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  1. "cool" Names

    i have noticed a phenomenon where some african americans and a few caucasians "convert" to Islam just, so it seems, they can give themselves a "cool" name. i'm positive a lot are devout, but i'm also positive many do it for the name thing only and don't know even know what a Masjid is. has anyone else noticed this?
  2. ~ Calls For Genocide & Apartheid ~

    these are the blogs of some unknow yo-yos. not the tenets of a state sponsored religious sect ( saudi arabia and wahabbism) or the teachings of thousands of madras' (pakistan) to compre the two is insane.
  3. Pakistan's Islamic Schools In The Spotlight

    i'm surprised to hear you admit there actually were pilots in those planes. thezman could probably come up with tons of bogus "news" stories saying jews flew the planes by remote or some other easily refuted waste of pixels. gotta love them!
  4. Pakistan's Islamic Schools In The Spotlight

    only schools that will teach you how to take-off and not how to land an airplane. i don't remember learning how to be a jihadi and striking out at the great satan in college. must have missed that class.
  5. New York Plans Law Suit Over Games Bid

    the french did a lot of moaning too. but they cry about everything. this guy chad is a wildman!
  6. More Than 300 Die In Pakistan, 3 Train Collide

    they do seem to have an abnormal amount of these horrible wrecks. definitely needs a hard look.
  7. Srebrenica War Crimes On 155 Video Clips

    never stinking happy. there are still u.s. troops there protecting the albainians. and they don't even have any oil for us to steal! but i'm sure in your eyes we're doing something neffarious. i know, we'll steal all their goats and corner the world mutton market. i'll be reading that in one of the bogus articles thezman posts. i should copyright that.
  8. ~ Rogue Network ~

    i love reading this stuff. it's all baloney, but i love reading it. keep up the good work, zman.
  9. ~ Wtc: Claim Bombs ~

    this is easy to disprove. people escaped from the north tower after the plane hit by way of stairs and down to the LOBBY. if the first few floors where destroyed as the article claims, how could this have happened? how could firefighters have gotten up to the higher floors, only to die in the collapse if the bottom few floors were ripped out? why are these poorly written wastes of pulp always from obscure sources no one has ever heard of? only a very simple person could buy into this drivel. the errors are laughable and transparent.
  10. Increasing Military Presence Within The Usa?

    "allowing an attack" means an attack was already planned. so by this you admit there are people here to do harm. it's not the big conspiracy theory some on this board are so fond of? there is a point where if the situation is "extreme" enough, interment will be appropriate
  11. ~ New Developments ~

    muslims do not have the market cornered when it comes to kooks. there are plenty to go around.
  12. you've got to be kidding me. i've never read a more ridiculous piece of fiction. the author obviously has no knowlage of nuclear or conventional explosives. the love of the conspiracy theory on this site is astounding. nothing is as it seems. there is always some machivallian plot. i do love reading it all, though.
  13. Guantanamo Suspect Forced To Wear A Bra

    i'm not sure the conditions there qualify as torturous. i have no problem dressing a guy up in victoria's secret if it gives me good info. to do it for laughs is wrong on a few levels. it's an affront to a noble institution, the armed services and counter-productive to the mission. but as a general rule, prisons are not pleasant places. some of the ones detained now may have already had a trial, been found guilty, and are seving their terms. we don't know because these things are done in secret as per regulations. i do know no one has been executed yet and i don't think any will be. so things could be worse for a lot of those guys. this may sound harsh but it's reality. a lot of those guy could've been shot right on the battlefield or where ever they were rounded up. so, put into context, a bra and panties isn't the end of the world. that's why war is a bad thing!
  14. Guantanamo Suspect Forced To Wear A Bra

    if some were given fair trials, found innocent, and released you would feel happy, right? if some were given fair trials, found guilty and shot, would you still be happy they got a fair trial? fair trials not only free the innocent, they punish the guilty. would you be willing to abide by a guily verdict? this is what i meant earlier by "watch out what you wish for." as hard as it may seem to you,some of these mens fates could be much worse.