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  1. Numbers Test

    :sl: 6
  2. Broken Bone

    salam abu zakariya i dont believe it is necessary to be sharing such personal information in regards to what sports you do?
  3. Broken Bone

    i dont believe its necessary to be telling others that you do muay thai or whatever it is
  4. English - Arabic Dictionary

    :sl: do you know any online website that offers free arabic to english dictionary?
  5. Adsl Modem For Sale

    :sl: How much will you sell it to me for?
  6. Nildram Net Connection

    salam just wondering if neone has any idea as to why my nildram cnnection keeps dropping since i been upgraded from 2mb to 8mb...?? any ideas? wasalam
  7. Would You Marry A Fish?

    :D :D :D dont understand what halal jelly sweets have to do with this bro :D its t do with marryin abengali :D maybe you wouldnt realise as u r bengali neway but..when a sis finds a bro who is so very :D mA then course other things go out the window :D
  8. Would You Marry A Fish?

    :D BRO u deserve a grape for that! :D :D
  9. Would You Marry A Fish?

    **MISTAKE** about the 'dont know if i cud hack it' ...depends what kind of bro he is :D
  10. Would You Marry A Fish?

    :D :D good point mabe thats what it was :D
  11. Would You Marry A Fish?

    ahh haha i always used to have this thng about bengalis that they always eat fish 24/7 like for breakfast lunch and dinner :D but i now kinda realised it aint so true they do eat other stuff too :D :D if were to marry a bengali who expect fish for breakfast lunch dinner tea time and whatever else then :D dont know if i cud hack it :D
  12. Would You Marry A Fish?

    lol [at] title haha i didnt realise there was this whole hate thing towards bengalis untilllllll my future hubby told me :D still dont understand why though... seem to be some kind of fude between pakistanis and bengalis cos of history...wots the pointtttt yeah an why not marry a bengali :D
  13. Five Steps Towards Being A Better Dad

    assalamalaikum thats a very enlightening article..thanx4 that
  14. A Message From Your Brother In Islam

    . salam sis it depends n what and hw u interpreted what i said there "Verily, after every hardship comes ease." [surah Inshiraah]
  15. A Message From Your Brother In Islam

    Allah PROMISES that after every hardship comes ease :D :D