
  2. Some More Pics...

    :D my favourite pics are of "paradise beach" :D and ofcourse the "palm tree" :D ..... :D all of ur pics are beautiful....... :D :D for sharing them..... :D
  3. I've Lost Weight?

    :D mashallah, :D i wish i could loose a few pounds or shall i say a stone ar 2! :D :D in a week!! :D :D
  4. Missing Husband

    :D :D :D :D :D
  5. Forgot The Name?

    :D hey, thats kinda funny :D :D
  6. Is There Any Male Muslim Interested?

    :D uh uh.. i dont think you need a certain amount of posts to enter the brothers or sisters room...any1 can enter... :D with posts or without them....xcept u do have to be a male to enter the brothers room n a female to enter the sisters room lol :D hope i helped... :D :D
  7. Looking Forward To?....

    :D me too sister.. :D :D
  8. Iraq's Youngest Martyr - Pregnant Woman

    :D may Allah destroy the american army..... omg its soo horrifying wat these kuffar are doing to our muslim brothers and sister :D s...may Allah :D help our brothers and sisters.. :D :D
  9. :D :D well said! apparantly, her mother is a prcticing muslim and her father is an athiest...saw it on a bbc 1 program.. :D :D may Allah :D guide us on the siraatul mustaqeem :D :D
  10. Do You Remember?

    salaam i try to say it always but i must say that sm times i do forget :D ma'salaamah
  11. English And Muslim?

    :D we're talking abt miss england??!! :D :D :D
  12. Mens Jewelry

    :D men are only allowed to wear a silver ring, like the prophet :D .... no other jewelry is permissible...thats what i heard anyway.. i think ta'weez is allowed..not sure though... :D :D
  13. English And Muslim?

    :D brtoher its so true what u have said..... :D , i saw her in the news paper n the dress she was wearing was so degrading! :D apparently, my sister was telling me that she watched a tv program last night on bbc 1 n saw her parents...her mother was a "practicing" muslim :D and her father was an athiest! :D may all guide us all on the siraat al mustaqeem.. :D :D
  14. Salam Aleikom

    :D well said :D yep i've notice that aswel...sisters just look the other way or they give u a bad look! :D but then again even if the dont reply...the angels still reply to ur :D :D :D
  15. Where Do You Live?

    :D im from uk aswel! :D :D
  16. Wristwatches...

    :D i only wear one occasionally...... i feel kinda awkward with having smthing on my wrist :D :D
  17. See You All.....

    :D have a good holiday brother, and as others have said "let us know how it went wen you get bk " :D :D :D
  18. Lyrics For Anasheed

    :D you could go to google(contact admin if its a beneficial link) and type in lyrics for the nasheed you want and :D u'll find the lyrics for the nasheed you are looking for :D :D
  19. My Mother

    may Allah :D help you through this diffficult moment..sister at the moment my advice to you is to do sabr and make du'a for your mother... my du'a is with you :D :D sister
  20. Praying, Why Th Hurry?

    :D yes it is sad to see this happening...one should go to the Masjid with proper Islamic clothing.. :D for this important reminder :D :D
  21. Surrounded By Muslims

    :D lol, quite funny... although i must say that if the muslim man did sabr he would have been rewarded greatly for it! lol :D well said becoz the majority of muslims will be in hell...its mostly gonna be women becoz of backbiting and stuff! :D hey brother did u write this urself?? :D for sharing it with us. :D :D
  22. Which Madhab Do You Follow?

    :D i follow the hanafi madhab...we should all respect each other's madhabs because they r all correct :D :D
  23. Where Would You Like To Live In The Uk?

    :D well said brother :D :D
  24. Curious Non-muslim

    hi welcome to the forum... :D
  25. Weed Chars Etc

    :D yes sister, weed, charas etc are drus that harm your body:( so they are haraam :D :D