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    Asallama Alaikum sisters and brothers in Islam,<br />One of my greatest interests is Da'wah or inviting others to the religion,comtemplating and learning the Holy Quran,learning the biographies of the Sahaba or the Great scholars of Islam.
  1. :D Brother serious?It's really hard to believe that a muslim would even try to immitate a kafir since in an authentic tradition in saheehayn Bukhari It's reported that The Prophet of Allah(pbuh) said,"A person who imitates a group of people on the day of judgement would be considered of them."So I don't really think it's such a great idea. About the show. :D it was really inspiring and dissapointing all at the same time.I mean come on the brother learnt how to make Salah,learnt arabic,and gained knowledge about Islam all that was missing from him to accept Islam was faith.Only if he had faith in what he was doing there's absolutely no doubt in my mind that the brother would've embraced Islam,but hey :D. :D though since this show actually was broad-casted within America and I think that most Americans after seeing this show would at least have an image of True Islam,and not the Islam they see in day to day news.
  2. Eid

    Asallama Alaikum brother I don't think it depends on the indivisual,but rather on the moon.If you started your fast on a Friday or what ever that's you and Insh'Allah if you missed any you have to make up for it.For us it's most likely to be tommorrow or Thursday Insh'Allah.(America)
  3. Public Hair

    Asallama Alaikum jazakallah brother.God there's something they call,"Brothers room."You know :D:wacko:
  4. ~ George Bush Knows Why They Hate Us ~

    As I remember in the first Ammendment it says that we have freedom of religion.If that' so true then why after the 9/11 attacks were the muslims not allowed to pray publicly and why were muslim women raped just because they wore a jilbab.It also says that we have freedom of speech.If that's so then why do protesters and people that speak against the American government go to jail?We also have the right to practice our religion then why did an American muslim man go to jail for praying out side of an gas station?
  5. Israel Begins Historic Gaza Withdrawal

    Asallama Alaikum brother yes, that's very much true.Most of the settlers don't want to leave and are destroying their own homes.Just because israel retreated still doesn't mean that Palestine is free.Brother Mahawi mashallah nice point. :D
  6. The Story Of Umar

    Jazakallah for the story.Omar converted in an astounding way.Mashallah
  7. Jazakallah sister that's one of my favorite Suraats in the Noble Quran.The recitation was beautiful mashallah!!!
  8. Israel Begins Historic Gaza Withdrawal

    Asallama Alaikum yes,inshallah if Allah wills I too someday would want to pay homage there.I agree sister I really don't think that zionists will stop there.I'm sure they will go much further.May Allah crumble their plans ameen!!!May Palestine be liberated pretty soon ameen!!!May the Mujahideen be succcessful at their operation through out the world ameen!!
  9. Invasion Of The Baby Terrorists!

    Jazakallah brother.Subhanallah now children are being occused of terrorism.What next?So,I guess the child was hiding a gun in his/her diaper.Amercans are so afraid of death.They just want to enjoy life and never die.They even installed more ckeckpoints.That's why travel is becoming so slow.I remember one of their sayings,"Life is too short,might as well make good use of it."What kind of thought is this.Instead of earning the anger and wrath of Allah(S.W.T) why don't you do righteousness and enjoin piety.For the better of the world.Before you're prayed upon.May Allah open the hearts of the disbeleivers ameen.!!!
  10. "i Love You"

    Asallama Alaikum brother mutual love is defined as being poison into your heart,because this leads an indivisual to degrades of corruption both physically and emotionally.Sometimes the result of this is that the person is driven to insanity which resulted from their so called"Undefying love"For an indivisual.Love of Allah(S.W.T)is the right type of love.Loving people because for the sake of Allah(S.W.T)not loving someone because of this and that.That kind of love is only between the husband and wife.Not boyfriend and girlfriend which most people assume.
  11. Israel Begins Historic Gaza Withdrawal

    Alhamdullilah finally they get their Zionists selves out of one of the Palestinian lands.Palestinians have control over Gaza and inshallah in a latter of time Allah will give the muslims control over Juresalem as well.The Jewish settlers plead with the israeli soldiers see here (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.cnn(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2005/WORLD/meast/08/15/gaza.pullout/index.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.cnn(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2005/WORLD/meast/08/15/...lout/index.html[/url] by the way ameen to all dua's mentioned previously jazakallah sister Zeinab for the good news.
  12. How Bush Would Gain From War With Iran

    Asallama Alaikum brother why are you so sure about that?God could give victory to whom he wills(whether it be the weakest of the weak or the strongest of all).
  13. How Bush Would Gain From War With Iran

    Asallama Alaikum seems so brother.Ok let me get this straight israel and Britian are backing down on this one and letting America handle it?When Iran has weapons which could easily kill thousands of troops.If you ask me Iran has the upper-hand here and there's a 93.5% chance that America will lose.
  14. Islam in America

    Don't worry sis think no one's offended.Yeah I know there're bad and good every where.Whether be muslim or not.Sis don't be afraid to go out because of the fitnah.Allah forbid fitnah is even in our own homes.People in America are always going to be exposed to fitnah whether in the security of their own homes or in public.Put your trust in Allah(S.W.T) make a mahram go with you and you're set to go.Me too inshallah I wish to go overseas as well.Nice to know someone I share similaritys with.Salams :D
  15. Jilbabs That Drag On The Floor

    Asallama Alaikum it's okay for a women to drag her jilbab,because the garment has to be long enough to cover her feet.Yes,it's possible that it will get dirty,but she still can pray and do ibadah even if it's not sparkling clean.Please don't get me wrong dirty and nijaasa are different.If the women walks somewhere were there's nijaasa then the women is allowed to walk in an area which there's no nijaasa.Which would purify her garment from filth.Sisters advice wear high heels which would prevent your jilbab from dragging.Is wearing high heels haram?That's a matter i'm not so sure on.