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  1. Dua For My Brother And My Family In Mogadishu

    :j: :) may Allah swt protect your brother and the rest of the people :sl: :sl:
  2. Random Incoherence

    :sl: random: people are sales'-mad!... many shops just put out their old stock to sell :j: :sl:
  3. Love

    :j: aww :) the picture is niceeeeeee :) :sl: to all the du'as :sl:
  4. Ten Ways To Increase Happiness In Marriage!

    :sl: excellent post :j: :) for sharing :) :sl:
  5. I Made A Cake!

    :j: that looks good.. :sl: ... good job :) :sl:
  6. :sl: i spell it as Muhammad :j: as well :sl:
  7. Dua Grades

    :j: :) ull do well.. MAy Allah swt grant u success :sl: :sl:
  8. Unbelievable Snowflake Detailed Photo

    :sl: wow! SubHaan Allah! :j: for sharing this with us.. :sl:
  9. See You Around.

    :j: :) i hope u have a safe journey :) :sl: to all theother du'as :sl:
  10. Salaam

    :sl: welcome to the Fourms :j: :sl:
  11. peace! welcome to IF :sl:
  12. Random Incoherence

    :D ^^ :D awweee sis... studies are ok :D bit stressed at the mo, its one mock exam after the other :D but overall :D cant complain..... hows ur studies goin sis? how u been? take care :D
  13. Random Incoherence

    :D random : :D all :D :D :D
  14. Random Incoherence

    :D dear sis :D ^^ yep :D .. my hols start on the 22nd :D :D
  15. Random Incoherence

    :D ^^ yep tru sis :D random: Pringles are niiiiiiiiiiceeeee :D 2: got holidays soon :D :D :ws:
  16. Start Of A New Life

    :D aww :D :D thats great news ! CoNgRtAs Akhie :D :D to all the du'as :D :D for the sweets :D :D
  17. Innovative And Effective Seat Belt

    :D :D nice one! :D for sharing :D
  18. Baby In The Tree

    :D kool :D.. :D for sharing :D :D
  19. Please Make Dua For Ayesha Sister

    :D aww... :D hope she gets better soon... :D to all the du'as, ill remeber her im my dua's :D :D
  20. In Memorium

    :D inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajio'oon :D May Allah swt grant her a place in Jannah Tul Firdaus :D to all the du'as :D
  21. Random Incoherence

    :D Random: HoMe Alone :D :D
  22. Hehe

    :D :D funny....... :D for sharing :D
  23. Your Duas Will Be Accepted

    :D :D sis mehnaz for this beneficial post. May Allah swt reward you :D :D
  24. Secrets Of Your Name

    :D Name: khumara Friendship Level: 45% K kind :D H healthy U unreal M mushy A angry R radical :D A amused -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to make a khumara Ingredients: 3 parts humour :D 1 part compassion 1 part anger Method: Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Top it off with a sprinkle of curiosity and enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :D Use ear protection around khumara :D :D :D
  25. Difference Between Male And Female Brain

    :D Female : first glance A but then saw B :D :D