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  1. Danes Offer To Publish Holocaust Cartoons

    So you think i'm being negative by asking a member to explain his contribution? I didn't imply that Jewish people were clever and Muslims were not. All I asked was why it was implied. I ask questions and make points because I don't agree with a lot of what I read on this forum, if that makes me negative in your view, so be it. I'm far more positive in my outlook on life than many & I certainly don't carry around the hatred in my heart that many do here.
  2. Unjustified

    Freedom of speech. I wouldn't call it moaning. See it as you wish however.
  3. Danes Offer To Publish Holocaust Cartoons

    No, but what is your point? You're making a comparison to how the Jews will react against how Mulsims reacted & you repeat that Jews will not react because they are 'Clever' 'Smart'. I know what you are inferring about Jews but what are you saying about Mulsims?
  4. Danes Offer To Publish Holocaust Cartoons

    So what are you saying? Jews = Smart Muslims = Dumb?
  5. Unjustified

    Are you attempting to sound strong here? You talk as if the world is quaking under the mighty Islamic boycott! Such a glib response to a heartfelt contribution & one from someone who want everyone to live in peace. It's pathetic. Sorry but it really is. "Peace" But on your terms? We we'll leave you to it, let us know when you've got over it, actually no don't bother, we're not that interested. Life goes on dum de dum!
  6. We Need A Voice!

    Let's not go there. This is a good thread for positive expression & finding means of understanding each other. Peace.
  7. Add To The List Of Danish Products To Boycott

    Yeah right. Thought so. Not going to happen mate. Not in a million years. Hell will freeze over first as they say. End of my discussion i think.
  8. Add To The List Of Danish Products To Boycott

    That was partly my point. You don't believe in freedom. So how do you rectify it?
  9. We Need A Voice!

    The obvious reason for Mulsim clerics etc airing a voice in the media defending Islam is because of what is happening in the world. Without these problems Muslims would have less opportunity for comment because in general the media & the British population for example isn't particularily interested in religion, its seen as a personal thing. I don't believe 78% of Brits are practising Christians. I believe there was a weekly Islamic program on Channel 4 recently & there are always religious based programs shown or broadcast on the radio at some time or other in the week. Terry Wogan's show had an Islamic Cleric on 'Thought for the Day' this morning as he does every few weeks or so & very interesting he was too, fine words, words of wisdom & peace. Terry Wogans show has the highest rating for listeners on morning radio, so lots of people would have heard this. Peace.
  10. Favorite Quotes

    I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Attributed to Voltaire.
  11. Add To The List Of Danish Products To Boycott

    So tell us all, how will it be rectified? Through freedom of expression? If not. Enlighten us.
  12. Add To The List Of Danish Products To Boycott

    As I stated you do not understand the basic tenants of a free society & its laws, your ignorance is plain from your reply here. You are confusing criticism with abuse & vice versa. How long will you continue to be angry? It's your choice however. I feel nothing but pity for you.
  13. Iran Has Holocast Cartoon Competetion

    "When did the Holocaust become a Jewish religious matter!!! it is totally political (be it true or not, personally it makes no difference to me). Its not even history!!! (They wouldn’t let it be even if it was time for it to be history). The Ayas and the ‘proof’ giving by some brothers and sisters does not apply here, where are they going to make fun of their religion? I don’t think it’s a bad idea, actually, I think it’s a good one." The reaction will be the same as mine to your words here. I will simply consider you not worthy of anger or further comment. It would be like showing anger towards a sick child. Peace.
  14. We Need A Voice!

    Muslim leaders & clerics are interviewed all the time by the BBC and their commnents are published. There are many articles written by Muslims & published in most of major newspapers, virtually every week! Considering your a minority religion in the UK, Muslims are given as much if not more more of a voice than Christian leaders. But then that can happen in an society with an independant broadcasting company and a relatively free press. It's something to be proud of and support.
  15. Add To The List Of Danish Products To Boycott

    Yeah well it's happened, you've made your protest & it been noted. You don't understand the basic tenants of a free society & we don't undertsand or share your beliefs so lets all agree to disagree. You go back to your little box & we'll stay in ours. I have a feeling the Prophet is up there somehwere holding his head in his hands in disbelief. Didn't the Prophet state that the worst kind of people are those who are quick to anger? Even so these wise words are not heeded by so many in the world unfortunately.