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  1. Basayev Martyred

    did the chechnians invade russia? did afgahnistan invade america? did iraq invade america? what did afghanistan do to america?what did iraq do? basayev was fighting for his ppls independence he did not invade another country because of his own interests and say sorry if you go around provoking ppl tham u can expect them to fight back why should muslims be expected to suffer in silence if somebody hits u you'll hit them back it's in human nature u dont start something than cry about the consequences. muslim or no i stick up for those who deserve it and if muslims do something wrong without being provoked than i will condemn them salaam
  2. Basayev Martyred

    taking children as hostages was wrong but yall need to remember that muslims are part of the human race i dont condone such acts but i just dont know what they should do everything is a lose lose situation when it comes to them maybe they should try a non violent approach i dont know it just dont seem realistic but who knows. anthony yes i belive he was in the wrong but i dont know if i should condemn him i dont believe palestinian suicide bombers will go to hell or that poor ppl will be judged for stealing Allah is just these are desperate ppl yes they should conduct themselves Islamically but in their situation i dont think it's reality they are only human? salaam
  3. Basayev Martyred

    i did not make any excuses that's the way it is why is it so hard for some ppl in the west to grasp something so simple if yall stop going around killing ppl they would'nt hate yall so much and kill u too.it's so simple but so complicated for some ppl to grasp. i did not make any excuses for him if whatever he did works for him than he should continue doing so would it be more honourable if he killed ppl using missiles, tanks and by dropping bombs? i will not condemn his actions because only god knows what i would do if i was in his same postion or what you would do it's easy for us to judge sitting behind a computer screen the biggest worry to u is probably paying ur rent on time do not judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes. i will never know what it's like for chechnians or completely feel their pain by looking at what is happening to them on t.v so i will never judge them even if they commit the most heinous act again i am not making excuses for nobody that's the way it is and i'm sorry if what i'm saying is'nt to your liking salaam
  4. Basayev Martyred

    i do not support nor condemn him because i do not know enough about him and about excuses no not really the fact is if russia gave these ppl independence than nobody would die and nobody would be argueing about basayevs actions right now i said i do not condemn or agree either take it as it is or believe what u want to believe if u believe i support what he did than there's not much you can do about it now is there? so what was the point of your quoting me?
  5. Basayev Martyred

    livius i do not support his actions nor do i condemn them i could honestly careless if he was a muslim jew or hindu like i said before you got to do what you got to do to survive he cannot do what the russians are doing he does'nt have their technology so he's got to get his point across another way whatever works and like omar786 said One man's terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. he's a hero to the chechnian ppl i did not say basayev was a hero and none of us here can be a 100% sure if he was a hero or a villain "..... ."You can't ever reach a man if you don't speak his language. If a man speaks the language of brute force, you can't come to him with peace"Malcolm X/Feb 14,1965 livius what do you think would be the best course of action for the chechnian ppl? i'm asking u this honestly salaam
  6. Basayev Martyred

    you got to do what you got to do to survive hero or no he was fighting for his ppl and he is a hero to them salaam
  7. World Cup..bad?

    lol your the one who went on a defensive nowhere did i say the west is evil and the muslim world is perfect nowhere did i say somalia is "hunkey dorey" as u put it and if u just wanted to put your 2-cents in than u should not have quoted me end of story your entitled to your own opinion believe what you want to believe salaam
  8. World Cup..bad?

    he pretty much is an ethiopian acting somali and one of the biggest warlords himself also u would'nt believe how many died at his hands salaam
  9. World Cup..bad?

    yes u did put words in my mouth where in any of my posts did a mention britain or how bad they are and like i said before the second part of my post was not directed to u since we were not disagreeing on that part inshallah i will make a difference thank u salaam
  10. World Cup..bad?

    walahi u learn something new everyday i will try to find some books on him i seriously did not know this here i was thinking he was a hero salaam
  11. World Cup..bad?

    summer girl are u serious about siyad barre being an athiest? i've never heard of that before salaam
  12. World Cup..bad?

    thanks sis we need another arawelo salaam
  13. World Cup..bad?

    thank u bro salaam(peace)
  14. John Walker Lindh

    havent heard of this brother since like 2001 salaam
  15. World Cup..bad?

    hopefully and only the first part was directed to u ,not caring about ppl killing ppl just shows your character but to each his own anywayz when i graduate i plan on going back home and changing the condition of my ppls all muslims and africans and like i said before it is stable but u cant expect it to be perfect in a couple of months please do tell that to somalis in britain matter of fact tell that to all immigrants living there including ur fellow europeans who have seeked asylum there nowhere did i say it was paradise and britain is scum dont put words in my mouth i'm pretty sure all the ppl who have come to britain for a better life are thankful i am thankful i was raised out in canada and have access to free education to me most Islamic nations today are 10 times worse than the west again do not put words in my mouth i just dont like ppl trying to force their way of life on ppl in their own countries who are already happy with their way of life we dont want pity if we dont need it salaam