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  1. Culture Of Fear

    You believe a police state to be the solution?
  2. Saddam Hussein Sentenced To Death

    :D This verdict, intended for publicity, will backfire.
  3. :D A soldier convicted in the Abu Ghraib scandal, is being sent back to Iraq. Although fears for "his" safety my keep him out of the country. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.independent.co.uk/world/americas/article1953789.ece"]The Independent[/url]
  4. Take The Easy Road: Just Blame "the West"

    :D (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.worldtribune(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/worldtribune/06/front2454043.0930555556.html"]This[/url] is the original link. There aren't any quotes in the story. I would guess he wasn't blaming the west for introducing prostitutes/concubines to the Arab world, they're not called the "oldest profession in the world" for nothing. More likely he was referring to a degradation of family life.
  5. Gaza Women 'die In Mosque Siege'

    Which "changes" are Muslim immigrants making in "other" lands? If israel wanted peace, it would start by negotiating with a democratically elected government - instead of throwing a tantrum and demanding their compromised allies in Fatah return to office. israel has been trying to "dominate" Iran for a few years now... just as soon as America frees itself from those pesky insurgents, israel can get back to some "dominating" as they've "dominated" Iraq.
  6. Gaza Women 'die In Mosque Siege'

    :D israel was created by terrorists, who passed their twisted mentality on to the Jewish immigrants. israelis continue to vote for war criminals and religious zealots to lead them. It's no surprise to see israel becoming the 21st century fascist state to most closely follow Nazis.
  7. Evolution?

    :D Read what brother Yusufar posted, there's not a conflict between Islam and science. Creatures adapt to their environment - or die. Science cannot explain how life began, where it began or why it began. Islam can. Science cannot explain where the universe came from - before you shout "big bang" - where did the mass for the big bang come from and more importantly, who started time? Scientists are no closer to answering these questions than they were 100 years ago.
  8. Zina Means Only Traditional Sex?

    :D The quote doesn't say the perpetrators will be exempt from punishment, just that no specific action is prescribed. Presumably a decision will be made by the local authorities.
  9. Gaza Women 'die In Mosque Siege'

    "You" accept as fact that all of the men were guilty. Answer simply, is it a crime deserving of death to protect the civil rights of your countrymen?
  10. ~ British Court Frees Airline Plot Suspects ~

    :D :D for posting. Convictions are not important. High numbers of arrests are all that concern the government's "(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.theregister.co.uk/2006/11/01/reid_terror_figures_fud/"]Fearmeister[/url]".
  11. Gaza Women 'die In Mosque Siege'

    You would have been a good propagandist for the Nazis. By supporting the murder of unarmed protesters, you've descended to a new level of fanaticism.
  12. Gaza Women 'die In Mosque Siege'

    :D Akhi, the israelis started firing on the women even before they reached the Masjid. A cameraman was also shot to stop him from filming. There was a deeper motivation behind the demonstration. If the "international community" will ignore their plight, than the Palestinians must do what they can to survive. Or would you prefer these women to sit at home and wait for their house to be bombed or bulldozed? Don't take the moral high ground against your brothers, who are fighting alone, against an oppressor who cares not for their women or children.
  13. Gaza Women 'die In Mosque Siege'

    These unarmed women were demonstrating against israel's actions. Do you support the IDF for firing at them? Even if their intention was to form a "human shield", their courage is a lesson to all. :D Where did you learn of the rockets? I've not seen it reported anywhere. Neither have I heard of anyone condemning the israelis for attacking the Masjid. As much as we respect Masjids, the life of a Muslim comes first.
  14. israeli firepower = arms donated by the West. Take a moment to read up on the post-war reaction in israel. There were mass protests at the IDF's miserable failure in Lebanon. israel's own papers didn't dare call the invasion a success. Yet here you are, cheering on the IDF because they can drop bombs from 10,000 feet? Hizbollah walked away with the bragging rights, they achieved more, with less.
  15. israel had no lack of targets; residential blocks, civilian bridges, infrastructure and so on. If there was any restraint, it was in your mind's acceptance of israel's destructive actions. The invasion turned sour when israeli Commandos confronted Hizbollah fighters. These "commandos" couldn't retreat fast enough(read the other thread for a series of reports). israel's 40ton tanks were the worst hit, seemingly invincible, and now lying in piles of so much scrap metal. israelis themselves admit they got their kicked by armed farmers. You've missed the protests against the government in israel? Where are these israelis? Why don't they speak louder.