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  1. A Letter To The British People

    "The Prime Minister of your country, Tony Blair, said that those who carried out the explosions did so in the name of Islam. The Secretary of State of the United States, Condaleezza Rice, described the bombings as an act of barbarism. The United Nations Security Council met and unanimously condemned the event. " And so they should. People should always lead by example and adding to the carnage around the world helps no ones cause. Two wrongs do not make a right and YES many many non Muslims know of the plight of the Islamic communities that you refer to and yet you assume we do not care and do not complain and demonstrate and hate our leaders for this. You are very much mistaken if you believe we do not condemn Bush and Blair. HOWEVER we hate the terrorists as much as their actions are equally cowardly. I do not care if they say they bomb innocent people in the name of Islam as I do not believe them. They are devils as perhaps are the leader of the USA and the UK the difference is that we can demonstate against them and vote them out of office. Bin Laden and his followers however hide in the desert and in cities and use gullible pawns to inflict thier hatred on the world. Sorry their is no justification, other powerful leaders of men have changed peoples hearts and minds without resorting to killing. Devils are Devils are Devils and we have to rid the world of them.
  2. Tony Blairs Speech On The Evil Ideology

    You speak for most Muslims? I wish I had that confidence. How can you be sure of this?
  3. A Favor….

    I can help as a non Muslim member.
  4. Israel Is The Cause Of Most Of The World's Strife

    No one is accusing you of being an anti-semite. However many would read the term 'Zionist' as referring to any Jew living in Isreal. Your attempt at "exposing" the Isreali government's deeds are not based on any kind of actual evidence and therefore can be dismissed as the views of a conspiracy theorist. It just isn't helpful to your very just cause in my opinion.
  5. Tony Blairs Speech On The Evil Ideology

    It depends , if you wish to force your ideology and religious beliefs upon great parts a population that does not want it as do the Taliban and Al-Queda then yes obviously you would be viewed as an extremist, a despot, dictator whatever you want to call it. If as an Muslim you can only accept one religion in any given country then in the eyes of the majority on this planet then yes you would be judged to be an extremist. Likewise if Blair had made a speech in which he denounced the Islamic world as whole then he could rightly be called an extremist. He didn't, no matter how many here attempt to twist it to suit their own set beliefs on the matter.
  6. Tony Blairs Speech On The Evil Ideology

    And in which particular country would you establishing Shariah Law? Britain perhaps?
  7. Tony Blairs Speech On The Evil Ideology

    And just how would you go about eliminating the political state of israel but not the people?
  8. Israel Is The Cause Of Most Of The World's Strife

    Erm.... without any kind of evidence to support your 'speculations' yes they can. Hitler used similar speculation against the Jewish population in order to stir up hatred during his time in power, it's called 'propaganda of hate'
  9. Tony Blairs Speech On The Evil Ideology

    Blair does not speak of 'Islam' as an enemy in any part of this speech, he however refers to Al-Qaeda: They demand the elimination of israel; the withdrawal of all Westerners from Muslim countries, irrespective of the wishes of people and government; the establishment of effectively Taleban states and Sharia law in the Arab world en route to one caliphate of all Muslim nations. We don't have to wonder what type of country those states would be. Afghanistan was such a state. Girls put out of school. Women denied even rudimentary rights. People living in abject poverty and oppression. All of it justified by reference to religious faith. This is all true as far as Al Queda and the Taliban are concerned. To twist this (again) into an attempt to state (again) that Blair is speaking out against the Islamic faith and Muslims is quite frankly idiotic, sorry but again and again this view is being banded about on this forum. If you support the policies of Al-Qaeda or the Taliban then just put it in black and white and stand by your convictions and beliefs.
  10. Who Murdered 32 Iraqi Children?

    Well it's a part Muslim nation. Why would they want the war to continue? To kill as many Muslims I imagine your answer may be considering how this thread is developing. If America (and the whole wide west) is that evil get off your backside and head out to Iraq to defend your fellow brothers and sisters!
  11. A Good Example

    Yes perhaps I don't know and I suspect neither do you, however the insurgance are certainly catching up. I'm not sure what the point of this thread is other than to fan the flames and pitch 'westerners' against Islamic followers. The term westerners in this context is just as offensive as terming all Muslims terrorists - Western leaders ie Bush and his poodles around the world are perhaps what this cleric is referring to but to see there actions as a war against Islam is idiotic and helps no ones fight against their dangerous power games. Money is at the heart of all of this I would bet my life on it.
  12. Who Murdered 32 Iraqi Children?

    So let gets this straight in full view of many witnesses the US army inticed a group of children towards with sweets whilst they primed an explosive killing the children and many Iraq security men. Rrrrrrrright! Conspiracy cloud cuckooo land. :D Put it another way if this kind of hokum makes you feel more comfortable with what is going on then ok - it's a comfort zone of a kind I guess, I prefer the stark reality that we actually do not know who carried out this appalling atrocity.
  13. A Good Example

    Muslims are certainly being slaughtered here and in Iraq however mostly by non westerners what does Sheikh Abdullah Azzam Shaheed have to say about that?
  14. What A British Soldier Recently Told Me

    Ha! As if. No as stated just the men in charge. As long as they don't step on any toes in the establishment/government, they'll happily send their men into whatever situation the government wants.
  15. A work mate who was a member of the Terratorial Army with many years of experience and can't remember exactly but the rank of sargeant or something like that. He has many friends in Iraq too. Really cool bloke, very open minded and just a decent hardworking man. Here's a few things he told me before heading out: 1. The majority of British soldiers hate being in Iraq and know it's just a front for American business interests. They are being paid a lot of money to be out there and many just want to get their time over with and go home where they belong. 2. American soldiers are not trusted by the UK army. They are generally young, inexperienced, badly led and prone to causing trouble and deaths for both both civilians and other armed forces therefore UK soldiers will not fight along side them. 3. American trained Iraq security forces are not trusted by the UK army. 4. The British do not take orders from US military, ever. 5. The army is led by men who go along with whatever the government wants of them because of the rewards they recieve when they retire ie a huge pension and a knighthood. You may wonder why he went out there? Well that's between him and his god, he certainly wasn't being paid a lot and even had to buy his own kit. He told me that he basically wanted to see at first hand what was really going on and using his experience help keep others safe. I wish him a swift and safe journey home.