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  1. Muslims United

    I have just created a new Forum called 'Muslims United', "http://s12.invisionfree/Muslims_United/index.php"]s12.invisionfree/Muslims_United/index.php[/url] , as I said its a new forum so we do need new members.
  2. Islam in IRAN!!!

    also anyone following the elections in Iran? was watching news today and it seems like some religious young leader has won, anyone know anything about him?
  3. Islam in IRAN!!!

    just curious, I know that we are talking about religioun etc. but i'm wondering how strong is their army?and how big is it? I know there has been many rumours that they are the next country to get invaded by America, would Iran be strong enough to defend thamself?
  4. Islam In Nigeria

    50 million muslims in nigeria.Really impresive, to be honest don't know much about Nigeria, except their soccer team and also that their is a few Masjids/church burnings every year and civil wars between muslims and christians-which dosen't get reported much(as most african civil wars)
  5. Circumcision For Women?

    Circumcision for women- you learn something everyday, never knew that was possible
  6. Racist People..

    Racisim is always going to happen when you live in westrern world, but there is also recisim in muslim countries against non-muslims. There is no reason of been ashamed of been arab/brown, I'm actually white and would love to be a arab. Would love that when I'm walking down that street that another muslim thats passing by would know that I'm muslim aswell. Also another problem with me is that I was born beofe the bosnian war, when muslims tried to please the non bolivers so my parents named me Alen :D
  7. well he has been arrested for rape-dose not seem like a muslim to me
  8. Islam In Bosnia

    Asselamu Aleykum, No one has started a topic about Bosnia (how can yours forget about us? :D ), so I will start. Islam has been really strong since the war. Before the war Islam was not strong at all and where in control my Communist and most of the Muslim leaders where taken to jail for writing Islamic books etc… When the war started in 1992, the Masjids where full and most people had to pray on the streets. Currently Islam is not as strong as it was during the war but is still doing better than most non-middle east countries. There are couple cities where religion is number one, and even many Arabs live in those cities (mostly afghan mujahideens, who came to help Bosnians during the war). Our great Islamic president/leader Alija Izetbegovic died in 2000, where 100 thousands of Muslims turned up at his funeral. Alija Izetbegovic was a respected Muslim leader, who spent around 10 years in jail under the Yugoslavian communist regime. -may Allah be pleased with him.
  9. Kingdom Of Heaven

    my apologies, did not see that topic
  10. Kingdom Of Heaven

    has anyone seen the movie Kingdom of Heaven??, its out in the Cinames rite now. Really good movie about how Saludin liberated Jeruslem from Crusaders.Insha'Allah the history will repeat again,
  11. Salam

    salamu alaykom brothers and sisters, My name is Alen. I'm 17 years old and I'm Bosnian but live in Australia. I'm looking foward to discussing about Islam and many other things with yours