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    ... to get married someday. Have lots of children and they all will be hafiz and understand the Arabic of the Quran. Inshallah.
  1. Naughty Women

    I say leave them both!
  2. "what Are British Values And Culture?"

    Cucumbers don't make you pregnant...
  3. Have You Got Non-mahrams On Your Msn/im Etc?

    Whether it's male or female, it is time wasting anyway.
  4. What Do You Think Of This Freemixing Article?

    There's nothing wrong with that article. It does NOT give the green light to mixing. Problem is we have become so insecure that it is creating problems in itself! As if just by praying without a barrier will cause peopel to fornicate or something. Fornication usually happens when a man and woman are alone, an dyou maybe aware that Islam addressed it by saying a man should not be alone with a non-mahram.
  5. Woman To Be A Mother At 63!

    She looks very young for a 63 year old. But she still had to have fertility treatment.
  6. Single And Unhappy :(

    Aren't there sisters at your Uni you could approach regards marriage?
  7. Position Of In Laws And Parents In Islam

    Your husband has two duties, one to his mother and one to his wife. His wife's right is for her own place separate from the inlaws. The mother's right is to be looked after. He can look after her Islamically without living under the same roof.
  8. Need Some Counselling

    Volunteer some place? Visit people in hospital?
  9. Argh Im Confused

    If they are not practising, then they are not the same species as you. This goes for both brothers and sisters. The basic requirement is religion. If they are not practising, then they fail at the first step (2nd step is character and disposition). You shouldn't even have to pray istikhara to say NO to this guy. The way istikhara works is that you make a decision (consult people etc.) and then pray it. Or you pray it and (consult people etc.) then make a decision. You don't always see a dream.
  10. Multiple Pains

    Any update sister?
  11. Learning About Islam.

    I have the same problems. I don't like reading, talks etc. at all now.
  12. Sisters And Living With Inlaws

    Well it is her RIGHT to separate housing. So many problems can happen such as jealousy and suspicion, it's better to live separately.
  13. Multiple Pains

    Ok... I don't understand how you can stay with him. Please don't be offended, do you think you would be better off single or away from him? What impact is this having on the children seeing this abuse? Won't the cycle continue when they are married? For now, see if you can gather evidence to how he treats you, the abuse etc. Get your "Pakistani" friends to help if you trust them inshallah. If you do divorce I think it would be easier for you to get custody of the children because of his abuse of you. Get some legal advice for more exact details on what would happen if you divorce. I think a healthy environment for you and your children is to be away from him.
  14. Multiple Pains

    Do you think you provoke your husband in anyway to abuse you? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's your fault. When someone has been abused in the past and get involved in a new relationship, they have difficulties adjusting and then they provoke their partner to abuse them so they have some kind of familiarity.
  15. He's A Twit

    If it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be. Forget it. Set a final deadline with this guy, if his parents don't come round with a proposal then they are not interested and it's not meant to be. And it's not a good idea to get involved in a marriage by disobeying the parents. Saying that they were busy is stupid. If they were really interested they wold have MADE time for it. After that, deadline, if they don't turn up, you got other proposals, look into them.