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  1. Aoa, Friends!

    Salaaaaamz, Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay!!! :D
  2. Pride?

    Salaaamz, With my friend it is most definetely her personality. I tried to take a step back in order to break our friendship, but she wouldn't let go. Personally, i don't want to cause offense or hurt her feelings, however, i feel that it is my duty to tell her. :D Her ego and pride are too much to handle!!! She causes offense where ever she goes!!! I feel as if i can't stand to be in the same room as her!!! :D ... :D Salaamz
  3. What Kids Say

    Salaaaaamz, ... :D ... :D ... :D ... :D ... :D ... :D ... :D Salaaamz
  4. A Reminder

    Salaaaaamz, That was really insightful sister Batoota!!! :D
  5. Pride?

    Salaaamz, Thank you sister ely chy05, Insha Allah, i'll try to take into consideration what you have mentioned above!!!! I completely agree with what you have said :D Salaamz...
  6. ~ Warning: New Fake Qur'an Published ~

    Salaaaaamz, I've never heard of that until today... :D... :D ... :D
  7. A Sad Day For Star Trek Fans

    Salaaamz, A very SAD affair, im sure... :D
  8. Pride?

    Salaamz everyone, I desperately need help! See I have this friend who is extremely proud. She doesn't know that she is proud but, a group of us {other friends} have noticed this about her. Pride is completely haram in Islam so we need to tell her, however, every muslim has an obligation to protect his/her muslim bro/sis feelings!!! :D Should we confront her?? If so, how should we go about doing this without hurting her feelings...? :D Salaaamz...
  9. Salaaamz

    Salaaaamz everyone, Just wanted to say a BIG hello to everyone!!! As most of you have already guessed... i'm new to the IF :D :D :D OH by the by, my name really is Khadijah... :D
  10. As Salam Alaikum

    Salaaaaamz sister... :D well done for joining :D