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  1. Blair 'prayed To God' Over Iraq

    The difference is the Muslim leaders would become 'religious fanatics' :D
  2. Hamas Sinks To New Low!

    :D Bro Barayev, Hamas is walking a thin line. Their priority is peace and stability for Palestine. Where's the sense in one group of Muslims saying Hamas is too hardcore and the other group says they're not hardcore enough? The enemies of Islam are doing their best to reduce support for Hamas, now even Muslims are being affected by their schemes!
  3. Hamas Sinks To New Low!

    There're Muslim governments 'friendly' with israel; Eqypt, Jordan, Pakistan... Do you even have a purpose in this thread, besides showing your ###? edited by thezman 3/6/06
  4. Islam's Unholy Alliance

    :D I stopped reading there. Maybe someone with more time would be kind enough to sum it up? :D
  5. The ADL believes 'banker' and 'money lender' are anti-semitic terms!
  6. Cartoons At Your School?

    I know The Sun doesn't tell you everything, so I'll fill in the gaps. That pathetic demonstration was held by a very small group and the Police were criticised by Muslim groups for not takig action against them. The official police response claimed they were gathering intelligence on the protesters - and giving press photographers all of the time they needed for that perfect frontpage shot. Two weeks later there was a much larger demonstration of 10,000+ - protesting againts the cartoons and violent reactions. Any sensible person would attribute the larger protest to the general Muslim population. Sensationalists desperate for material would repeat accounts of the smaller protest (less than 50).
  7. :D Don't you just hate it when the bigot-brigade generalise all Muslims over the actions of a few? They may be journalists, politicians or society's scum ... it doesn't make them any less pathetic. We don't need to be like them! :D
  8. 80% of statistics are made up on the spot!
  9. Writers Issue Cartoon Row Warning

    World domination? I'd better polish those death rays, nothing like taking over the world first thing on a Friday morning!
  10. Good News If

    :D israel has documentated links with the Kurds. The CIA doesn't have Arab connections? :D Let your friend loose on the forum, it'll be a good laugh.
  11. Islam Being Worn Out

    :D I guess that would be after Dajjal and everything, a few centuries away? Things are bad at the moment - but not that[/]b bad! :D Muslim unity is improving.
  12. What Gives?

    :D Those students sound really messed up. The parents have neglected them and will probably regret it later. :D :D
  13. Woman With A Past

    :D If someone says they've had a relationship in the past, you don't need to be a geek about it and start asking details :D Just ask if they've considered taking a HIV test. That'll answer any doubts you have about the extent of the relationship.
  14. Iraq Body Count Press Release

    Again, you're over-analysing and resorting to propoganda to deflect the question. In a scenario where your forces are spread thin and you cannot defend every site, what do you do?
  15. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4757866.stm"]source[/url]