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  1. Osama Bin Laden: The Newest Fake

    Don't know about you but at the top of the page I see on here it says; "Members are kindly advised to be tolerant and courteous toward each other in all discussions." Not sure why you're so happy to ignore that.
  2. Osama Bin Laden: The Newest Fake

    ...And then the insults follow. Websites contain no proof they are merely the words of men. Don't know about you but at the top of the page I see on here it says; "Members are kindly advised to be tolerant and courteous toward each other in all discussions." Not sure why you're so happy to ignore that.
  3. Terrorism And Islam

    I believe there's a factual answer somewhere, hopefully someone will offer it as it's an interesting question not asked nor answered enough IMHO. Quite. No they don't, there's an serious amount of media coverage which is clearly against the occupations. You're mistaken. The Free French were a legitimate military force based in London, those captured by Axis forces were treated as PoWs. The British never called the Americans nor Washington terrorists because the term wasn't used until 1795. They called them rebels. What about the Barcelona & London bombings? I don't see how you can refute Muslims being tarred with one brush by using a larger brush to tar non-muslims.
  4. Osama Bin Laden: The Newest Fake

    You call for proof a lot, but seldom offer.
  5. Allo Again

    Brothers and Sisters, As I received such a warm and friendly reminder that I hadn't visited here for quite a while I thought I'd pop in and say "Allo", so... ALLO[using large font size is not allowed] I see you've had a redesign of the forum, and very neat and tidy it looks too. Last time I was here was following the London bombings, and the general tone here was quite depressed. This was not helped by an influx of new members whose righteous indignation seemed to have confused things for them, especially the idea that violence represented your faith as a whole. Quite wrong of course, but mistakes are what we learn from hopefully. I don't expect anyone to remember me, I only ever made a few rather mundane posts but I'd be interested to know how things have been going, and I'll have a gander at the site and see if there isn't something to trigger me into having a discussion. pip pip!
  6. Allo Again

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm not a muslim so I stay clear of the religious discussion.
  7. Allo Again

    Well good luck with your studies. What have you chosen to study? The thing I like about Birmingham is it's a big city which thinks it's a town, much friendly than London. No disrespect but I haven't come here to seek knowledge about Islam. I've come to just talk with people. I originally came here after hearing mention of this forum on TV when British Muslims were being tarred with the brush of "terrorists". Wrongly of course, but I knew there'd be a flood of non-muslims with hearts filled with hate coming here and showing disrespect. Thought it'd make a pleasant change to have someone like me turn up, but not in a vane way.
  8. Allo Again

    Thanks Mehmet, how's life in my favourite city then?
  9. Vodafone Sim 07765 999 555

    I'll give you a fiver for it. cheers,
  10. Please Watch

    My unique thought was "Where's the English subtitles?". ;-)
  11. A European Awakening Against Islamic Fascism

    The most interesting part of the original post is the complete lack of mention of oil bar; "And thus the overblown caricature of Americans as war-mongering bombers has run out of gas." Of course this was an outdated stereotype, and still is to a degree, but the author doesn't seem to have noticed how it's actually becoming a sad reality again, based simply on the current US governments war-mongering poorly disguised as ensuring safety and freedom, coupled with their massive use of bombs. Combined with the lack of attention paid to oil trading this piece is revealed as nothing but hot air.
  12. Allo Again

    Thanks for all the additional welcomes. I'll not take you up on your offer of Shahada though, fully occupied in the faith department thanks! ;-)
  13. Arms To Iraq

    gnuneo interesting perspective, I did think it was more related to whoever's buying them wnating more reliability than they get from Iraqi manufactured ones.
  14. Arms To Iraq

    Interesting story, not sure what your point is though.
  15. Allo Again

    Thanks for all the welcomes folks. Well I am both average and a geezer see? Not really, but then I don't know what "shahada" is... perhaps you could explain?
  16. Racists Everywhere...

