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  1. Babies this...women that... If you were that bothered you'd be protesting about third world poverty, or maybe doing something . And that doesn't mean an AK47 and killing. See you in a week, liberia is calling. In fact f### this forum and its self righteous, holy than thou ##. I won't be back.
  2. zarqawi didn't kill civilians..ask newnew.
  3. Where Is The Outcry? Where Is The Boycott?

    Time to start burning flags, wrecking emabassies and boycotts then? LOL stinks of double standards
  4. Wtc Poll: Does Scientific Proof Exist?

    ....that muslims are happy with..................zzzzzzzz z muslims? science? hmmm
  5. Seems the true "iraqi resistance " are too busy killing each other.
  6. unless they follow a "inferior" religion
  7. Law... Good Or Bad?

    Yeah ...Not watching football cos you might see the players thighs is pretty dumb. But being able to kill a welshman with a bow in chester on a sunday is perfectly acceptable. :D :D :D
  8. Maybe now the US invaders have the information enabling them to kick out the al qaeda invaders.
  9. LOL That's hilarious. I suggest you use your brain to figure that one out yourself! Twist and turn all you like abdul...er I mean kreiger...justs makes you look foolish
  10. 1 More Us Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

    So how come there are foreigners fighting with the taliban? They aren't defending their own land.
  11. I heard a US soldier speaking about how difficult it was to fight the taliban. He said that they come out of houses looking and acting like civilians and then pull out a weapon and start shooting. They have no problems killing taliban once they are identified, as can been seen from the past few days.
  12. 1 More Us Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

    Dropping like flies. (www.)"http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/5078316.stm"]source...bbc[/url]
  13. How many? And how many said it was an airliner? And where did the bits of smashed up 757 come from? What hit the lamp posts in front of the pentagon? Why use airliners for the towers and something alse for the pentagon? krieger has strangely similar posting style to abdul... :D
  14. Palestine Referendum

    If thats the case, why not let the people vote in the referendum?
  15. Palestine Referendum

    Why don't Hamas want the people of palestine to vote on accepting the state of israel and a two state solution? Are they scared of losing it?