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  1. Plz Read At Least Plz Plz

    :D sister, u could go to askimam(contact admin if its a beneficial link) and get your dream interpreted. :D your mind will be at rest if you know what it meant :D :D
  2. Some More Pics...

    :D :D sister for sharing these lovely pics...... wish i could go there 1 day :D! it seems so beautiful! mashallah once agin :D for sharing them with all of us :D :D
  3. How Much Housework

    :D me (17) and my older sister (18) do all the house work whereas my other sister :D who attends uni doesnt do much at all! :D all she does is the hoover if we tell her to and the dishes [at] night (we all take it in turns to wash up!):D my younger brothers clean their bedrooms only if they want smthing! :D :D
  4. I Went........................

    :D sister ??? :D :D :D
  5. Looking Good?

    :D i dont feel under pressure to look "good", but yeah wen you go out u need to look good not for ur self but to present Islam aswel as give daw'ah to others.... like sister arwa said i totally agree with u :D although i must say...ever1 needs to do their bit of "looking good" for themselvs and not for others.. :D :D :D
  6. I Went........................

    :D unfortunately i havnt been to an arab wedding as yet..... :D but i have heard that they make strange, loud noises with their tongues..gosh they must have xtra long/wriggly tongues to make all the noise that they do make :D lol.. well sis :D for sharing ur experience..... :D :D
  7. :D sister i have heard the same coz wen u pray salaatul istikhara you have to make 2 nawafil and then read the dua...so yes :D u do have to wait untill you stop your menses... :D
  8. Job Interview

    salam sister, may Allah give u the job that u r going for.....inshallah i will make dua for u... :D ma'salaam :D
  9. What Would You Do

    salaam sister.. i think u should make salaat ul istihaara becoz he may have sm other quality that u may like and u should also enquire abt him i.e. ask his friends abt him to see what kind of a person he is. i hope Allah guides u to make the right decision inshallah.... as they say u cant judge a book by a cover like this u canot judge a person just by looking at him.... then again u do have the right to say no to the proposal. may Allah help u in this difficult situation. :D ma'salaam :D