    That's understandable. I started being active in anti-racism organisations when I was still at school, and rather naively thought we could sort out all the world's problems within twenty years. Sure we've seen success, so no more Apartheid in South Africa, peace in Northern Ireland and a much better general atmosphere within British society, although that may be difficult to believe. Now I'm much older and we still have problems, time and continued bravery is all it will take to solve them but then I was wrong to think twenty years would be enough.
  17. Dutch Mp Calls For Ban On Quran

    This Dutch pastry is adopting an old bigots trick and hopefully no-one will fall for it, because that's exactly what he wants. Here's an example, and although it's a trifle rude it's just an example and not meant to insult anyone. Bigot prods Muslim in the chest and says "You're all savages!" Muslim ignores him. Bigot prods Muslim in the chest and says "You're all savages!" Muslim ignores him. Bigot prods Muslim in the chest and says "You're all savages!" Muslim ignores him. Bigot prods Muslim in the chest and says "You're all savages!" Muslim slaps him across the face. Bigot turns to everyone and says "I told you so."
  18. Allo Again

    I'm doing well thanks Aaqib. Hope all if good for you and yours. I've found a few interesting topics already, although I don't think I be wandering far from the general room as I know so little about many of the subjects in other areas, but that's not a problem. see ya,
  19. Britain Faces Iraq Rout Says Us

    Good point, and rather irritatingly I'd say yes and no. ;-) Yes oil prices would rocket and yes the US economy is in a seriously poor state. However an increase in oil prices benefits the US economy, especially when international oil trading is done in dollars. A price rise means that any nation which wishes to buy oil not only has to maintain foreign reserves in the dollar, but also has to increase them. Despite their fury imagine the increase of Chinese investment just to maintain their industries let alone any further growth. This isn't limted to oil trading though, the majority of commodity and service trading is in dollars. The more any nation invests in the dollar the less likely it's currency speculators, or any other trader, is likely to attack it. Also large dollar reserves allow nations to strengthen their own currency. But don't forget Baghdad's switch to the euro for oil trading in 2000 was quickly reverted back to dollar trades once the US had gained control. Iran has made similar suggestion that they may switch to the euro, and this month in trading with Japan they've even requested payment in Yen.
  20. What Is An Islamist?

    It's a linguistic invention, and because it's so jarring in it's construction I can only assume it's an American invention. ;-) I think words like this, including "Islamophobe" btw, are best avoided. Just use the language we have and refuse all cheap imitations.
  21. Britain Faces Iraq Rout Says Us

    I respectfully disagree, although please don't take this as support for air strikes. Iran has a healthy oil pumping industry but it has a lack of refineries, as seen during their recent petrol shortages and the connected public outrage. Striking at the few refineries and the connections between those, storage and pumping facilities would collapse the infrastructure of Iran, and make any nuclear development incredibly difficult if not impossible.
  22. Putting Things Into Perspective

    I think you're being very generous in attributing so much thought to the US Govt. The key is simpler I think; profit for oil companies and oil being sold in dollars per barrel. Anything else is pure coincidence.
  23. Racists Everywhere...

    Well hang on, we can't fight racism by perpetrating it. Things move slowly, more so the younger you are, and that makes change seem impossible but it's not the case. I was on a number of anti-protests against the BNP in my hometown when they decided to come and protest against the asylum seekers who live here. It was the only time I've been hit by a policeman who decided his riot shield and my face should meet. Those BNP scum came back four times, but by the fifth they couldn't get permission for their miserable march. Took a whole summer just to achieve that. Sure the BNP are white arrogant Brits, no doubting that, but the majority of the protestors against them, including myself were also white and British. Although to be fair I'm English! My main point is not that though. Its: when it comes to racists either fight them or ignore them, but whatever you do don't allow them to taint your heart, that counts as a win in their sad eyes.
  24. Community Cohesion

    Interesting post, although I disagree with some of it. Learning English may be as useful as any other language, this is true, but it is also rather vital to integrating further with the majority of our countrymen. True integration is a two way street, but I think the first small step of that long journey has to be taken by the newcomer, and language is the key. It may well be a stereotype, but given that Muslims are of good heart, fair mind and earnest labour then I don't see why speaking English should be a universal stumbling block. Quite the opposite in fact. Speaking more than one language is desirable and helps in integration both locally and internationally. And if it were to come for my son to learn Urdu or Arabic who would his scholar be if the speakers of those fine tongues didn't speak English? As for the spying on students, I don't find it racist. The British establishment has a well known habit of spying on it's honest citizens for the flimsiest of reasons. They've done it with communists, fascists, hunt saboteurs and anti-nuclear campaigners, who when combined represent all races and faiths. It's still a despicable move though.
  25. Allo Again

    Allo Mehnaz. thanks for the welcome and the drink. Apologies for posting in the wrong area... it's something I do too often on too many forums. I may well stay around longer, I must admit my last visit was fun but it did seem as if there was some attempt by right-wingers to just come here to cause trouble, and you can't swat flies through a screen.