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    My primary interest is understanding the purpose of life that Islam offers us. My main resource for this is the quran and hadith, but I seek knowledge from science, people, nature, art, movies, books, other religions, and history, non-muslim or muslim also, to understand Islam. <br /><br />In addition to knowledge and facts, I want to study human nature so I can benefit the whole of humanity by conveying the message of Islam effectively.<br /><br />On the side, I draw, play video games and sports to relax. :)
  1. Election '08 Quiz

    Asalamualakum Tommy thompson no idea who that is
  2. My Version Of Islam

    Peace upon all As some may know there are principles in Islam that I can't force myself to follow anymore. Below is a list of things that I would want to change about Islam; things that would make me a happier Muslim. 1) Eliminate literal interpretation Meaning, to interpret everything in the Quran metaphorically so that they may be more use in the real world. Yes, this means that we dismiss things like angels, satan, ghosts, heaven, hell, day of judgment, and so on as real living entities and instead associate them with human psychology. 2) Place emphasis on meaning rather than on reading The time we occupy teaching children how to read the quran does not better their moral behaviour. From my experience, people who memorize the quran are in some cases hypocrites who act like unbelievers outside the confines of the masjid. 3) Punishment and reward An individual does not need to commit to an act because he or she will be punished in the hereafter or otherwise because he or she will be rewarded in the hereafter. An individual should commit to or abstain from an act because it will help make the better place for him or her and the rest of humanity. This individual is then favored by God. The Buddhist principle of karma states that every action, good or bad, will have its consequence in the real world. If you do good, peace will come to you, if you do bad, then you will suffer. The consequences of the real world are enough of a reason to do or not do something. 4) The phrase "peace be upon him" I am not completely sure on this one, but I don't think we need to say this when the name Mohammad is uttered. The prophets have lived and attained peace before and after their departure on earth, so I think this phrase may only have been legitimate in times when the Prophet's were present as a means of praying for them in their difficult hardships. There has got to be Muslims who want something different, something that explores the essence of the universe we live in.
  3. My Problem With Islam

    Asalamualakum Thanks everyone for taking the time to write. From your replies I can see that perhaps I haven't given Islam the respect it deserves, and that maybe I have been raising conclusions too soon. My post is probably guilty of the same thing that I am charging Muslims for. When I was younger the primary source of Islamic influence for me was the tablighi jamat. Perhaps I need to learn from a different Muslim community. I will make dua for guidance as my faith is slipping away day by day.
  4. My Problem With Islam

    Asalmualakum Although most Muslims trust and allow the ulama to control every miniscule detail of their lives, I am questioning the Islam which the Ulama have created. I was born Muslim, and had practiced Islam wholeheartedly until a year and a half ago. By whole heartedly I mean, five times prayer with nafl no matter the place or time, dawah to Muslims and non-Muslims, and reading as well as understanding the quran daily for about an hour. However, Nowadays, I often have thoughts of leaving Islam, a way of life that has not satisfied my desire for a deeper understanding of the purpose of life. For me there are other faiths that satisfy my thirst for wisdom. Islam always claims to be right and yet it isn’t the intellectual faith I thought it would be. Too much of what I read in Islamic books and learnt from Muslims who speak to me is based on unseen things that are often absurd. I feel that today’s version of Islam does not work with reality enough. We are always given the reasoning behind an action based on something unseen, or something that we cannot possibly offer evidence for. It seems entirely foolish and childish to me that we must adjust our lives because Satan will pee somewhere, or eat from our plates, or sleep beside us in our beds, or because Satan does something and we're supposedly mimicking him. There are strange stories about angels and jinns Muslims speak of. One hadith says that when we speak of Allah in a gathering, Angels pile on top of one another until they reach Allah and convince him to forgive the whole gathering. There are hadith about our ameen in salah coinciding with the ameen of angels and about angels not entering the houses of those who have images of human beings and the list goes on. I won’t forget that a Muslim friend told me jinns have human feet except backwards; I don’t know about you but I couldn’t keep a straight face at that statement. To me these stories are something we tell children because they lack the mental capacity that adults have. However, adults are much better; we have the intellect to understand much better the way the world works in terms of what we see. Other faiths I am studying go beyond rules and superstitions and teach with respect to the laws of the universe. I don’t just want to know what is wrong and what is right, I want logical reasoning. I want to follow a faith that makes sense. Essentially what I am trying to say is that Islam today doesn’t go beyond the information we are given. There are rules, rules, and more rules we must accept blindly whether or not they apply today and most are happy with that. I am saying that I want more than this and have a desire to leave Islam. I believe God will accept me, but feel free to help me reconsider.
  5. Type The Alphabet As Fast As You Can!

    Aslamualakum 12.255 Yay, typing courses paid off.
  6. Chess In The Light Of The Jurist

    Walaikumusalam I understand. Still, I would rather use logic in minor situations where the commandment isn't issued by Allah (like it was in Shaitan's case) or the prophet :sl:.
  7. Chess In The Light Of The Jurist

    Asalmualakum Ok, but nobody is worshiping the statues, are they? That's a completely illogical argument.
  8. Chess In The Light Of The Jurist

    Asalmualakum I disagree. I don't think the ulama should be allowed to decide the validity of something as insignificant as chess. Who cares about the origins anyway? Does anyone bother to stop and think about the origins when they are playing a game of chess? The past plays no role in the game. The choice comes down to the individual. If one decides it's a waste of time, then he or she may do as they wish, and if someone decides to learn and play, they alone must the consequences (if any exist). It's just a game, not the end of the world.
  9. Monkey Chasing Robots

    Asalmualakum It's a short 3d cartoon, but it's sure to make you laugh. Better version (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgametrailers(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/umwatcher.php?id=89927"]here[/url]
  10. Is This True?

    Asalmualakum May I also add that the punishment of the grave will be a punishment of the soul and not of the physical body.
  11. Can I Become A Coroner?

    Asalamualakum I don't think there's anything wrong with performing a crucial procedure necessary to solve a crime.
  12. Is Fish Considered Meat?

    Asalamualakum Logically speaking, everything in the animal kingdom is made internally of muscle, and muscle is meat. Though it is said that fish are halal regardless of whether the name of Allah is pronounced over it. Are you asking about the permissibility to eat it?
  13. Humour For Pc Geeks

    Asalamualakum As long as you don't hack other PCs. :sl:
  14. Humour For Pc Geeks

    Asalamualakum This is a hilarious chat conversation if you know computer well. (Note: It contains mid-level profanity...sorry about that) (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetelectric-escape(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/node/1475"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetelectric-escape(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/node/1475[/url]
  15. Mistake

    Asalamualakum lol, can't win against people with degrees...