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  1. Differences Between Sunni And Shia...

    Sorry I didn't realise when I posted it, that it was against the (www.)"http://gawaher/index.php?act=boardrules"]forum rules[/url]. Sorry if I caused any harm or offense by posting on this topic.
  2. Hi, Please could someone tell me the main differences between the beliefs of Sunni and Shia Muslims in simple terms. I'm finding it to be abit confusing. Thanks Green eyes
  3. Self Harm

    Hi, What is the Islamic view on harming oneself?? Green eyes
  4. Alcohol

    Hey, Is it allowed for a Muslim to use products such as mouthwash that may contain alcohol?? How do we know if something contains alcohol, will it always state it as "alcohol" in the ingrediants, or are there any known substitute names for alcohol?? Green eyes
  5. Rats....

    Hey, What does Islam state about rats and mice? Is it allowed to keep a rodent as a pet such as a rat or a gerbil etc?? Green eyes.
  6. Nightmares

    I did not tell my friends and family that I said the said Shahada, because I would prefer to tell them once I've learnt more by myself - as I'm scared they would judge me and think me bad for not doing things which I should be doing. Thanks for all the information.
  7. Nightmares

    I said the Shahada a while back because I didn't want to die before saying it. I don't know if I said and did it properly and I said it alone with no Muslim witnesses. However, I still am learning the basics of Islam, but also know that once the Shahada is taken then everything counts from then onwards. I don't regret saying it because it's not what I believe but sometimes I think maybe I should have waited until I had learned a lot more, because I ruined things because am not practicing very well whilst I'm learning. Green eyes
  8. Nightmares

    Yeh I'm just a beginner to Islam and have got alot to learn - but will try and recite what you have told me to. Thanks.
  9. Nightmares

    Hi, I've been recently been having terrible nightmares every night of things such as rats and mice. I'm beginning to dread going to sleep at night and usually feel tired through-out the day due to having broken sleep. What causes nightmares from and Islamic perspective and how can I deal with them?? Any advice will be much appreciated. Green eyes
  10. Shyness....

    Shyness is currently and as always been a big part of my personality. I like being shy and don’t want things to change. However, I constantly feel pressure from being told by others – both Muslim and non-Muslim that I should change and become less introverted. I was also told that by another Muslim that no part of shyness is bad shyness and that I should try and remain the way I am now. Can anybody explain or provide me with anymore information on shyness and Islam?? Green eyes
  11. Ability To See The Human Aura.....

    yes it does show in a mirror also....
  12. Ability To See The Human Aura.....

    Hi, People have different colour auras - like mine is like a turquiose/aquamarine colour. It's abit hard to explain really, it's like a light and the more I look at the person the more it blinds me, like when you look at the sun or a light bulb. Prob sounds really weird - hehe. Take care xx.
  13. Ability To See The Human Aura.....

    Thanks for the replies - no I don't predict the future or anything like that. While on the topic - I have a friend and she can predict certain things in the future - what does Islam state about this?? she considers to be something really good, but she is not Muslim......
  14. Ability To See The Human Aura.....

    Well if I'm thinking about reverting to Islam then I should be worrying about it really if it's considered to be something bad.
  15. Ability To See The Human Aura.....

    Oh no!! How can I stop myself from seeing this then if it's something bad?? Why do I see them?? does anyone else see them??