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  1. Just A Simple Question

    What are the Islamic views on the question "Do we actually exist?"
  2. Taymullah

    Hiiii.... bout last time I was here... reeeaaaaly sorry. I'm over all of that now and would like to ask that everyone forgive me. I just know there are some cool people and I was being stupid to hate a whole religion.... so will you all forgive me? thank you~ Taymullah[using large font size is not allowed] :sl:
  3. From Avrazin To Islam

    do not insult Abraham with your name and your god. you quote your own religion, which is false, so how can you expect truth from this?
  4. From Avrazin To Islam

    well, I'm not going to accociate myself with Animals to stupid to realize their error
  5. From Avrazin To Islam

    and Judaism is NOT a problem needing solving.
  6. From Avrazin To Islam

    but you've made the decision to remain a non-Jew. And did I ever say my god was fair? Does god HAVE to be fair? Shalome, I'm not speaking randomly. you just choose to ignore the meaning.
  7. From Avrazin To Islam

    I'm a man of god. therefore I must be a Jew.
  8. From Avrazin To Islam

    Cain was not the son of Adam. YOU are confused.
  9. From Avrazin To Islam

    well don't worry your little heads. I'm out of your religion, now and forever! I'm back to my origional religion, Ultra-Orthadox Judaism. So I'm going to go to israel soon, bust up the rock, rebuild the Temple of God (the real god), and Lead israel by the Laws of God and God's rule, driving your people out and taking back the land israel was given by god. Sorry guys, this is your official eviction notice. Get out before I get there. Why? Cause this is what it's like when worlds colide. oooh... what are you gonna do? ban me? HAHA! don't make me laugh. well, you already did. Sorry Muja, it never would have worked between us. (Though I do hope you get out of your sick religion soon.) The Islamic sheikh of the Al-Aqsa Masjid- "We refuse to obey the decisions of this racist court! The Rabbis will not enter Al-Aqsa, not unless over our dead bodies and shrouds!" Sounds like an invitation...
  10. Muslim Teen Makes History As First Miss England

    Isn't it against Islam to parade about like a prostitute in front of millions of people? I think Allah would veiw it as a set back rather than an acomplishment. now Muslim women and girls all across the world are going to see her and think it's acceptable. I rather veiw this as a sad day in Muslim history. Hashim Sulaiman is a wise man. "I'm making history, and I'm very happy. Hopefully, I won't be the last." What a sad thing to wish on your sisters. :D
  11. From Avrazin To Islam

    yeah, I've been realy busy, and studying has realy had to been put on hold so I'm not any more of a decent Muslim sadly... There realy isn't a source for the Angels. I retain all the knowladge in my head realy. and it would take a long time and alot of patience and an open mind to understand any of it. As for what Avrazin is, it's the religion of free will. A thought of no sin, but different paths. you're rewarded as you choose to live life. if it's a life full of evil, you will be rewarded with evil things, if it's a life of virtue, then you're rewarded with good things. a very "Harm none and do as ye will." kind of thing, with a side note of preventing harm by getting rid of people who cause it. Such as if you see somone trying to kill somone, kill them. same goes for taking free will, such as rape and imprisoment. (not like a prison, with convicts and the such. more of kidnapping.) as when you take somones free will, you're taking a part of their life, thus shortening it. and thats essentialy murder. also those kind of things can scar you for life. those people who murder are to have their souls destroyed, which is done by hot lead, poured down their throats.(very brutal, yes, but in the Avrazin veiw, which would take alot more patience than I have to explain, it's neccecary.) and another thing about it is that the worlds end will begin in 2012. there's no set date for the actual end, and their can never be. I still have some belife in this religion, but just slightly. but anyway, thats all unimportant. lol
  12. From Avrazin To Islam

    no body gonna answer? well I'm not gonna name names... andyway... about the angel stuff, the resource for this knowladge is in my head. lol
  13. Saddened

    I pray for him or her.
  14. Going To Hell...

    I didn't, and I'm sorry.
  15. From Avrazin To Islam

    you would realy have to talk to me on MSN about that. It takes a LONG time to explain.