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  1. Peace, I was raised Catholic, but found Islam about 4 months ago. Yea, I'm really a newbie. My parents are still very reluctant to let me practice Islam, and will not let me wear the headscarf. Is there any advice anybody could give me on what to tell them, and how to get it across to them that this is the path I have chosen? Thanks for any help!
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    thank you all so much for the encouraging words ^_^
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    Hello Everyone, My name is Alden, I'm new to the site and new to Islam. My parents are both "devout" Catholics, and I was what you would call a "cradle-Catholic". A few months ago I sat my father down and explained to him that I was not spiritually satisfied with Catholicism, or Christianity for that matter. I'm currently listed as a practioner of Hinduism because that's as far as I could go. But, I have a friend and her parents are both Islamic. I asked them about the beliefs and whatnot, and at that instant, my mind was made up. I just need some support I guess...this is not going to be easy. My parents both being active in society are scared for their reputations and scared for me as well. Any advice? Thanks__