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  1. Is This Kid Ok?

    Asalaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, yea akhi, I think that's normal for a child to be acting that way at such a young age...She probably has ADHD/ADD , probably been exposed to negativity in her home, (always exposed to someone crying), or she's just calling out for attention (if she's certainly not getting it fom her father.) Allahu A'lam, maybe someone else can be of help but to be it's rather normal, children that age are extremely hyper & constantly want attention especially if there's a new baby in the home? Anyways insha'Allah it's not something extreme........Salaam :D
  2. Posting A Marriage Request In A Masjid?

    :D akhi Panthera Tigris, I don't think putting up a number is a great idea, I think if u just tell the Imam/Sheikh at your Masjid that you're looking to get married then insha'Allah if they know a guy who may have a sister/daughter he can recommend them to you. Many ppl find their spouse through the Masjid here, it's actually masha'Allah a better way of approaching things than just posting a number, etc. Insha'Allah Allah sends you single bro's wa sis' pious hubby's & wives. Ma'asalaama, Allah Ma'akum
  3. Ar-Ruqyah

    Asalaamu Alaikum, Jazak Allah Khair for sharing ukhti =) May Allah SWT reward ya ma'a Jennatul Firdous, Salaam
  4. Black magick (jaadu)

    :D :D everyone is in the best of health wa strong in Imaan . The best thing to do if you see anyone act diff. is to go straight to a Sheikh, some ppl still pray etc but it happens slowly, their attitudes shift a bit and they slowly leave the Deen. Ive seen it happen before inshaAllah nobody has to go through anything like it or see someone they luv go through it. May Allah SWT guide the ppl who perform black magic/sihr back on the straight path. Ppl can do Sihr for whatever reason, Ive heard/seen many where they make a muslim fall in luv with their son/daughter & do whatever they want, etc.(mainly overseas but it happens everywhere) I also know of one where they made a muslim go against their parents totally but alhamdulillah they are slowly coming back into the Deen. The best thing to do is to go straight to a Sheikh & start reading Ayatul Qursi & al mu'awathat . May Allah forgive us all if we've mentioned anything wrong & may He keep us all on the Right Path :D Salaam
  5. I Went........................

    :sl : Funerals? really?! I've never heard it at funerals , I guess maybe if a shaheed died , then they would do that, but Ive never heard it :D
  6. I Went........................

    Asalaamu Alaikum, InshaAllah everyone is in the best fo health wa strong in Imaan =) yea them arab weddings are loud! lol Sometimes they are mixed, I dont go those but still even seperate weddings have haraam in them, May Allah :D guide us all on the right path :D . They are very loud to show their happiness for the new couple, lotsa drama! lol Some ppl dont have loud weddings though & the women do that thing to show they are excited for the new couple, etc. I dont even know why, its just annoyin sometimes. Asalaamu Alaikum
  7. Paying Visits And Its Etiquette

    :D :D ukhti :D It is considered a cultural practice but I don't see any harm if it's say 2 the parents or grandparents .It's considered extremely rude if someone doesnt kiss our elder's hand. ... Anyways wa just curious :D Allahu A'alam , thanks again for sharing hon. :D
  8. Paying Visits And Its Etiquette

    :D :D for sharing ukhti :D Just out of curiosity, in my culture, it's out of respect that we kiss the hands of our elders, does anyone else do anything similar in their culture?
  9. Poll Says Most Muslims Want To Leave U.k.

    :D , somewhere akhi :D :D for everything but if I could, I would leave in a moment.....Allah Kareem :D
  10. Zaki Badawi Urge Women To Take Off The Hijab

    :D :D if he did say that wa Allahu A'alam, May Allah :D give our brothers & sisters patience to deal with whats goin on in the UK . :D
  11. Poll Says Most Muslims Want To Leave U.k.

    :D , it's sis.....yep it's probably not much worse than here! In Allah Ma'a As Sabireen (Allah is with those who are patient) In Allah Yu7ib Al Mutawakeleen( Allah loves those who place their trust in him) so yea :D I would move there :D
  12. Poll Says Most Muslims Want To Leave U.k.

    :D I'll switch places with one of u in the UK! :D I'll be able to leave from here soon & go back home :D
  13. Stinky

    :D :D for sharing this with us yakhi. :D :D
  14. Unmarried Sisters

    :D InshaAllah everyone is in the best of health and strong in Imaan.... MashaAllah great responses my dear brothers & sisters :D May Allah (SWT) bless you all with pious husbands & wives, Ameen. :D I would like for my husband to have a beard as well but Allahu A'alam. Theres good & bad apples everywhere akhi genetic_freak, I tend to see alot of that happening here in the US as well unfortunately, May Allah guide them on the right path & forgive all of us for our sins, Ameen . :D as long as a guy has a good heart I see nothing wrong whatsoever with a beard, however long it may be, Alhamdulillah :D :D
  15. Bomb Blasts In Egypt !

    :D , :D , Ive heard about Sharm Al Sheikh before, it's extremely popular with foreigners. That area doesnt have a dress code :D thats all I have to say, Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon. :ia: Rabna will deal with them on Yowm Al Qiyaamah. Asalaamu Aleikum